Best First-Person Shooters Of 2023

There are seemingly endless genres of games out there to entertain and enthrall players in, and while every genre has its diehards, few bring in the numbers that the first-person shooter genre does. From roots solidified by earlier generations, the FPS genre has grown exponentially.




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Whether it’s military simulation games, or the classic Halo match against friends, there’s plenty of reasons to enjoy FPS gaming. While it can be hard to figure out which of these games is worth your time, it does help to take a look at what each new year brings to the table. Here are the best FPS games of 2023.

10 Payday 3

Wolf's mask next to two beer bottles in Payday 3

Payday 3

Starbreeze Studios

Running bank robberies may not seem like the safest way of life, and in Payday 3, you’d definitely be right. Heist after heist is available to experience and try out your own brand of masked robbery on.

Building on the success of earlier games in the series, Payday 3 brings back the classic FPS style but with new changes, weapons, and definitely some tougher enemies. It’s a fun balance of gunplay and a little bit of brain-work to make sure you come out with the biggest amount of valuables you can.

9 Starship Troopers Extermination

starship troopers extermination swarm of warriors

The insectoid alien menace from the ’90s movie is back in Starship Troopers Extermination, and it’s up to you and your squad mates to hold them back. While the Starship Troopers universe is still mostly unexplored, in the short time it was on-screen, fans fell in love with it.


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The game is no different, tasking you to defend various instillations against a horde of AI-controlled bugs. It doesn’t have as much as some of the other games similar to it, but for what’s there, it’s a fun time. Plus, there’s always the ability to build on it.

8 Atomic Heart

two Clown Traps surround a broken down robot

Atomic Heart

Mundfish , Focus Entertainment


An odd game to say the least, but one that didn’t take itself too seriously. People have been drawn to Atomic Heart ever since its cryptic first-look trailer dropped. It takes place in a series of secret soviet-era laboratories and, while that sounds kind of creepy, every time it verges on horror, your brash and one-liner-loving protagonist is sure to inject some humor into the situation.

It’s clunky at times, and feels sort of childish, but if you want a game with a loose sense of gameplay mixed with all shades of humor, then this is a pretty good bet to be one of your favorite games of the year.

7 Trepang 2

The first-person view of the player firing dual-wielded handguns at a group of armed mercenaries from above in Trepang2.

A sort of spiritual successor to the FEAR series, Trepang 2 is all about over-the-top action. Trepang 2 flew under the radar in 2023 for most mainstream audiences, but those who found out about this game haven’t been disappointed. It’s flashy, it’s funny, and it knows it too, which is the best part.

The hectic gameplay in a near-future setting full of wacky bad-guys, and a pretty diverse arsenal of weapons bring a lot to the table for fans in and out of the genre. It may not be a big name yet, but it’s working towards it for sure.

6 System Shock

Game art and screen from System Shock Remake.

A mix of the FPS genre and a cyberpunk setting, the System Shock remake brings back the classic game with some flashy new graphics. Where else can you fight deadly mutants on a spaceship run by a vengeful AI? If any of that piqued your interest, then System Shock is probably worth looking into.

It’s not the strongest of its genre, but it mixes things up enough to still be interesting in the short run. It’s a fun idea, and the game knows exactly what parts to follow through with. It’s a great choice for those who love sci-fi adventures but usually aren’t big fans of the FPS genre as a whole.

5 Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

warhammer boltgun chainsword

The world of Warhammer 40k is perfect for an FPS, and who would of thought it would do so well with Doom-style retro graphics too? Well, obviously the developers of Boltgun did. As ultramarine Malum Caedo, you have to fight off hordes of daemons and chaos cultists to keep the imperium of man safe.

It’s a tough job, but a fun one at times thanks to a varied arsenal and some pretty funny voicelines that you can only find in the Warhammer 40k universe. You don’t need to be a longtime Warhammer fan either, just sit back and enjoy the chaos.

4 Robocop: Rogue City

Heavy Machine Gun, Lewis walking in front of RoboCop

Whether or not you were a fan of the ’80s movie doesn’t really matter, the Robocop game has plenty to bring you in. It’s sort of cheesy, but it definitely knows it is. The grittiness you can only get from an ’80s cop movie mixed with classic FPS genre elements.

It’s hard not to feel giddy as you’re moving through back alleys feeling like a walking tank and turning gang members to mist with your auto-nine pistol. It’s not the longest game out there, but it does have enough to still make it worth your time, especially if you’re a fan of that decade’s media.

3 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Two soldiers shooting at each other in a small river in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty fans far and wide were excited to see 2023’s installment of the series that brought old friends back to meet new foes. Modern Warfare 3 brings back the world-renown multiplayer and zombies modes are back to allow for hours upon hours of gameplay.


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There are new guns, new operators, new maps, and more impressive killstreaks all for you to unlock after you get done with the campaign. Or, you can hop into the world of COD zombies and try your best to survive alone or with friends.

2 Counter-Strike 2

counterstrike 2 mid match screenshot of character aiming weapon at another

A big name in the competitive FPS gaming circles, Counter-Strike drew in players for years, all of which tried to show they were worthy of praise and status. Now, Counter-Strike 2 brings new maps, weapons, and gameplay to an age-old favorite.

New physics and ways to come out on top seem to be found on the daily, and while it may not be a great choice if you aren’t a fan of competitive games, it’s surely a leading game in the FPS genre, and will be for some time.

1 Six Days In Fallujah

six days in fallujah soldiers hiding behind destroyed wall

Six Days In Fallujah is a game that focuses heavily on realism, as most military simulators do. The bright desert sun is instantly at odds with how graphic and gritty it is — you’ll definitely feel like you’re right there with your squad as you go from building to building trying to clear objectives.

It may not be the best bet for those new to milsims or FPS games, but for those who have practiced their skills and want a more down-to-earth view of the genre, this is a great game to take up some time with.


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