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Like the majority of skills in The Sims 4, the Logic skill is a fairly active one that requires plenty of work and studying to max out. Whether your Sim is playing chess (either alone or with friends), studying the galaxy, or checking out plant samples, they’ll be building their Logic skill quickly.




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By becoming Focused while they work on their studies, they’ll build the skill even quicker, leading to exponential gains, new socials, exciting new career paths, and so much more. Here’s every way to build the Logic skill in The Sims 4, and what unlocks at each level.

How To Level Up The Logic Skill

One of the easier skills to level in The Sims 4, the Logic skill is included in the base game and has to do with anything involving mental fortitude for your cleverest Sims.

The cheapest and most straightforward way to build the Logic skill is by playing chess at any available chess table.

If you’re low on funds, chess is a fantastic, relatively cheap option to rebuild your Fun need.

You can either buy one for your home to practice without leaving the lot or travel around the world of The Sims 4 to play chess at parks, potentially making new friends in the process.

But if playing chess isn’t your Sim’s speed, they could always check out a Microscope to examine slides.

sims 4 telescope
via EA

There are a couple of different Microscopes available in Build/Buy, but one of them is absolutely massive, so account for your available space before purchasing.

There’s also the Backyard Observatory, which is a colossal space observatory that’s placed outside for your Sims to go check out the stars.

You could also grab one of the Telescope for a similar effect if your space is limited, but why do that when the Backyard Conservatory also doubles as a Woohoo spot?

And naturally, like with most skills, you could also read Logic books, but these don’t typically also build the Fun need like your other options.

Ideal Mood: Focused

Sims building their Logic skill will find it most helpful to work on the skill when they’re Focused, which can be achieved in a number of ways.

The Sims 4 Focused Painting Moodlet

Sims with Geek, Genius, or Perfectionist traits will naturally find themselves feeling Focused throughout the day, but other Sims will need to achieve this state manually.

You’ll easily pick up the Focused moodlet, though, by playing enough chess or researching enough with telescopes or microscopes – building Logic puts your Sim in a Focused mood.

But if you’d like to start by being Focused, you could always use Focused emotional aura items, making sure to enable their aura in the area around where your Sim will be skill-building.

Being Focused allows any Sim with the Painting skill to create emotional paintings, so painting a Mathematical Diagram and hanging it on the wall is a great way to created a Focused environment.

Every Level Of The Logic Skill And What It Unlocks

Below, we’ve detailed what unlocks at every level of building the Logic skill in The Sims 4.

What Unlocks At Each Level Of The Logic Skill?

Skill Level



More likely to win at chess (unless their opponent has a higher Logic skill).


Analyze Plant Samples with a Microscope.

Unlocks the “Discuss Logic” social.


Earn additional Logic gains from playing chess.


Successfully read intermediate-level Logic books.


Collect Fossil Samples to analyze with your Microscope.


Earn even more additional Logic from any skill-building interaction.


Successfully read advanced-level Logic books.

“Search for the Truth” at an Observatory social while Focused.


Collect Crystal Samples to analyze with your Microscope.

Unlocks the “Provide Logical Solution to Problems” social.


Better moodlet gain when winning at chess.

10 (Max)

Unlocks the “Rant Logically” social to quell any Anger this Sim may feel.

Though the perks for the Logic skill in The Sims 4 aren’t necessarily the coolest, building Logic is imperative for careers like Astronauts and Criminals!


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