Rockstar Employee Details Reportedly Leaked By Hackers

Material from last year’s Rockstar hack has seemingly been shared online, claiming that the company cancelled multiple games and DLC expansions. Most concerningly, however, it’s being claimed that the leak includes information on Rockstar employees, including contact details.



The reports haven’t been verified at the time of writing, but some who claim to have dug into the leaked files say they have been able to find private details on Rockstar employees. Much of this information could be out of date because, if legitimate, it comes from last year’s hack. Yet it’s still a concerning breach of privacy for the workers and comes as many are away from the office for the holidays.

News of this latest leak began to spread around Christmas Eve, as screenshots of the data were shared on social media. This has mostly pertained to Rockstar’s games, as fans say they have found evidence of eight cancelled GTA 5 expansions, including one that would have taken us back to Liberty City. There are also game files and assets for unreleased projects, such as the long-rumoured Bully 2, and the abandoned Agent game.

However, it’s also being said that Rockstar employee names and contact information have been included in the leaked files. Further still, those claiming responsibility for the leak are reportedly threatening to share more files from the hack.

The leaker isn’t likely to be one of the figures behind the hack in the first place, as two perpetrators have already faced criminal charges and are currently in custody. Instead, it appears that the leakers are separate individuals who were given the stolen data by the hackers, presumably before their arrests.

Rockstar is yet to respond to this latest leak, likely as so many are on break for the holidays. TheGamer has contacted Rockstar for comment and will update you with any response we receive.

If the details of Rockstar employees have been made public, then it rounds off what has been perhaps the worst year in the gaming industry in recent memory. From beginning to end, 2023 was full of layoffs. Then as we got into December, Insomniac was hacked, with the attacker later leaking game details and employee information. Now, it seems that Rockstar workers are going through this too, although the full extent of the breach is yet to be realised or acknowledged by the company.


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