Leaks hint at new Hero Equipment added with more rarities

Leaks on new Hero Equipment for Clash of Clans hint at additional rarities and items coming sooner or later. This includes two more rarities being added apart from Common and Rare already existing, while also Grand Warden and Royal Champion getting new Hero Gears. Curious? We are too, so let us find out.

Not so long ago with their December 2023 update, Clash of Clans introduced the Hero Equipment feature that lets you customize your Heroes and choose their abilities for battle. This deviates from your previous Hero abilities and comes as a refurbished feature. It activates from Town Hall 8, so it will start from Barbarian King and till the last unlocked hero Royal Champion.

Rare and Legendary rarities might be added alongside new Clash of Clans Hero Equipment

Now, let us talk about leaks. According to the surfaced images, we will have two new rarities coming with the Rare and Legendary. Something like an RPG game where you have Rare, Epic, Legend, etc. tiers? Think that’s the way they are looking at it. Rare might get sandwiched between Common and Epic, with Legendary being the highest rarity.

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment rarities Leaks
Image via Thawne Gaming/Eastern Leaks

In terms of new Hero Gears, we will be getting new gears to see for the Grand Warden and Royal Champion. The latter didn’t have any new additions with the arrival of the CoC December update but might be featuring two new equipment in Speed Spear and Hog Totem. Grand Warden on the other hand might be getting Fire in a Can and Tome respectively. We do not have any info on how these will work, nor the rarities.

Another Passive Equipment was leaked with the Frozen Arrow being the one coming for the Archer Queen, and this might be a high possibility being event exclusive. Just like the name suggests, it will help in slowing down your target whilst increasing Hero DPs, and gameplay leaks have backed it up. This might be arriving at the Lunar New Year 2024 event.

However, these leaks have not been appreciated by the community as a whole. Players feel that having only epic and common rarities is acceptable with Ores being limited, especially considering how epics have been implemented, with them being available during events such as Cookie Rumble 2023 introducing the first-ever epic equipment in Giant Gauntlet. Although leaks are never concrete, it won’t be a shock if Clash of Clans decides to go with this.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans Hero Equipment rarities and new gear leaks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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