Fortnite Rocket Racing: Best Wheels

Fortnite Rocket Racing has a ton of stuff to unlock. From car bodies, to decals and wheels, you can turn your ride into a truly unique one, as long as you invest time in it. Even without spending a single cent, you can have your car looking absolutely glorious.




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Wheels play a big part in how much your car will stand out, just like they did (and still do) in Rocket League. We don’t have a lot of different rims or tires to choose from, yet, but there are colors abound. These are the ten wheels available in Rocket Racing.

Everything you can customize in Rocket Racing is purely cosmetic and adds no gameplay benefit. These are the best wheels in Rocket Racing based off how good they look, how much they stand out, and how unique they are.

10 Orange Wheels

Octane in Fortnite Rocket Racing with orange wheels.

These orange-colored rims can look pretty good with the right decal and car body color, but they aren’t anything special. They look a bit mute and rarely tend to stand out in the middle of a race.

Thankfully, they’re very easy to get and will probably be the first wheel customization you get in the game. They’ll be a pretty decent, albeit probably temporary, look for your wheels.

How to acquire:

  • You can get the bronze colored rims by reaching Bronze Two in Ranked Matchmaking.

9 Gold Wheels

The Gold Wheels in Fortnite Rocket Racing.

Gold does pop a bit more than bronze, and will look very good in an all-golden car setup, but it might require a bit too much effort to get.

Although it can look great, gold is eclipsed by a lot of other rim colors, some of them much easier to get. Unless you are going for an all-yellow or fully golden look, you’ll probably be skipping this one.

How to acquire:

  • You’ll receive gold color rims when you get Gold Three in Rocket Racing’s Ranked Matchmaking.

8 Blue Wheels

Octane in Fortnite Rocket Racing with blue wheels.

Blue colored rims do carry a bit of nostalgia for Rocket League players that are playing Rocket Racing. If you wanted to look good in the default blue Octane preset, all you had to do was change your rim color to exactly this one.


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They’re faster to get than the gold ones while still looking better and synergizing perfectly with Rocket Racing’s default Octane look.

How to acquire:

  • The blue-colored rims are acquired by reaching the rank of Silver One.

7 Lime Wheels

Octane in Fortnite Rocket Racing with lime wheels.

Lime looks great on the OEM wheels. It is the best shade of green available in Rocket Racing at the moment and is much easier to get than the Platinum Three version.

If you are rocking a green setup or want to spice yours up with a rim color that really stands out, this will be your go-to choice.

How to acquire:

  • You’ll get the lime-colored rims when you reach the Silver Three rank.

6 Red Wheels

Red Wheels Fortnite Rocket Racing.

This is yet another Rocket League staple. Although red isn’t actually the other default color (it’s orange), a lot of people ran with fully-red presets. In Rocket Racing, they have the plus of being the symbol of reaching the second-highest rank in the game.

They stick out a lot, especially on the maps with more greenery, and will make any red-focused look a lot better.

How to acquire:

  • Red-colored rims are only obtained when reaching Champion, the second-highest rank in Rocket Racing.

5 Pink Wheels

Pink Wheels in Fortnite Rocket Racing.

Pink is one of those colors that really pops. You won’t see a lot of pink presets, but you will really notice the ones you do find. The only downside is that they’re pretty hard to get.


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If you’re aiming for a pink look to make you shine in the middle of all your opponents (or friends), there are no better wheels than these ones.

How to acquire:

  • You’ll get the pink-colored rims when you reach Diamond One in Ranked Matchmaking.

4 Black Wheels

Black Wheels in Fortnite Rocket Racing.

An all-black preset looks great in any car — in pretty much any racing game. Rocket Racing is no exception, and these are the only black wheels in the game, so they get extra points.

They will take quite a while to acquire, but they look more than good enough to justify the effort.

How to acquire:

  • Black-colored rims are a reward for reaching the Diamond Three rank in Rocket Racing.

3 Lamborghini Huracán STO V2 Wheels

Lamborghini Huracán STO with V2 wheels in Rocket League.

These wheels stand out as much as the car’s body itself. Their light-gold appearance is gorgeous and will complement any Lamborghini that is going for that overall color.

They do have the massive downside of not really being possible to get at the moment, though, so you’ll have to be patient if you want to get these wheels.

How to acquire:

  • These wheels come with the Lamborghini Huracán STO bundle, which isn’t available for purchase at the moment.
  • You’ll have them already if you purchased the car bundle in Rocket League.

2 Lamborghini Huracán STO V1 Wheels

The Lamborghini Huracán STO car body in Rocket Racing.

Much like their V2 counterpart, the Lamborghini V1 wheels look fantastic and completely unique. The V1’s intricate pattern that looks unlike any other rim in Rocket Racing makes it pop even more.

Although they only come in a default metallic, gray color, they’re one of the best-looking wheels in the game. Unfortunately, they’re not obtainable at the moment.

How to acquire:

  • These wheels come with the Lamborghini Huracán STO bundle, unavailable at the moment.
  • You’ll have them already if you purchased the car bundle in Rocket League.

1 Purple Wheels

Purple Wheels Fortnite Rocket Racing.

The best-looking wheels in Rocket Racing come in purple! This color stands out magnificently in pretty much every map available in the game, and it has the bonus of being a massive flex. If you see someone running these wheels, just know that they are superb at this game.

If the flex itself wasn’t enough, they are the only purple wheels available in Rocket Racing, and they’ll compliment any preset that is going for that color as its main theme. Purple wheels are extremely hard to get, but they’re entirely worth it.

How to acquire:

  • Purple-colored rims are only obtainable by reaching the highest rank in Rocket Racing: Unreal.


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