Children’s Creative Skill Guide For The Sims 4

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There’s a reason people say you ought to start artists young, and in The Sims 4, when you’re trying to build a Child Sim’s Creativity skill, that couldn’t ring truer. By pursuing the Creativity skill in their childhood, the most artistic Sims will get an early leg up on the most creative of skills.




The Sims 4: How To Develop Child Skills

There are four skills unique to growing children in The Sims 4. Here, you can learn about each skill, as well as how to develop it.

Whether your Child Sim is interested in storytelling, physical art projects, music, or more, there are plenty of ways to raise the Creativity skill for Child Sims. Buy them an art table, work on their skills, and make space on the fridge for their future masterpieces.

How To Level Up A Child’s Creativity Skill

a child sim playing with a dollhouse with a toyboy and stuffed animal in the frame the sims 4 child skill creativity

If you’ve got a Toddler Sim in The Sims 4 who’s destined for artistic greatness someday, why not give them the Artistic Prodigy aspiration to help them get started?

Not only will this help to inform their wants each day, but it can also help you choose longer-term goals and activities that help you help your Child Sim build their Creativity skills that much faster.

Child Sims generally want to participate in artistic or musical activities, and there are plenty of Child-exclusive items to help them pursue them.

One of the easiest ways to build a Child’s Creativity skill in The Sims 4 is with an activity table. These allow them to create various drawings, unlocking new types as they get better at the skill.

Plenty of the smaller toys that go in toyboxes help children with their Creative skill by allowing them to use their imagination in a freeform way.

a child sim about to play violin the sims 4 child skills creativity

And though they take up much more space, the large stuffed toys like Blarffy, Drago, Dino, or Uni make excellent companions for Child Sims, through which they can express their imaginative Creativity.

Another item that takes up plenty of space is the dollhouse items, which allow your Child Sim to indulge in creating stories and imaginative play.

If your child is particularly musical, there are a couple of child-sized violins available for purchase to get them training their ears early on.

They’re able to use regular pianos, but Children Sims cannot use guitars or regular-sized violins until maxing out the Creative skill.

The Piano skill can be built early by building Creativity on a piano, but they’re flagged as separate skills.

a child sim playing piano with her mom in the background the sims 4 child skills creativity

Finally, using imaginative socials on other Sims is another great way to build the Creativity skill for Child Sims.

Telling stories or talking about creative subjects is liable to increase the Creativity skill when used in conversation.

Helpful Traits To Make A Child More Creative

Any Toddler Sims that grow up into Children after happy infancies that saw them well cared for are liable to choose one trait upon aging into Children.

And when you’re trying to build up the most promising talent, it can help to choose the best traits to help them pick up the Creativity skill that much easier.

the creative trait on a child sim the sims 4 creativity skill

The most obvious choice here is the Creative trait, which will help your Child to feel more naturally Inspired, which is the ideal mood for Creativity skill-building.

A tragic take on this, too, is the Gloomy trait, which helps any Child Sim boost their Creative skill specifically any time they’re in a Sad mood, which will be fairly often with their disposition.

As adults, this specification for Creative skills expands into other adulthood creativity-based skills.

Any children who are interested in all things physical art could do well with having the Art Lover trait, as this allows them to View Art like no other Sim to find their Inspiration there.

Meanwhile, if you’re aiming to be a bit more musical in your Creative endeavors, the Music Lover trait works much the same for listening to music to gather Inspiration.


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They grow up so fast.

Every Level Of The Creativity Skill

a child sim drawing at the drawing table the sims 4 child skills creativity

In the table below, you’ll find the actions, skill boosts, and perks unlocked at each level of the Creativity skill for children in The Sims 4.

Upon completion, your Child Sim will be able to begin to build up to ten adulthood skills, depending on which Expansion and Game packs you have installed.

The Creativity Skill is the child skill in The Sims 4 with the highest number of related unlocks, with a new ability or boost unlocking at every level.

What Unlocks At Each Level Of A Child Sim’s Creativity Skill


Unlocks and Progression


“Draw Shapes” at the Activity Table.


“Draw Vehicles” at the Activity Table.


Build Fun quicker when playing on Jungle Gym equipment.


“Draw Animals” at the Activity Table.

“Daydream” action on self to put themselves in an Inspired mood.

“Tell Make-Believe Story” interaction with other Sims.


Playing with the Dollhouse may occasionally make this Sim feel Inspired.


“Draw Monsters” at the Activity Table.

Earn better or longer-lasting moodlets when playing with any toy.


Build Fun even faster when playing on Jungle Gym equipment.

“Write Dollhouse Story” on computers.


“Draw People” at the Activity Table.


“Narrate a Tale of Dolls” action on dollhouses.

10 (Max)

Can begin to learn a variety of adult skills depending on which packs you have installed:

  • Guitar, Painting, Piano, Photography, and Violin (Base Game)
  • Singing (City Living)
  • Media Production (Get Famous)
  • Cross-Stitch (Cottage Living)
  • Pipe Organ (Vampires)
  • Knitting (Nifty Knitting)

By maxing out the Creativity skill, your Child Sim will be able to begin building a whole wealth of lucrative adulthood skills.


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