How To Solve Today’s Connections Puzzle

If you’re struggling with today’s Connections puzzle, we’ve got you covered!

It’s a new day and that means a new puzzle wall to solve in the New York Times’s Connections game. If you’re scratching your head looking at this confusing wall and wondering where the heck you’re going wrong, don’t worry – we can help you save your streak.




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You’ll find everything you need below, from vague hints as to what you should be looking for to the outright answers. Whether you’re looking for a nudge in the right direction or a sneaky way to preserve your blemish-free record, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for yesterday’s solution for December 26, click here.

Category Hints

Connections banner - category hints

Today’s categories run the gamut, there are some interesting choices here.

We’ll present these hints from the easiest category to the hardest, as prescribed by the puzzle itself – Yellow, Green, Blue, then Purple.

Today’s Answers

Connections banner - answers

Today’s puzzle has some categories that’ll make you facepalm when you realise what they are.


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