Fun Challenges To Try In Terraria

There are plenty of ways to approach sandbox style games. Whether you have a main quest in mind or you just want to explore, the world is open to you. That is just the case with Terraria, the pixel art crafting and survival game that has drawn in countless players.




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While the game encourages you to play how you want, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some ill-advised ways to approach it. Whether it’s just plain not recommended, or it flies in the face of the main points of the game’s ideals: here are some wrong ways to play Terraria that can actually be quite fun.

8 Building Minimal Shelter

A Place To Call Home

Terraria: Fighting Fantasy Creatures In A Palace Biome

The world of Terraria, while designed with a vibrant art style, is actually quite deadly. The game knows that though, and gives you ample opportunity to build a house or hovel of your own to help protect yourself. While you can make your house (or houses) as simple or luxurious as you want, it can be quite a challenge to try and beat the game with minimal shetler.

Houses in this game are where you store your loot, rest after a tough battle, and craft new materials; so avoiding making shelter is near impossible and makes the game incredibly difficult. Every adventurer needs a place to settle down, but sometimes a more spartan abode can make for a fun playthrough.

7 Avoid Crafting

Don’t Worry About Recipes

terraria guns (phoenix blaster, piranha gun, uzi)

Whether it’s making furniture at a work bench or weapons at an anvil, you’ll want to dive into crafting early on in Terraria. Like so many games where survival is the goal, crafting is the path to doing so. While crafting is a necessity in the game, avoiding it is a way to completely overhaul the game’s mechanics and make it far more difficult.


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Most players will save their best weapons for those bosses later in the game, but it’s not necissarily impossible to defeat them with simpler weapons. It takes timing, understanding the enemies’ moves, and a lot of patience. You wouldn’t fight The Moon Lord with your bare hands, or would you?

6 Going Straight For Bosses

The Moon Lord Awaits

Terraria Bosses Brain Of Chthulu Skeletron

There are a handful of bosses in Terraria, all of which lead up to the ultimate challenge in the form of The Moon Lord. While there’s some amount of option in how and when you approach these bosses, going for one right out of the gate is a good way to find yourself playing more of a soulsborne game than a normal survival game.

Unless that is you want Terraria to surpass an Elden Ring level challenge. It definitely isn’t recommended for your first playthrough, but if you want your next one to be a far greater challenge then consider rushing straight for one of the many bosses this game has to offer.

5 Go Straight To Master

Survival On Another Level

terraria player fighting the moon lord boss

Terraria is nice enough that at the onset of the game you have the option to choose a difficulty level for the game. This is great for allowing the game to be playable for all skill levels and ages. If you want a story experience then go for Journey, or if you want a challenge you can always shoot for Master difficulty.

You can even combine this with a playthrough where you rush for the bosses for an altogether overhaul of the challenge difficulty. It makes the game a mission in timing and properly equipping your character, but maybe you’ve gotten bored of Terraria as your everyday survival game?

4 Ignore NPCs

The Lone Wolf Playthrough

terraria npc merchant over tree background

Unlike some survival games, NPCs are relatively common in Terraria. They are available for your character to interact with and are even available to trade with or can perform various services for the player. These NPCs should be used as much as possible to make your journey a little easier. Unless, you don’t want an easy journey.

You will have to talk to some here and there, but avoiding them otherwise can make for a more difficult playthrough. While the NPCs are a wide array of folk who live off the land in the area, you don’t need them too often to complete your journey, especially since most of them act as merchants for those items you don’t have a need for.

3 Pacifist Playthrough

Violence Isn’t The Answer

Terraria Statues Enemy

While a completely pacifist run of the game is impossible thanks to the various bosses in the game, it can be interesting to approach the game from the mindset of leaving the world as unchanged as possible. The various mobs in the game are random, plenty deadly, and often numerous, but they can be avoided most of the time.


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Maybe it’s a good idea to keep that Death Sickle handy if you find yourself backed into the corner of a cave, but using tools like your grappling hook to escape danger instead of killing mob enemies can be a fun way to experience the game. As well, it can also give you a better understanding of movement mechanics in the game.

2 Mining Straight Down

There’s Gold In Them Hills

terraria mining stone

It’s a dangerous task in Minecraft and in Terraria as well. Mining straight down is a pretty definite way to run into a cave, mob, or even worse, but it can also be a way to try to beat the odds the game throws at you.

What you bring on your journey to the center of the earth depends on how challenging you want it to be. A grappling hook and some solid weapons will definitely make it an easier time, but you don’t have to bring them. The same goes for how deep down you mine — you could stop once you find something of value, an enemy, or you could go straight down to hell if you wanted to.

1 No-Hit Playthrough

Fast On Your Feet

Fighting a giant worm underground in Terraria

The hardest of all the wrong ways to play Terraria, completing the game without getting hit by any of your enemies is nigh impossible, but the same could be said for a lot of different no-hit playthroughs of games.

It could be even more of a fun opportunity for those players out there who like to stream their adventures. You’ll need a solid mastery of the game to try this, and it wouldn’t hurt to save often either, but if you want that final challenge that Terraria has for you, then this is the one to try.


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