How To Defend The Terminal At Drill Platform Alpha In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

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Exploring the world of Pandora is half the excitement in Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora. The other half comes from taking down massive mining and drilling outposts built by the RDA. These outposts do serious damage to the environments around them and throw off the ecosystems. Aside from the moral implications, the pollution that occurs ruins any materials you could otherwise forage.




How Long Does It Take To Beat Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora?

Ubisoft’s sprawling spin on the Avatar IP will last you a good long while.

When the RDA goes too far, it’s your job to stop them. The trail of death and devastation left in their wake can’t go on any longer, and your work with the Resistance is the only thing standing between Pandora’s safety and utter destruction.

Where To Find Anqa

After getting a disturbing call from Priya, head to the Upper Plains to find Anqa. You’ll find her under the Celebration Arches, by a yellow tree under the second intact arch. The area is known as Ally’s Overlook.

You can fast travel to the Grazing Grounds to get there quickly.

Talk to Anqa about the drill causing the tremors that are destroying the environment. In the middle of your conversation, the unimaginable happens and you’re left to deal with the aftermath.

Hurry north to search for survivors, though they’re in short supply. Move along the ruins of the arches carefully to reach Drill Platform Alpha and avenge the fallen.

How To Sabotage Drill Platform Alpha

To bring Drill Platform Alpha down, you’ll need to destroy the control wires. There are two, one on the southern side and one on the northern side. You can either get to them quietly or engage the RDA directly.

After you rip out the wires, you need to get to the control fuse on the eastern side of the drill platform and destroy it as well. You can sneak around and fire an arrow at the fuse to destroy it, which will open up the heart of Drill Platform Alpha.

Shoot the exposed drill core until it explodes (which should take about five arrows). The base will be destroyed and any remaining RDA will flee. Your work isn’t done yet, and Priya needs you to collect the data to learn Mercer’s plan and stop this from happening again.

How To Collect The Data

You’ll need to go to the control center for Drill Platform Alpha, which can be found to the northwest of the drill itself. There will be some lingering RDA soldiers, but you can sneak around to eliminate them quietly.

Find the computer terminal and use SID to follow the power lines. You’ll need to start up the sensors by redirecting power to the computer.

The two boxes you’ll need to hack are by the landing pad and under the office by the terminal.

From there, you’ll need to activate the probes to the south and the east, which can be found in small camps that are dugout of the ground. SID will help you turn them back on.

Once the probes are online again, the real problem begins. You need to start the download at the computer terminal, which is not a quick process. Priya suggests you prepare everything you need to before starting the download, as it will take a few minutes and draw the RDA’s attention.

It’s best to set traps and find a good position to guard the computer terminal in.

Climbing onto the roof of the office keeps you out of sight from any soldiers on the ground and gives you a good vantage point to take out airships and soldiers alike.

Once you start the download at the computer terminal, the RDA will send heavy reinforcements. There are several waves to work through, and you need to not only protect yourself, but the terminal. If the terminal is damaged, you will have to restart the objective.

Firing at the airships in midair is your best option. This prevents soldiers and AMP suits from ever landing, meaning that they pose no threat to you. Given that you have three minutes to defend the terminal, the fewer enemies you have to deal with, the better.

If you take out the airships fast enough, you may not have any enemies to face in the last 30 seconds since the waves are done.

After the download is completed, hurry to Anqa at Ally’s Overlook. Give her the data to complete the quest and move forward.


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