Dragon Quest Tact, Square Enix’s RPG to shut down on February 29, 2024

Dragon Quest Tact, the RPG developed by Square Enix, has officially announced the conclusion of its service and is scheduled to shut down on February 29, 2024. Dragon Quest Tact was officially released worldwide in January 2021 after the announcement made in late 2020 where it was first released exclusively in Japan in 2020.

Dragon Quest Tact shut down reason is attributed to the challenges associated with maintaining the app experience

Set in the renowned Dragon Quest universe, you engage in turn-based combat on a grid-based map, encountering familiar enemies from the series. Released by Square Enix for mobile platforms, the game invites players to embark on an epic journey to combat evil forces in the world of Orchestra.

The gameplay involves strategic encounters with monsters from the Dragon Quest series, adding a tactical element to the traditional turn-based combat. Despite meeting the expectations of many players, the full release fell short for some, leaving them unsatisfied with the overall gaming experience, and now after two years of launch, the shutdown has been announced.

Dragon Quest Tact released

In the official statement made by the developers, they mentioned that since the game’s launch, the team has strived to deliver an exceptional and enjoyable gaming experience, aiming to surpass the previous day’s accomplishments. However, they have concluded that maintaining the app experience has become challenging, leading to the decision to end the app service.

You can see the end-of-service schedule below. Please note that the times are provided in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Event Schedule (PST)
Sale of Gems Ending 1:00 on December 26, 2023
Sale of Metal Cards Ending 1:00 on December 26, 2023
Sale of Passport Ending 1:00 on December 26, 2023
Passport Auto Renewal Stopped 21:00 on December 25, 2023
End of App Service 0:00 on December 29, 2024
In-game events continue Until the end of app service

From these announcements, it can be noted that Square Enix is cutting short the games that are not working to make way for new releases, especially from the Dragon Quest franchise. We also saw Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light which was a long-running mobile RPG being shut down recently along with Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, so such announcements shouldn’t shock us players anymore.

What are your thoughts on Dragon Quest Tact being shut down on February 29, 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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