How To Get Refunds On Digital Xbox Games

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Purchasing games digitally is becoming far more common, as it’s very convenient. After all, who can be bothered to go to a store to get a game or order one online and wait for delivery? With digital games, you can make the purchase right from your console.




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The downside of this is how easy it is to make impulse buys. Thankfully, if you buy an Xbox game digitally and regret it, Microsoft does allow you to ask for a refund. This isn’t clear initially, as there is no refund option on the Xbox dashboard itself. Yet, you can request one online. To do so, follow these instructions.

Rules Regarding Returns

Close-Up Of Xbox Series X Controller

As you probably expect, Microsoft has certain rules around returns and refunds. But there isn’t a litany of them. In fact, there are only two:

  • Refund requests have to be made within 14 days after you bought the game.
  • You can’t have a significant amount of playtime in the game you’re trying to refund.

So, you can’t attempt to return a game that you bought three years ago and have accumulated 100 hours in.

What Microsoft counts as significant playtime is unclear. But if you’ve played the game for several hours, you’re likely out of luck.

How To Return A Digital Game On Xbox

Xbox Page With My Microsoft Account Circled

To get the process rolling, you have to head to and sign in with the Microsoft account linked to your Xbox. Then, click on your Gamertag in the top right corner of the page, and hit ‘my Microsoft account.’ This takes you to your account page where it shows your current subscriptions and devices you use.

My Microsoft Account Page Featuring Subscriptions and Devices

From here, click the ‘payment and billing’ tab at the top of the screen and then press ‘order history.’ Page Showing Order History

On the page that opens up, you will see all your Xbox purchases. Next to the most recent games, you will see a button labeled ‘refund information.’ Click that on the game you want to refund.

Screenshot Of Xbox Refund Request

This takes you to the refund page where it gives you information about the process. At the bottom, you should see the things you can refund. Click in the box next to the game you want to get rid of to give it a checkmark, then hit ‘request a refund’ at the bottom.

Screenshot Of Xbox Refund Request Box

Following this, a little box pops up asking for your reason for requesting a refund and your email address. Fill it out, and hit ‘next.’ Finally, you’ll be given one more chance to look at your request to make sure everything is correct. If it is, click ‘submit.’

After that, your refund request will be under review and Microsoft can take up to 72 hours to respond.

You can check on the progress of your refund by clicking the ‘refund information’ button that you pressed earlier, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, and clicking the ‘refund status’ tab. However, Microsoft should also send you an email to answer your refund request.


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