How To Build A Chronurgy Wizard In DND

Every wizard in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons manipulates reality to their whim, but only the chronurgy wizard becomes a master of time itself. When you choose this class you can turn time back and force it to unfold in your favor, anticipate battles before they happen, and freeze your enemies – and your own magic – in time.



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The chronurgy wizard comes from the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount and focuses on making the most of every roll you make while playing. There are endless creative ways to use the chronurgy wizard’s features for both yours and your party’s benefit both during combat and outside of it.

Features Of A Chronurgy Wizard

Contact Other Plane by Alix Branwyn
Contact Other Plane by Alix Branwyn

Chronal Shift

When you choose this school of magic at second level, you gain the ability to turn back time twice per long rest. You do this by using your reaction to cause a creature within 30 feet of you to reroll an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.

You can use this ability whether the roll is a success or failure, meaning it is versatile and you can use it to give allies a better chance or to give enemies a worse one.

Temporal Awareness

Also at second level, you add your Intelligence modifier to all initiative rolls. This enables you to act quickly at the start of a fight.

Momentary Stasis

At sixth level, you can use your action to pause a creature in time a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier per long rest.

You can use this ability on a creature size large or smaller within 60 feet of you. The creature must make a Constitution saving throw. If they fail against your spell save DC, they are incapacitated and their speed is zero until the end of their next turn, or until they take damage.

Arcane Abeyance

At tenth level, you can freeze a spell in time, allowing yourself or one of your allies to instantly cast it at a later moment.

As long as the spell is fourth level or lower, you can freeze the spell into a size Tiny bead. The bead has an Armor Class of 15, one hit point, and immunity to poison and psychic damage. Any creature that holds the bead can use its action to release the spell inside the bead. This creature becomes the caster, but the spell still uses your spell attack bonus and spell save DC.

If the bead is destroyed or if the spell is not released within one hour, the bead is destroyed and the spell is lost.

Convergent Future

At fourteenth level, you gain the ability not only to see into the future, but to manipulate time to bring about an outcome you desire.

When you or a creature within 60 feet of you makes an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can use your reaction to cancel whatever outcome they rolled on the die. Instead, you decide whether the creature rolled high enough to succeed or whether they did not.

Once again, use this for allies to boost their rolls higher or use it against enemies to make sure they fail crucial rolls.

You gain a level of exhaustion each time you use this ability, which can only be removed when you finish a long rest.

Best Ability Scores For A Chronurgy Wizard

Alaundo the Seer DnD MTG art by Aurore Folny
Alaundo the Seer by Aurore Folny

Intelligence should be your highest ability score. You will use Intelligence for your spellcasting modifier. You also get to add it to initiative rolls, and it determines how many times you can use your momentary stasis feature. You will need this for pretty much everything.

Taking feats or playing as species that boost your Intelligence is a great way to improve it!

Dexterity is also pretty important. Your temporal awareness feature boosts your initiative, which is determined by Dexterity. In addition, a high Armor Class is never bad to have as a wizard since you don’t have that may hit points to spare.

Constitution also benefits you as a wizard. While this needn’t be your highest ability score, you will want to put points into it to increase your naturally low hit points and protect against the all-too-common Constitution saving throw.

Wisdom is always nice to have some points in, as this ability score also has saving throws associated with it frequently. However, you won’t use Wisdom for much else.

Charisma and Strength can be your lowest scores, as you won’t need them for much of anything.

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Best Species For A Chronurgy Wizard

Dungeons and Dragons Rock Gnome Artificer With Otter Inventing Magical Bird
Mordenkainen’s Tome Sourcebook via Wizards of the Coast

The chronurgist is unique in its ability to manipulate time, so you may not find species which specifically complement your class features. However, you can boost your Intelligence and spellcasting ability with several species.

High Elf

The high elf is a tried and true wizard species. High elves gain a one point bonus to Intelligence and a two point bonus to Dexterity.

In addition to proficiency in Perception, advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and the inability to be put to sleep, you also gain a free extra wizard cantrip when you choose this species.


Similar to high elves, eladrin are elves that have a deep connection with the feywild. You can choose your ability score increases for this species, and you should put these points into Intelligence and Dexterity.

You have darkvision, advantage on saving throws against being charmed, the trance ability, and proficiency in Perception.

In addition, you gain the Fey Step ability, which lets you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space as a bonus action. You associate this ability with a season of your choice, granting you certain benefits.

As a chronurgy wizard, you will be best off with the Winter feature. This feature forces a Wisdom saving throw on a creature within five feet of you before they teleport, causing them to be frightened of you until the end of your next turn.

The Winter fey step is best because you will usually be using this power to escape melee range and it’s best to have extra insurance that whatever you’re escaping from won’t follow you.

Rock Gnome

As a rock gnome, you gain a one-point increase to your Constitution and a two-point bonus to your Intelligence. All gnomes are size Small with a walking speed of 25 feet. They have darkvision and advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saves against magic.

As a rock gnome, you gain proficiency with tinkerer’s tools and the ability to create special devices such as a fire starter, music box, a clockwork toy, or something that creates similar effects.

At your Dungeon Master’s discretion, you may be able to use this clockwork device to activate the spells stored via your Arcane Abeyance ability. This would allow you to set off spells remotely or at a great distance.

It’s entirely possible that your Dungeon Master will say no to this because it’s definitely stretching the rules, but it’s worth it to try!

Best Spells For A Chronurgy Wizard

Robe of the Archmagi by David Williams Cropped
Robe of the Archmagi by David Williams

When choosing cantrips and spells, think not only of spells that can benefit you but which would be beneficial for your allies to cast using your arcane abeyance feature.


You get to choose three cantrips at first level.



Dancing Lights

This concentration cantrip lets you create four bright lights within 120 feet, and move them up to 60 feet as a bonus action.

While pretty situational, this is a great signal spell and a good one to give to allies using your arcane abeyance feature, so they can signal you if need be.

Fire Bolt

This ranged attack cantrip deals 1d10 fire damage to an enemy on a hit.

Every wizard needs a standard damage dealer and this one is as good as they come.

Minor Illusion

This cantrip lets you create a sound or image within 30 feet of you as an action. The illusion lasts up to one minute.

This is a great cantrip that relies on people not passing the Intelligence check to determine that the illusion is not there. Since you can manipulate other people’s checks using your chronul shift feature, you have extra insurance towards making sure this spell works.


You learn six first-level spells at first level and gain two free spells of increasing power with each level.



Find Familiar

This first-level spell lets you summon an animal that obeys your commands and helps you with ability checks, attack rolls, and scouting.

The greatest feature of a familiar for a chronurgist is that the familiar can cast spells using your arcane abeyance feature.


With this second level concentration spell, you force a creature to make a Wisdom saving throw. If they fail, they take a course of action that you suggest, lasting up to eight hours.

This is a very powerful spell that relies on a single Wisdom save. With your chronal shift and convergent future features, you have a higher chance of making this spell work every time.


This third level concentration spell gives a creature a two point bonus to Armor Class, advantage on all Dexterity saves, and an additional action on each of it turns for one minute.

This is a great spell for you to cast on yourself or your allies, or use arcane abeyance so your melee fighting allies can cast this on themselves and reap the benefits.

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