Where To Find Flux Construct Cores In Tears Of The Kingdom

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The Fuse ability in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a versatile and helpful mechanic that allows you to use your creativity to solve puzzles and overcome any number of other obstacles blocking your progress. And by fusing objects to your weapons, you can create powerful new tools that will turn even the most ferocious monsters and bosses into pushovers.



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One of the best ways to build a bulky bludgeoning device is to combine your weapon of choice with a Flux Construct Core. Use this guide to learn how to collect the cores quickly, easily, and repeatedly.

Where To Find Flux Construct Cores

Part of the Sky map from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The only places to find Flux Construct Cores is with Flux Constructs. These constructs are powerful and massive overworld bosses that will target and attack you the moment they see you. They are like the regular constructs, except the regular constructs can’t stomp you to death.

Flux Constructs are overworld bosses, but they actually don’t dwell on the Surface, which is what players often consider to be the “overworld.” You can find them in the Sky and the Depths.

When you’re trying to farm Flux Construct Cores, what you need to do is figure out where they are and write down their locations so you can remember where to find them again.

Or you can just bookmark this guide, because we already did all that. Actually, we did you one better. We narrowed down the Flux Constructs that are the quickest and easiest to find. And as a bonus, we even sorted them by the three Flux Construct types.

Flux Construct type

Location in the Sky

Flux Construct I

South of Mayam Shrine

Flux Construct II

Below Jinodok Shrine

Flux Construct III

East of Kumamayn Shrine

Flux Construct type

Location in the Depths

Flux Construct I

South of Muzasu Lightroot

Flux Construct II

West of Gonatoyros Lightroot

Flux Construct III

Southeast of Mustuto Lightroot

With these locations, you can cycle through duplicates of each boss type and farm the Flux Construct Cores at will.

How To Defeat Flux Constructs

Link fighting a Flux Construct in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The first trick to farming Flux Construct Cores is to find the Flux Constructs. The second trick is being able to actually defeat the constructs. These are bosses, after all, so it can be easier said than done if you don’t know the best methods to take them down.

To learn how to the bosses, you’ll want to read our full guide on Flux Constructs, which teaches you how to do exactly that. But to handle the specific Flux Constructs listed above, use these tricks to defeat them quickly.

  • Use Keese Eyeballs: Fusing a Keese Eyeball (or any type of eye monster part) to an arrow allows the arrow to automatically home in on an enemy’s weak point. If you’re on the ground and you can’t reach the construct’s damageable block, shoot it from a distance with an arrow.
  • Launch yourself above them: Fuse either a Spring or Rocket Zonai device to your shield before fighting the construct. When you need some height to attack it from above, use the fused shield to propel yourself overtop of the boss so you can either land on it or shoot it with arrows.
  • Get the drop on them: If you scout the areas surrounding these constructs, you’ll discover at least one place to drop down on top of them from. While falling, use your bow to slow time down so you can fire a series of arrows at their weak point. If you have strong enough bows and materials to fuse them with, you can dismantle or possibly even destroy the Flux Construct before you land on the ground.

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