What Should You Do With Laser Pointer In Lethal Company

Laser Pointer can be one of the most useful items during the early days of your Lethal Company run, but it’s not as easy to find.

If you’ve played Lethal Company for a little while, you’ll realize that most interactive items in the game can only be bought through the Terminal store. However, there are a few items that you can loot inside the main building during your run, and these can be used to make your journey a little easier.




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The Laser Pointer is one of these items since it can make your visibility much better. However, you might not even stumble upon this item during your entire run if you get unlucky.

Lethal Company is currently in Early Access, and everything mentioned in this article is subject to change.

Complete Laser Pointer Guide

The Laser Pointer is one of the loot items that you can find in Lethal Company, which means that you have a random chance of encountering it while you’re trying to hoard scrap and fulfill quota. However, this item can easily be missed due to its small size, which is why it’s important to constantly scan as you go about the area.

Once you find the Laser Pointer, you can pick it up and use it for one of the following purposes:

  • It can be used as a Flashlight to light up your path so that you can be less paranoid about dropping from an edge or stepping on a mine.
  • If you’re playing with strangers and don’t want to talk, this item can be used to point at certain objects or the path that you want to take.
  • Of course, you can also just sell the item to The Company and earn some profit from it.

The Laser Pointer is a battery-charged item, which means that you’ll have to charge it at the ship before you take it out.

Laser Pointer is one of the more valuable loot in the game, so you have a somewhat lower chance of finding it early on. However, these chances get much higher if you go on a paid map or get past a few days in your run.


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