Best Super Mario Lego Sets In 2023

Can a fictional character really claim to have truly made it if they haven’t been immortalized in Lego? Lucky for Mario, he can make that claim, because starring in one of the most successful animated movies ever simply wouldn’t have cut it. Mario got his very first Lego set in 2020 and it proved to be so popular right out of the gate that expansions and spinoff sets have been launching thick and fast ever since.



If you didn’t jump on the Lego Mario bandwagon on day one but you want in now, searching for sets can be pretty daunting. There are a lot of them to choose from, some of which include interactive characters, others that are expansions for the original sets, and then some that are unrelated to the core products entirely. Whether you’re looking to expand a growing Lego Mario collection or you’re looking for a unique set to tide you over, there should be something for you below.

Best Super Mario Lego Sets

lego super mario piranha plant set

Super Mario Lego Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant has been added to the Lego Super Mario collection via its very own set. Geared more toward adult Lego fans, the Piranha Plant set is fully posable and made up of 540 pieces.


  • More complex set designed for older Mario and Lego fans
  • Perfect alternative to a real plant and doesn’t need to be watered

  • Clearly pretty hard to perfectly replicate a Piranha Plant’s curves using Lego
  • Lego Piranha Plant will not spring to life and go on parade

Mario and many other characters native to the Mushroom Kingdom are instantly recognizable to millions of people the world over. That goes for some of the villains that have been appearing in Mario games for more than 30 years, and Piranha Plants are right up there with the most iconic. So iconic that the carnivorous flower has its own, very elaborate Lego set. Designed for the older Mario fan, you’ll need to assemble 540 pieces before your plant is complete. Want a Piranha Plant figure with no assembly required? Check our guide to the best Smash amiibo available right now to see if Piranha Plant made the cut.

bowser's muscle car lego expansion set

Bowser’s Muscle Car Expansion Set

Bowser has rocked up in a muscle car a few times, and now he can do so in Lego form. This expansion set made up of 458 pieces comes with its very own Bowser, the hood ornament moves, and it’s compatible with the Lego Mario, Luigi, and Peach figures, but none of them are included.


  • Very reasonably priced for a set with so many pieces
  • Both Bowser and the muscle car are part of the set
  • Starter course figures can interact uniquely with the set

  • Doesn’t include any of the starter course characters, just Bowser

The beauty of the Super Mario Lego starter sets – links to where you can buy the Mario one can be found below – is expansions keep coming, and updates to the main figures mean they get new interactions paired with those sets. Bowser’s Muscle Car set is one of those expansions, the characters that come with the starter courses make beeping and tire screeching noises when you put them in the driver’s seat. No worries if you don’t have a starter set. The muscle car is great all by itself. Bowser is included and the set is 458 pieces. Fantastic value for just $29.99.

Lego Mario starter course set

Lego Mario Starter Course

The very first Lego Mario set, it includes the basic blocks and characters you need to make your very first Mario level entirely out of Lego, complete with a Goomba and the famous plumber.


  • Best place to start your Lego Mario collection
  • Rearrange the pieces to switch up your level creation
  • Interactive Mario and Goomba to jump on included

  • Not a lot of stuff compared to other sets
  • Notable omissions considering the world the set is based on

A guide all about Lego Mario sets, it only makes sense to kick things off with the one that started it all. The Lego Mario starter course, the best place to begin your collection if you’re starting from scratch. While basic, since that’s kind of the point, it sets you up perfectly for the influx of other sets and add-ons that await you if this is about to become a collection rather than just a one-off purchase. Or, you know, if you do only plan on buying one set, it should probably be this one.

Peach balloon ride lego mario expansion

Peach’s Garden Balloon Lego Mario Expansion Set

Building on the starter course, the Peach Garden Balloon set gives you another level to construct as well as some fresh characters to throw into the mix.


  • Adds new characters into the Lego mix
  • Currently cheaper than the starter set

  • Starter set is needed to use the interactive elements

If you already have a starter course, or you plan on picking one up but want to kick off your collection with more sets, picking an add-on like this one is the next best step. You will need the character from a starter set to make use of this add-on’s interactive elements though, ideally one that includes Princess Peach. Especially since it comes with a bomb-ass balloon for her to fly around in.

Luigi's Mansion Lego Mario Expansion Set

Luigi’s Mansion Lego Mario Expansion Set

Everyone’s favorite Mario spinoff game is Luigi’s Mansion, right? Now you can celebrate that indisputable fact by playing it in Lego form too.


  • Luigi’s Mansion in Lego, what’s not to love?
  • Far cheaper than some of the other sets available

  • Luigi is not included with the set, separate starter course needed

Okay, Luigi time. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. While this very cool Luigi’s Mansion expansion set comes with all sorts of neat little add-ons, including the green brother’s Poltergust, Luigi is not included. You will need to buy the Luigi version of the starter course above if you want to make this particular expansion truly complete. It does come with Professor E. Gadd and a Gold Ghost though so once Luigi enters the fray, it’s-a go time!

super mario 64 question block lego set

Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block Lego Set

Super Mario 64, one of the best games ever made, recreated in Lego form as some of its very best levels have been artfully crammed into one giant Question Mark Block.


  • An astonishing level of detail
  • Hours of fun with more than 2,000 pieces
  • Actual video game easter eggs from a Lego set

  • A little bit fiddly for younger Lego Mario users
  • A lot of money compared to other Lego Mario sets

For me, this is the ultimate Lego Mario set. I know I said above that the starter course is the one you should go for if you only want one, but if you have the money to do so, and a penchant for Super Mario 64, the Question Block should be your set of choice. The attention to detail in this set is fantastic, recreating some of the levels, settings, characters, and scenarios from the iconic game in a way that will floor you twice. Once when you look at the pictures and again when you build it for yourself. Almost as good as playing the actual game, and a refreshing change after having played it multiple times. I definitely know that doesn’t just apply to me.

Lego Mario creativity tool box set

Creativity Tool Box Lego Mario Set

If you want to build on your base sets in as many creative ways as possible, then the Lego Mario toolbox is your best option, adding all sorts of bits and pieces to your collection.


  • Best way to quickly and creatively build on starter courses
  • More characters added to the Lego Mario collection
  • Almost 600 pieces included

  • Starter course highly recommended
  • No finished article, although that’s kind of the point

Picking up a Lego set and following the instructions to the letter is all well and good, but if I recall correctly from playing with a random box of bricks as a kid, the real fun comes with making your own creations. That’s what this Lego Mario toolbox allows you to do. A collection of almost 600 pieces that let you build on the starter course and expansion packs you already have, reimagining some of your favorite areas from the games and having the characters traverse them, a couple of whom are included with this set.

the mighty bowser lego mario set

The Mighty Bowser Super Mario Lego Set

This one is as big as it gets (so far). At almost 3,000 pieces, you’re going to need to set some time aside to build The Might Bowser Lego Mario set.


  • Almost 3,000 pieces, bound to keep you busy
  • Interacts with your Lego Mario and Luigi
  • Posable limbs and a button that moves Bowser’s head

  • Even more expensive than the Question Block
  • Another set probably not suited to younger Lego aficionados

There is one set that shockingly costs even more than the Question Block one above, but there’s a good reason for that. Bowser is a lot bigger than Mario in every iteration of the Mushroom Kingdom, even when the two of them are driving karts. In their Lego world, he makes Mario look smaller than ever before. Clocking in at just over 2,800 pieces, The Mighty Bowser set is a gargantuan task that is worth the time, and probably the money too. Your interactive characters will react to the King of the Koopas, and there’s even a POW Block hiding in the set somewhere. No, not there.

yoshi's gift house lego mario expansion

Yoshi’s Gift House Lego Mario Expansion Set

Yoshi has been a part of Mario’s world for decades, so he should have his own Lego set too. Smaller than the others, your interactive figures are all compatible with the Gift House expansion.


  • Smaller, easier build at less than 250 pieces
  • New interactions for your interactive figures to find

  • Starter course needed to fully experience the set

While the Mushroom Kingdom’s resident dinosaur is yet to get his own interactive Lego figure, Yoshi getting his own set in which he is included is absolutely the next best thing. Yoshi’s Gift House is a terrific addition to a growing collection that will need to include a starter course of some description if you want to get the most out of it. Mario and the gang can eat the fruit on offer and the pieces in this one can be mixed and matched with the starter course and expansion sets if you want to build some weird and wonderful new Lego levels.

Nintendo Entertainment System Lego Set

Nintendo Entertainment System Lego Set

The NES Lego set really is something else. A very faithful recreation of Nintendo’s first console complete with a controller, Super Mario cartridge, and even a retro TV, all made of Lego.


  • Incredibly faithful and well-crafted creation
  • Lots of intricate moving parts
  • Hopefully the first of many Lego consoles

  • An elaborate build due to the moving parts
  • Another expensive option at more than $200

While this is another expensive option available for Lego Mario aficionados, it might well be the most innovative and creative thing Nintendo and Lego have come up with so far. A Lego NES you need to build from scratch, and once it’s done you will be incredibly proud of yourself. A Lego controller complete with buttons you can press, the NES opens so you can pop your self-built cartridge in, and a crank on the retro TV to make the OG Mario design on the screen actually move.


The starter sets and their expansions are recommended for anyone aged six and up, while the more elaborate sets, like the Question Block, have slightly higher age recommendations attached.

Can Lego Mario Be Bought Separately?

Yes, Lego Mario and the other interactive characters that are a part of the Lego Mario collection can all be bought separately if you don’t want to buy their starter courses or you already own one.

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