The 9 Best Horror Game Couples

When you’re being chased by something terrifying, romance is the last thing on your mind. And yet, some horror games still find a way to squeeze it in. Something good might as well come out of horrible circumstances, right?




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Romance is an interesting concept in horror games and video games in general. Some romances are couples in committed relationships and marriages, while others are crushes, situationships, or unrequited love. No matter the circumstances, some horror games have great romances, many of which are underrated. These are nine of the best romances in horror games.

9 Ellie And Dina

The Last Of Us: Part Two

The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie and Dina kissing

Ellie and Dina’s relationship may start as a love triangle, but it quickly evolves into one of the best romantic relationships in gaming. The pair is entirely devoted to one another, willing to sacrifice anything, including their own lives, to protect the other. They are unconditionally supportive and loyal to one another.

Dina doesn’t even question following Ellie to Washington on her quest for vengeance. They also have some of the best cutscenes together. Whether they’re finding time to hook up and smoke marijuana in the middle of a run or Ellie’s serenading her with a guitar she found, it’s hard not to love this couple.

8 Ryan And Dylan

The Quarry

the quarry ryan and dylan kissing for truth or dare at the bonfire

This couple is one you have control over. In The Quarry, a few couples or romances only form based on your choices. If you play your cards right, you can start a minor fling, if you can call it that, between Ryan and Dylan in a game of Truth or Dare.

Ryan can choose to kiss Dylan at the bonfire on the beach. Depending on their communication, you can also create a strong bond between the two. You’ll have the best interactions if they’re kind to each other. Ultimately, this romance is short-lived but still one of the most popular.

7 Christa And Omid

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

telltale's the walking dead christa and omid meet lee

Christa and Omid appear in Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One and Season Two. The couple meets Lee and Clementine in the first season when a tanker blocks their train. The dynamic between the two characters is somewhat comical, as their personalities are so different.


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Christa is much more serious, aloof, and less trusting, while Omid is the opposite, always having a sense of humor. There’s also a significant height difference, as Christa is much taller than Omid, which is refreshing to see in the representation of straight couples in the media.

6 Laura And Max

The Quarry

The Quarry Max and Laura sit in a car together

Despite plenty of crushes and romantic moments between other characters, Laura and Max are the only official couple in the group. They may bicker with one another, but their love for each other is unconditional. Laura is more of a trailblazer than Max is, as her role in the game is the hero.

Laura never gives up on trying to save Max from the Hackett’s Quarry curse. While she could have abandoned him when things got disturbing, she always selflessly stuck by him, even before she knew what everything truly meant.

5 Alan And Alice

Alan Wake

Alan Wake Remastered Screenshot Of Alan and Alice

Alan Wake

February 16, 2012

Alan and Alice Wake travel to Bright Falls together to help Alan work through his writer’s block. The two are a pair, both romantically and professionally, as they work together on his novels. In many ways, they’re the typical married couple. Yes, they have ups and downs, but their connection remains unquestionable.

This is revealed through an interaction in the first chapter of the game. Alice frames the trip as a getaway from their professional life but deceives Alan when she urges him to write again. She intends to help him, but she does this incorrectly. When Alan storms off angrily, he still quickly returns to Alice when he realizes she needs his support.

4 Juliet And Nick

Lollipop Chainsaw

A blonde woman in pigtails and a cheerleader outfit holds a chainsaw in one hand. Her boyfriends decapitated head hangs on her belt, and she's looking at zombies in the distance

Juliet Starling and Nick Carlyle’s relationship is definitely unconventional, but they find a way to make it work. The teen couple’s world is turned upside down by a zombie apocalypse. To protect Juliet, Nick is bitten by a zombie. Juliet then cuts off his head and manages to save him before he turns.

Now a talking disembodied head, Nick becomes Juliet’s sidekick. Though they’re teens, the pair’s love for each other is much stronger than others, and it’s clear from the very beginning. The pair never gives up on each other, regardless of one of them being a talking head.

3 Jamie And Erin

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

the dark pictures anthology the devil in me jamie and erin kiss

Not all romances need to be long-lasting; some are simple crushes. Though Kate and Mark are exes in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, the brewing romance between Jamie and Erin is far more interesting.


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The two characters couldn’t seem any more different in personality, but they connect unexpectedly. Once the pair is alone together, you can explore a relationship between them and even get them to share a kiss. It’s a short-lived relationship, as things start happening soon after, but it was fun while it lasted.

2 Mike, Jessica, Emily, And Matt

Until Dawn

until dawn mike, matt, emily, and jessica having an argument in the lodge

These couples are in more of a love square than a triangle. Mike and Emily are exes who clearly have some unresolved tension. This tension is only exacerbated through their new romantic relationships. Mike is dating Jessica, and Emily is dating Matt, both of whom were already within the group when Mike and Emily were together.

On the surface, the teens are selfishly motivated, sharing a connection based on physical attraction and intimacy rather than a genuine deep connection. But once the plot takes a turn for the worse, it’s clear the two bonds are much deeper than they appear.

1 Blake And Lynn

Outlast 2

outlast 2 lynn and blake film in the helicopter

Outlast 2

April 25, 2017

Red Barrels

Blake, the protagonist of Outlast 2, spends the game searching for his wife, Lynn. The pair are investigating the death, and suspected murder, of a “Jane Doe” in a remote area of Arizona. Similar to Alan and Alice, Blake and Lynn work together, Blake as the camera person and Lynn as the investigative journalist in front of the camera.

The couple is passionate about investigating this case, but their plans are upended once their helicopter crashes. From here on, Blake and Lynn spend much of their time apart, only reuniting for brief stints. No matter, the couple is clearly devoted to each other, never forgetting one another in the midst of all the turmoil.


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