Yakuza Fan Removes Turn-Based Combat From Like A Dragon

Yakuza took a huge turn with Like a Dragon, the soft reboot staring the equally as soft (and loveable) Ichiban Kasuga. The brawler combat rooted in fighting games was no more, swapped out for a traditional, turn-based system. Most loved it, but there were, of course, detractors.



Three years later, the naysayers finally have a solution – Like a Brawler, a mod that guts the turn-based combat in favour of the old-style fisticuffs.

You can download the mod by clicking here. Developed by Jhrino, Like a Brawler is currently in its beta phase which means that you may run into bugs. If you do, it’s best to report them on the page.

Installing the mod is simple enough. As Jhrino writes, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Install Shin Ryu Mod Manager
  • Download Like a Brawler
  • Open the mod manager
  • Press “Install Mod” and select Like a Brawler
  • Click the green tick

Simple enough, eh? You don’t need any other mods for this to work, so once you’ve got it set up, you can get stuck in. But Jhrino does have a word of warning upon opening the game. “Did you know that Yakuza 7 was developed around being a turn-based game(NO WAY!?),” the pop-up reads. “You are actually playing an inferior game with this mod! Play the game turn-based if this is your first time!”

There are also a couple of bug-fix patches you can download on top of the mod if you run into any major issues. One fixes the mod simply not working, and the other fixes “major performance issues and infinite loading”. You don’t need one to use the other, they’re independent patches.

Jhrino also has a mod called “No Party Members” which compliments Like a Brawler’s classic Yakuza feel. As the name suggests, it lets you toggle party members with the press of a button, so Ichiban can brawl all by himself.

Like a Brawler is just under half a gig, but again, if this is your first time playing, it’s best to hold off and use the turn-based combat first. However, as @lucio_soliz puts it, “This is the perfect excuse to replay [the] game”. Just in time for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which is taking Ichiban all the way to Hawaii in January.


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