Unanswered Questions We Have After Finishing Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora goes all in on immersing you into the world of Pandora, its wildlife, fauna, and characters. It is canon, but there’s not a lot directly connecting you to the films except for the fact that it takes place parallel to them.




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However, it makes up for this by introducing you to new elements important to the lore in addition to the new characters and storylines. By the end of the adventure, we are left with a lot of burning questions regarding the story and what the future holds for all the humans and Na’vi wrapped up in the plot.

7 Are There Other Surviving Sarentu Members?

The Player Character’s Clan Could Still Be Out There

Closeup of Teylan in the Resistance HQ

The main character and the survivors of The Ambassador Program are the surviving members of the Sarentu, a group of storytellers who go around Pandora collecting and spreading tails from clan to clan. They were almost all annihilated by John Mercer before the events of the game (a scene shown in a flashback later on in the story).

By the end of the game Teylan, who was initially on John Mercer’s side, resolves to focus his efforts on restoring the nearly extinct clan. Will he find other members who potentially survived the attack? Maybe some children were hidden or some of the older members were away and drifted around Pandora once they discovered all their kin were slaughtered.

Sarentu are identifiable by a mark on their face. Pandora is big enough that even with this identifier, they could be alive elsewhere without ever returning to their home region or without the characters in the game being aware of them.

6 How Is Alma’s Relationship With Na’vi Affected by The Truth?

Will All The Na’vi Forgive Her?

Alma Cortez looking remorseful

Alma Cortez is on your side throughout the game and saves your life several times. Later in the game, it turns out she was more involved in the Sarentu’s demise than initially thought. Upon discovering this, Nor kills Alma’s Avatar and she returns to her human body.

Most of the clans hold off judgment of her because of the larger threat at hand from Mercer and Colonel Harding. Now that the RDA has left the region, will certain Na’vi meditate on her part in The Ambassador Program? She is doing all she can to make up for her mistakes, but maybe not everyone forgives so easily.

Several times throughout the game Cortez refers to “we” when talking about the Na’vi. Certain Na’vi take umbrage with this wording.

5 How Will The Upper Plains Recover?

A Massive Explosion Rocked The Area

Deceased Na'vi in the Upper Plains after the drill explosion

A large portion of the Upper Plains is devastated by an explosion near the end of the story. As a player, you are forced to walk through the rubble and observe the ruin first-hand.


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Even if most of the Zeswa Clan who inhabit the Upper Plains survived the disaster, the effect it had on the ecosystem will likely make living there more difficult than before. Will the Zeswa find a way to survive under these new circumstances or will they look for a new home?

4 What Will Colonel Harding Do?

She Leaves Along With Most Of The RDA

Colonel Angela Harding on a TV monitor

Colonel Harding feels like she is going to be the mid-game boss or the penultimate encounter before fighting Mercer, but she ends up surviving. Where Mercer throws everything he has at the Na’vi and pays the ultimate price for it, Harding flees to live and fight another day.

Her plans are currently unknown, though. She’s a soldier and knows when to run away from a losing battle. What we don’t know is if she understands that the Na’vi belong on Pandora or if she will stay with the RDA and go wherever they send her.

3 Will The Na’vi Forgive Teylan?

He Betrayed Their Trust

 Ri'Nela putting her hand on Teylan's shoulder

The player character understands Teylan and seems to forgive him, but what about all the other Na’vi? People can rectify their mistakes, but he intentionally revealed Resistance HQ’s location, which led to dozens of deaths, and when your mistake leads to mortal harm that’s a little harder to come back from.

Both humans and Na’vi lost good friends because of Teylan’s decision. Will they see and understand his remorse? Teylan genuinely believed that Mercer wouldn’t kill anybody, but does it really matter to them that he didn’t want anybody hurt?

Teylan always wears an RDA hat and has an RDA walkie-talkie on him. He says this is just to feel comfortable but it was how he communicated with Mercer after they all escaped.

2 Will The RDA Come Back To The Western Frontier?

They Left And Came Back Before, So They Will Probably Do It Again

Mercer Looking into the camera, Teylan behind him

The game ends with the RDA leaving the Western Frontier. Mercer stays and dies, ultimately failing in his plan. It is difficult to believe that the RDA will simply leave the region and focus on other areas of Pandora. After all, they are after both money and resources.


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They might feel like they have no other choice but to fight and take Pandora for everything it has no matter what the cost. A major point in Avatar is realizing just how dire the situation on Earth is. We haven’t seen it in the movies, but it is referenced as being mostly dry of any resources.

There is one scene taking place on Earth in the extended cut of the first movie.

1 What New Lore From The Games Will Show Up In The Movies?

Does It Really Matter If It Is Canon?

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora - Na'Vi Sky Warriors Assaulting An RDA Gunship

Frontiers of Pandora has already been confirmed as canon. How important will this fact end up being? Sure, it’s canon, but how impactful will playing the game be to appreciating future movies? Maybe calling it Canon will be more of a marketing point than anything.

James Cameron could film and render Jake Sully clipping his toenails and call it canon but it wouldn’t mean a lot to the bigger story at hand, would it? Hopefully, we’ll see payoffs in future films or at least nods. It should be something that makes us feel seen for having played the game but nothing that will leave audiences confused, like re-introducing the Sarentu or going back to the Upper Plains.


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