Favorite Drop Locations, Popular Weapons, and other trends for the year

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has shared their recap of the year 2023, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of surprising stuff that you shall have to see. From the players’ Favorite Drop Locations to the Popular Weapons used, the makers give us some interesting data along with other trends for the year, so let us jump into some curiosities.

With total BGMI downloads exceeding 199 million and 2023 alone hitting the 100 million mark, BGMI has firmly secured its place as India’s beloved battle royale game, with popularity rising after its much-awaited relaunch in May 2023. Players in 2023 had the highest landing rates at the classic School, tactical Sosnovka Military Base, and the ever-chaotic Hospital, with these three marked as the Favorite Drop Locations that set the stage for nail-biting battles.

Loading ports Erangel, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

Moving to the weapons, the M416, AKM, and UMP45 dominated as Popular Weapons, but the Combat Knife, Pan, and M416 are the most looted items. The first two might have been for the “autopick” but M416 gaining positions in both cemented it as the popular gun. Zooming in with flair, players cruised through tricky terrains in 2023 with the Dacia and UAZ and hence are your popular Vehicles of Choice for this year.

The heart-pounding Team Death Match Warehouse and strategically rich Ranked Erangel took the spotlight as Most Played Maps, and there are few doubts about that as both are quickest to find a match. BGMI delivered surprises with its brand ambassador Ranveer Singh strutting in as a playable character and the epic Dragon Ball Mode event, seamlessly blending BGMI excitement with the iconic Dragon Ball universe. These two were undoubtedly the Most Anticipated In-Game Events.

BGMI Ranveer Singh collaboration
Image via Krafton India

Let us move to the Community stats. Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore emerged as the strong Player Strongholds of BGMI enthusiasts, while BGMI ranked 4th globally in Google Year in search trends. The BGMI Ki Boli community easter egg hunt saw over 54,000 videos created by BGMI fans turned gaming detectives whereas the trailer for BGMI’s docu-series India Ki Heartbeat garnered over 13,500 comments.

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