The Best Cards For A Squirrel Commander Deck In MTG

Magic: The Gathering is host to many splendorous and fantastical creatures: ferocious Dragons, devilish Demons, imposing Dinosaurs, actual straight-up Squirrels. Look, the little guys need some love too. Magic loves to fill out the worldbuilding of their sets with various wildlife, which means Squirrels get some exposure from time to time.



Related: Magic: The Gathering – The Most Powerful Creature Types, RankedMechanically, Squirrels tend to fit into go-wide token strategies, but it’s still a creature type that could use some extra support. MTG Head Designer Mark Rosewater is a self-proclaimed Squirrel advocate, and he’s likely responsible for the existence of most Squirrel-related cards in the game. Here’s hoping he can persuade the designers to make more.

11 Squirrel Sovereign

Kneel Before Your Squirrel Lord

MTG - Squirrel Sovereign

Kind of a no-brainer, Squirrel Sovereign is a must-play for anyone nutty enough to try out a Squirrel-themed deck. It’s a traditional creature lord, bestowing +1/+1 to all your other skittering Squirrels. It’s also a Noble, so put some respect on its name.

Lords like this play double duty in typal decks; they buff the majority of your other creatures while also receiving the benefits of any other typal payoffs you have floating around. It shouldn’t take very much convincing to play a Squirrel lord in a Squirrel deck.

10 Swarmyard

All Critters Welcome

MTG - Swarmyard

Swarmyard’s an extremely powerful land for an incredibly niche set of creatures. It’s an actual incentive to build a critter-based deck in the first place. This land, at minimum, gives you repeatable protection for your commander, assuming it’s one of the listed creature types.

Regenerating a creature won’t save it from bounce spells or exile effects, but it does provide a one-time reprieve from damage and destroy effects, and Swarmyard gives you one shot per turn cycle. There’s a more general version of this card called Yavimaya Hollow, but it’s monetarily more expensive and requires mana to activate.

9 Toski, Bearer Of Secrets

Secret’s Out, Toski’s Great

MTG - Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Toski, Bearer of Secrets is easily the most-played Squirrel in Magic, though that has nothing to do with its creature type. As a card advantage machine that’s uncounterable and hard to remove from the board, it’s great in all assortment of creature decks, especially token-flavored ones.

Related: Magic: The Gathering – The Best Draw Spells In CommanderOf course, being a Squirrel makes it even more synergistic in decks that care about the creature type. Toski’s type doesn’t matter all that much most of the time, but making it matter pushes Toski even further, and it’s plenty good enough to begin with.

8 Squirrel Nest

Part Of A Nutty Combo

MTG - Squirrel Nest

A search for Squirrel creatures in Magic yields only 15 cards, five of which are silver-bordered, and therefore not legal outside casual games. Open that search up to cards that simply mention Squirrels, and you’re looking at another 15 or so options to add to the pile, including the classic Squirrel Nest.

A Squirrel a day might not keep your opponents at bay, but it’ll certainly help the cause, especially since these decks usually have a secondary token strategy. You could also drop a cool $100 for an Earthcraft and unlock one of Magic’s easiest 2-card combos.

7 Chitterspitter

A Perfect Fitter

MTG - Chitterspitter

Modern Horizons 2 had a dedicated Squirrel theme for its Limited environment. It wasn’t the most pronounced thing going on in that set, but it gave us most of the staple creatures you expect to see in every Squirrel deck, plus support pieces like Chitterspitter.

This is a completely self-contained engine, creating, sacrificing and pumping tokens at your leisure. It’s fairly flexible too, since the Squirrels it buffs don’t have to come from the ‘Spitter itself, and you can feed other tokens to it to preserve your Squirrel legion.

6 Earl Of Squirrel

Sir Squirrelington III

MTG - Earl of Squirrel

Playing Earl of Squirrel in Commander requires some amount of persuasion, since the silver border means it’s not technically legal in the format. However, thanks to the power of friendship and a little thing called Rule Zero, it’s probably fine in most casual settings.

Related: Magic: The Gathering – The Funniest Silver Border Cards‘Squirrellink’ is a little silly, but it’s at least comprehensible and works within the normal rules of Magic. It’s not breaking gameplay like most silver-bordered cards, and it’s actually a fair and balanced card. Talk to your playgroup before playing this, though they’ll probably suspect it once you present your Squirrel deck to the table.

5 Verdant Command

A Command In The Hand Is Worth Two Squirrels In The Bush

MTG - Verdant Command

Verdant Command is one of the few Squirrel-makers that does something other than… well, make Squirrels. Two mana for two 1/1s isn’t spectacular in Commander, but you get to tack on another ability for no extra cost.

The lifegain mode is minuscule in Commander, and the option to counter a loyalty ability won’t present itself all that often, which means the default modes are making some Squirrel buddies and exiling a player’s graveyard. Graveyard hate comes in quite handy quite often, so it’s a welcome addition to the token-making mode.

4 Chatterfang, Squirrel General

Awaiting Orders, Chief!

3 MTG - Chatterfang, Squirrel General

Odds are Chatterfang’s the reason you’re here. Sure, some tables might let you run the silver-bordered Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher as your commander, but Chatterfang’s going to be your resident legal Squirrel in charge. Can’t argue with a legendary creature that literally has “General” in its name.

Related: Magic: The Gathering – The Best Black-Green CommandersChatterfang succeeded in putting Squirrels on the map in Commander. They’re not top tier material by any stretch, but Chatterfang amplifies all your token makers and turns your Squirrels into ammunition as needed. Let’s assume they’re dying for a good cause.

2 Deep Forest Hermit

A Friend To The Squirrels

MTG - Deep Forest Hermit + Deranged Hermit

It’s nice when the majority of creatures in your typal deck carry the type you’re building around, but that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Deep Forest Hermit breaks the immersion a bit, but it makes and pumps Squirrels, so the Elf Druid typeline gets a pass.

It was inspired by Deranged Hermit, but Vanishing 3 is much more reasonable than that. Echo essentially asks you to skip a turn, but Vanishing 3 gives you plenty of time to make use of a card, and it’s an easy downside to work around too.

1 Realmwalker

Yes, That’s Most Certainly A Squirrel

MTG - Realmwalker

Realmwalker is an all-purpose card advantage creature for niche typal decks that lack ways to draw extra cards. It’s basically the garlic powder of the Magic universe (it goes in everything). There’s literally only one or two Squirrels that draw cards, so they could use the help.

Since there are so few Squirrels in Magic to begin with, changelings can be a nice way to fill out your deck. It just so happens that Realmwalker’s one of the best Squirrels in the game. And one of the best Turtles. And Badgers. And Brushwaggs…

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