How To Unlock The Retro Dancing Shoes In The Sims 4: Get Together

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Though there’s always been plenty of grooving in The Sims 4, in the Get Together expansion, your Sims are able to measure exactly how well they’re able to bust a move. With the Dancing skill in this expansion, your Sim and all their new club friends will be able to boogie like never before.




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With only five levels to this minor skill, you’ll have a relatively easy (and not to mention Fun) time building the Dancing skill in The Sims 4: Get Together. Grab your dancing shoes – the ones you unlock at level five – and get ready to get down.

Dancing Skill Overview

Sims 4 get together dance battle sim pushing to the front

Added in the Get Together expansion pack, the Dancing skill is a short five-level skill that seeks to help you make the most of your Club Gatherings out and about in Windenburg.

Though our Sims have always been able to bust a move, the Get Together expansion pack turns Dancing into a measurable skill.

Although there are only five levels instead of the usual ten, it’s a fairly easy skill to build, as you technically don’t need anything other than a stereo to get started.

Get Together does add dance floor items, which can be found at the clubs around Windenburg and can be placed back at your home lot, they’re not necessary to build the Dancing skill.

You’ll unlock a special one as you progress the Dancing skill, though, so save your Simoleons if it’s not an immediate priority.

Dancing is a wonderful group activity, too, so be sure to grab some friends or family to join in on the fun. Group dancing is not only possible in The Sims 4: Get Together, but encouraged!

As they grow their Dancing skill, you’ll get to watch your Sim engage in dance battles with other Sims, and they can even outright show off their moves as they add cooler ones to their repertoire.

Whether they’re dancing freestyle on the floor of their own homes or using a mirror to Practice Dancing, the snazziest Sims are always ready to dance the night away.

Every Level Of The Dancing Skill

a sim dancing at a club in windenburg the sims 4 get together dancing skill

In the table below, you’ll find info on each level of the Dancing skill in The Sims 4: Get Together.

Each level you progress will unlock new moves and interactions, making your Sim even groovier as they build their skill.

What Unlocks At Each Level Of The Dancing Skill?




Arm Charm dance move.


Pump Pop dance move.

“Discuss Dance Techniques” social with other Sims.


Jimmy Leg dance move.

Portable dance floor item added to inventory.


Light Spin dance move.

5 (Max)

Back Flip dance move.

Dancing sneakers item unlocked in CAS.

a sim with the level 5 dancing shoes unlocked in cas the sims 4 get together dancing skill

Although there are only five levels to the Dancing skill in The Sims 4: Get Together, the moves you unlock along your way to mastery are pretty sweet!

This skill is sure to make your Sim a hit at all their Club Gatherings, so enjoy the improved synchronized dancing they’ll be doing with their pals.


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