Baldur’s Gate 3 Short Shows How The Party Celebrates Christmas

Christmas is finally here, and you’re more than likely reading this article with your feet up, something alcoholic in hand, getting ready to become increasingly frustrated by your elderly relatives as they struggle to understand the rules of the board game you’ve set up. That’s the typical Christmas experience anyway, but have you ever wondered how your favorite party of adventurers would spend Christmas if it was a thing in Baldur’s Gate 3.



Thankfully, you don’t need to wonder any longer, as Larian recently released a new short via its official Twitter account, in which we see what Karlach, Lae’zel, Wyll, Shadowheart, Gale, and Astarion would get up to if they got a moment to themselves for the holiday season. It’s voiced by the amazing cast of the game, and starts with the crew enjoying some peace and quiet in a local tavern.

Astarion is relaxing with a bottle of “vintage red”, and Karlach is completely passed out with a barrel of booze in her hands. Very on point so far. There’s also Shadowheart trying to solve her artifact like it’s Rubix Cube, Gale and his double tucking into a magical boot, and Lae’zel enjoying a pint next to a skeleton called Geoff, presumably because he asked her to “Please Wrap It Up” one too many times.

Wyll then busts down the door and forces the crew on a new quest, in which they meet an elf trapped in a blizzard that looks a lot like Santa Claus. To reward them for their bravery, this elf allows the party to take an item out of his massive sack, which Santa claims will give each member of the party their truest heart’s desire.

Not convinced by this stranger’s show of generosity, Lae’zel succeeds in a Perception check and notices fresh footprints, implying that people have been there recently and Santa isn’t actually stranded. In true Baldur’s Gate 3 fashion, things take an immediate turn for the grim, and the party discover a bunch of half-eaten elves tucked behind Santa’s sleigh. There you go, Santa’s now a cannibal.

After beating Santa to pulp, they all return to the tavern and try out their gifts that they presumably stole from a now deceased Santa. Shadowheart uncovers a giant Xbox Series X that Karlach bites and blows up, and the story ends there, everyone enjoying their Christmas together. It’s a fun little video full of references to the game and other properties, so it’s well worth a watch if you’re waiting for your Christmas dinner to finish cooking. Happy holidays!


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