Bang Bang revamps its Squad System and here’s everything you need to know

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developers have introduced a revamp to the Squad system. The newly revamped squad feature system would now have some new improvements and adjustments to make further the game more interesting for players. Not only the MLBB Squads have got an aesthetic improvement, but also the much-needed members’ size is getting bigger. And not to mention, you can now get handsome rewards as part of the new ML Squad feature.

Mobile Legends brings exciting features with the Squad System revamp

This Squad feature revamp is bringing different improvements, which will in turn ensure that most created squads are active as squads would now need to level up to obtain higher stats, membership space, and perks. In short, the main points for this squad system rework include:

Mobile Legends Squad System reworked
Image via MOONTON Games

New Interface for Squads

The Squad system interface has now been Revamped and will have a new different layout with even more tabs to explore. Now, the Squad feature interface would have four main tabs, My Squad, Squad Tasks, Squad Statistics, Applications, and Squad Management. All these would have unique features way better than the original squad system interface. 

Mobile Legends Squad System interface
New Squad Avatars (Image via MOONTON Games)

The extra new tabs would also help squad leaders properly manage and observe the performance of squad members without much work. Stats like several player MVPs, wins, MCL performance ratings and lots more would be available for the squad leaders to access and view.  To further make things intriguing for players, the Devs have added a new squad avatar to be shown in-game.

Richer Active Task Rewards

In this newly Revamped squad feature, players can now obtain many different rewards when their squads are active. Players would be granted weekly squad tasks for them to complete which will in turn grant Lots of M tickets, Squad exp, and lots more other rewards necessary to level up one’s squad and achieve higher perks.

Squad Level and Level Privileges

Players would now be able to increase the base squad members’ amount when the squad is leveled up. Now, players who intend to have much larger squad members must complete lots of tasks as a squad to level up and gain more membership space. 

Mobile Legends Squad System Added Squad Level and Level Privileges
Image via MOONTON Games

Do note that, on creating a squad you would get 4 free spaces to add members. On leveling up and moving through different Squad tiers, one would now be able to gain more space to add other members. The following are the rewards for each Squad level:

  • Level 1 – Unlock New Squad Avatar
  • Level 2 – Unlock New Squad prefixes and Squad Avatar 
  • Level 3 – Extra Protection points in ranked matches
  • Level 4 – Max squad size increase (+1)
  • Level 5 – Unlock New Squad Avatar
  • Level 6 – Max Squad size increase (+1)
  • Level 7 – Unlock New Squad Avatar
  • Level 8 – Max Squad Size increase (+2)
  • Level 9 – Unlock New Squad Avatar
  • Level 10 – Advanced Squad Prefix and Max Squad increase (+2)

What is the maximum number of squad members after the MLBB Squad revamp

From the calculation I can say that squads in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang would now be able to reach 19 members for free after squad level 10, making it a much more thrilling experience for the larger family. However, the MLBB Squad leader can also choose to purchase membership space for a maximum of 25. One slot can be purchased at Squad Level 2 with 50 diamonds, and 5 more additional slots can be purchased with 100 diamonds each (500 diamonds in total) only after reaching Squad Level 10.

All in all, the newly added Squad levels would make it more intriguing for squad members as all would want to rank up and have a higher squad rating. If you’re a free-to-play player and looking for ways to get free diamonds, you should check our in-depth MLBB Diamonds guide and ML Redeem Codes.

How to level up the MLBB Squad fast

Each week your squad will be receiving daily (450 points max) and weekly squad tasks which are very easy to complete. But you need to play with squad members to finish them. It hardly takes a few matches to for you to finish your tasks. Each of your ML Squad members will receive the same task and in total your squad can accumulate a total of 15,000 points in a week. However, after Squad level 5 the weekly points will be reduced by 3000 points, and level 6 and squads it will be reduced by 7500 points.

MLBB Squad revamp, Mobile Legends new squad features
New Squad Tasks in MLBB (Image via MOONTON Games)

After you reach the mark, you need to wait for the weekly reset to be able to get squad exp again. And thatshow you make your MLBB squad level up quickly.

How to recruit members for your Mobile Legends Squad

The best way to get new members for your squad in MLBB is to recruit from different communities such as Facebook groups, Discord communities, subreddits etc. You need to make sure you have a few existing members in the squad with whom you can chat. Otherwise, for a fresh squad it generally is hard to get new members. From wherever you recruit, take their win rates into consideration as that would directly impact your squad’s performance.

You can also hire beginners, but as the squad leader, you need to make sure these new players know all the game basics such as items knowledge, Emblem knowledge, talent system knowledge and of course know how to maintain a good credit score.

Final Thoughts

The Mobile Legends Squad system revamp is still in the works and is only available for testing to a select number of squads. So not all squads can test out this new feature, nonetheless, it promises to bring about more buffs and better experience for players who intend to create new squads that would dominate in the Land of Dawn.

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