Best Pokemon Backpacks In 2023

In the magical world of Pokemon, storage seems to work a little differently than it does here in the real world. Pokemon are crammed into Pokeballs, and although The Pokemon Company has been somewhat coy regarding what exactly they’re up to in there, apparently they’re absolutely fine. If not in Pokeballs, Pokemon are in virtual boxes, and as for the rest of the stuff a trainer needs to carry around with them, that all seems to be jammed into their neverending backpacks.



We don’t have that luxury. Our backpacks won’t hold a bicycle, old rod, moonstone, and 50 Great Balls with room to spare. While we can’t have the infinite storage of a backpack from Pokemon’s universe, we can have the next best thing. Backpacks with a finite amount of space with designs inspired by the Pokemon franchise and everything you can find within it. Below are some of the very best you can buy right now with links taking you right to them, how handy.

Best Pokemon Backpacks

Loungefly Pokemon Eeveelutions Mini Backpack

Loungefly Pokemon Eeveelutions Mini Backpack

Take Every Eeveelution Everywhere You Go

This adorable Loungefly mini backpack is covered in every Eeveelution imaginable, from Leafeon to the best one, Umbreon.


  • Every Eeveelution multiple times on one good-looking backpack
  • Use it to start conversations about which Eeveelution is the best

  • May end friendships when people don’t agree Umbreon is the best

How do you make sure almost everyone likes a single Pokemon? Give that Pokemon the ability to evolve into eight different Pokemon, each one of them a different type. That’s the magic of Eevee, and in turn, the magic of this Loungefly backpack is that Eevee and all of its evolved forms have been crammed onto it. Crammed is the wrong word. They’ve been neatly placed and it makes the backpack look fantastic. It’s one of many times Pokemon and Loungefly have teamed up, and you can check out some of their other best efforts in our guide to the very best Pokemon x Loungefly offerings.

Pokemon Gray And Yellow TCG Backpack

Pokemon Gray And Yellow TCG Backpack

Designed With The Competitive TCG Player In Mind

This gray and yellow, slightly more subtle Pokemon backpack has TCG in its name for a reason. It has been specifically designed for TCG players, its dimensions measured with decks, storage boxes, and even your laptop in mind.


  • Specifically designed so your decks and storage boxes fit perfectly
  • More subtle design for the less flamboyant Pokemon fan

  • A lot of money for something that doesn’t necessarily scream Pokemon

Whether you play with friends or you mix it up competitively, every Pokemon TCG player needs a way to easily transport their Pokemon cards from place to place. The Pokemon Company knows that, and that’s why it created this backpack. A backpack designed so your decks and storage boxes fit perfectly, and there’s even room for your laptop too. As for everyday use, the design of this backpack is far more subtle than anything else on this list, making it the perfect pick for non-Pokemon occasions too.

jolteon backpack

Pokemon Center × Danielle Nicole: Jolteon Mini Backpack

The Electrifying Eeveelution

Danielle Nicole has teamed up with Pokemon, and this stylish Jolteon backpack is one of the terrific end results. The Electric-type Eeveelution has literally never looked so good. Quite the way to kick off this list.


  • An officially licensed product designed by Danielle DiFerdinando
  • A bag based on the best Eeveelution… right?

  • Might be more expensive than most are willing to pay for a Pokemon backpack

Everyone loves at least one Eeveelution, so this feels like a good place to start. Actually, a more accurate observation might be everyone has their favorite Eeveelution, so unless yours is Jolteon, maybe this isn’t the best place to start. Hey, my favorite is Vaporeon, but I still really want this bag, so I’m assuming even those of you who prefer Sylveon and Umbreon might like it too. Yes, $80 might seem like a lot for a backpack, but this one has been designed by a legitimate, very famous handbag designer, so you know it’s good.

psyduck pokemon partner backpack

Psyduck Pokemon Partner Backpack

Maybe This Will Cure Its Headache

Pokemon has turned a selection of its Pokemon into partner backpacks, and Psyduck is easily the best one. Unzip the little Pokemon’s tummy and keep your valuables inside, then pop it on to make it look like you’re giving Psyduck a piggyback.


  • The best backpack design I have ever seen, Pokemon or otherwise
  • Other designs, including Squirtle and Charmander, are available

Okay, turns out one other entry was as long as I could wait before unleashing this beauty on you. Yes, that really is what it looks like. A Psyduck-shaped backpack that makes it seems as if you are carrying around a Pokemon on your back when you wear it. Not only is it quite the fashion statement, but you can also keep a few things inside because, well, it’s a backpack after all. There are other designs available but come on, you want the Psyduck one, don’t you?

pokemon pikachu backpack with accessories

Pokemon Pikachu Backpack

Pika Pi!

Like it or not, Pikachu is the world’s most recognizable Pokemon. Kids are going to fall in love with it, and with this backpack and its accompanying items, everything they take to school with them can be covered in the little Electric-type’s adorable, smiling face.


  • Not just a backpack as it comes with accompanying items
  • Perfect back-to-school set for your little Pokemon fans

  • No similar options, at least not as a four-piece set, if you don’t like Pikachu

I also held off for as long as I could before showing you something with Pikachu on it, and I managed to last one entry longer than I held onto that awesome Psyduck backpack above. Pikachu has been the leading Pokemon in the franchise since day one, and 1,000 Pokemon later, we have likely reached a point where that is never going to change. If you have kids who like Pokemon, odds are they really like Pikachu, and that means they’ll definitely like this backpack. Hell, I like this backpack, but at 33 with a son of my own, I’m not sure I can pull it off.

pokemon snorlax camping backpack

Snorlax Color Block Pokemon Fundamentals Fold-Over Backpack

Massive Pokemon, Massive Backpack

A huge fold-over backpack decked out in Pokeballs and Snorlax colors, Pokemon markets this as the perfect bag to carry all your books for school. I also think it looks ideal for camping, although it might not be able to handle all of the elements potentially thrown at it.


  • Absolutely massive, like Snorlax
  • Snorlax’s color scheme suits a backpack surprisingly well
  • Ideal for camping, providing the weather stays fine

  • May not be waterproof for prolonged outdoor use
  • Another somewhat expensive option
  • Might even be a little big for certain schoolkids

The launch of Pokemon Sleep has made Snorlax more popular and prevalent than ever with Pokemon fans. What better way to celebrate your renewed love of the sleepiest Pokemon around than picking up a huge backpack in which to keep just about everything you could ever want to leave the house with along for the trip? While Pokemon claims it’s perfect for transporting schoolbooks, which it likely is, I think it looks like the sort of bag a Pokemon trainer might take camping with them. Since I don’t own one (yet), I can’t vouch for how it might hold up in wet and wild conditions.

pikachu scorbunny sobble and grookey on a backpack

Pikachu And Galar Starters Pokemon Backpack

Galar Starters, Assemble!

Yes, I know it’s another Pikachu appearance, but this time the iconic Pokemon is using its fame to elevate some newer additions. The Galar starters, and a great backpack for kids who need help deciding who to pick in Sword & Shield.


  • Appearances from Galar’s underrated starter Pokemon
  • Another low price pick for kids going back to school

  • More Pikachu which might annoy some people

Pikacu’s back, but this time he has brought a few friends. Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey, the three Pokemon trainers need to choose between when starting their Sword & Shield journey across the Galar region. The heated debate over what starter is best not only restarts every time new games are introduced, but it usually sparks a new conversation where Pokemon fans try to rank every starting Pokemon there has ever been. If only one of the three on this backpack can get my vote to be in that conversation, it’s definitely Scorbunny.

gengar backpack

Bioworld Pokemon Gengar Character Backpack

All Gengar All The Time

The best-looking Gengar merch is always the stuff that looks like it is made entirely out of the Ghost-type Pokemon. You might already have the T-shirt, and now you can get the backpack to match. You’re welcome.


  • The best Pokemon and therefore the best backpack
  • Official product with lots of pockets

  • A mischievous Ghost-type so may drop all your stuff at random

You thought I was going to make it through an entire Pokemon product guide without trying to convince you to buy something Gengar-themed? You fools! I love Gengar and I know I’m not alone, so I’m fairly sure quite a few of you reading this will pick this backpack if you’re adamant about leaving your laptop or mobile device today with something from this list whizzing its way to your home by the time you’re done. There’s quite a bit of merch made to look like Gengar has assumed its form, and this backpack might be my favorite of that very fashionable collection of goodies.

pokemon pixel pin backpack

Pokemon Pixel Pin Collector Backpack

Pokemon Pins Without The Pokemon Pins

If you like the idea of covering your backpack with Pokemon pins, but you don’t actually want to cover your backpack with Pokemon pins, here’s your solution. A backpack with a pixel Pokemon print that makes it look like it’s decorated with pins without the need to buy and attach them yourself.


  • Pokemon pins without having to add them yourself
  • A far less in-your-face design than most other options

  • No option to choose the Pokemon featured, all of which are from Kanto

No, not everyone in the market for a Pokemon backpack wants their purchase to be so bright that it would probably distract ships out to sea if you wore it to the beach. Some Pokemon fans prefer to subtly show off their fandom and I get that. I’m that sort of person too sometimes. This backpack is the perfect pick for you if you fall into that category. Covered in Pokemon, all of which are from the first generation of games, this backpack is designed to look like it has been decorated with pins by the wearer, except in this case, all of the hard work has been done for you. The Pokemon designs are also pixelated, making them look a lot like they originally did in those first games.


How Often Should You Change Your Backpack?

While some backpacks will likely need to be replaced every year, I’d hope that unless you’re treating them pretty poorly or something happens to them, all of the recommendations above will remain usable and in good condition for a lot longer than that.

Are Backpacks Waterproof?

Unless specifically stated in its product description, backpacks are usually water resistant but not waterproof. That means they will repel water up to a certain point, but if they get any wetter than that then the contents will not be protected.

How Do You Waterproof The Inside Of A Bag?

If you do have a bag that is water resistant but not waterproof, making sure everything inside is protected from the elements is easily done. Simply line the inside of your backpack with a plastic or garbage bag. You can also purchase rain protectors if you’d prefer the backpack itself be protected from water too.


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