Castlevania: Strongest Belmonts, Ranked


  • The Belmont clan’s eternal struggle against Count Dracula is the central theme of Castlevania, with each Belmont descendant being stronger than the last.
  • The Vampire Killer whip is always safe in the hands of a Belmont, but not everyone possesses the grace and skill to wield it effectively.
  • While there are exceptions and retconned family members, Trevor Belmont, the first to defeat Dracula in the game canon, and Julius Belmont, who killed Dracula for good, are among the strongest Belmonts in the series.



While not every game in the series stars or even features a Belmont, Castlevania is first and foremost about the Belmont clan’s eternal struggle to fight back against Count Dracula. Between the 11th century and the advent of the 21st, the Belmont family did everything they could to fight Dracula – but there is still a strongest Belmont and ways to rank them.


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Castlevania has essentially stated that each Belmont is stronger than the last, but there are exceptions to the rule. Even though each descendant is naturally stronger than their ancestor, that doesn’t mean much if they’re untrained. The Vampire Killer is always safe in the hands of a Belmont, but not everyone wields the whip with grace. It takes a little bit more analysis to figure out who the strongest Belmont is.

Updated by David Michael Kinder on November 16, 2023: Following the release of Castlevania Nocturne, you might be wondering who the strongest Belmonts were. While a few names are dropped and seen in the animated series, there’s a handful who often don’t see the limelight within the series. From obscure leads to retconned family members, there are many Belmonts whose life’s work would make their family proud.

12 Zoe and Delores Belmont

The Only Known Artwork of Zoe And Delores Belmont

There haven’t been many female Belmonts mentioned, despite the series having some female leads. Zoe and Delores Belmont appeared in the mobile game Castlevania: Order of Shadows, which isn’t canonical. They were the younger siblings of the main character, Desmond Belmont.

While their strength is unknown, both of them rush into Dracula’s Castle at the beginning of the game, and Delores can supposedly wield the Vampire Killer. In the game, they are both young, and their powers are not fully realized. They would need more screen time to even be in the running for being the strongest Belmont.

11 Leon Belmont

Leon neither fights nor defeats Dracula. Rather than being lifelong enemies, Dracula is Leon’s lifelong friend: Mathias Cronqvist. Leon’s strong enough to beat Death, if nothing else, but he doesn’t even have the Vampire Killer until the end of Lament of Innocence.

The Vampire Killer isn’t the family’s ancestral weapon yet, so the Belmonts don’t have a natural affinity for it. Leon would logically be completely untrained in the whip and would only be able to develop skills and techniques after the fact. If nothing else, the fact he survives at all speaks volumes to his competence.

10 Sonia Belmont

Sonia Belmont in Castlevania Legends

Castlevania Legends’ Sonia Belmont is explicitly non-canon these days, but that wasn’t always the case. There was a brief period of time when Sonia was actually the first Belmont altogether, the matriarch who started it all. It’s an interesting approach to an origin story, but Legends creates issues with Trevor being Alucard’s son.

Sonia was supposed to make a reappearance in Castlevania Resurrection for the Dreamcast, getting involved in a time travel plot. Given she’d more than likely survive the events of the game, Sonia making it through a Dracula fight in 1666 would actually suggest she’s considerably more powerful.

9 Trevor Belmont

As the first Belmont to fight Dracula and kill him in the video game canon, Trevor is a big deal. However, as characters like Leon, Sonia, and Gabriel enter and exit Castlevania’s revolving door of continuity problems, Trevor being the first person to beat Dracula doesn’t seem so special.

But his game is one of the best in the series, and the canon never stopped placing importance on Trevor’s feat. While the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania doesn’t let Trevor get the final hit in on Dracula, he redeems himself by defeating Death in a rather spectacular sequence.

8 Soleil Belmont

Soleil Belmont's Art from the Castlevania Belmont's Revenge Booklet

Soleil is Christopher Belmont’s son and, remarkably, one of the only Belmonts to be unplayable. In Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge, Soleil is possessed by Dracula on the day he comes of age and inherits the Belmont clan’s power.


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Logically, Soleil should be stronger than his father, and he puts up one hell of a fight, but Christopher actually manages to defeat Soleil and save him. Soleil would never get an opportunity to star in his own game (as Dracula had already been revived twice so close together), but he wouldn’t be the last Belmont to get possessed.

7 Desmond Belmont

Artwork of Desmond Belmont from the Castlevania Order of Shadows Mobile Game

The main character from Order of Shadows, Desmond Belmont, was designed to be a composite character of both Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont. He was supposed to take both of their best elements and merge them into one character, at least visually.

In terms of gameplay, Desmond is on the clunky side, but so is his game. Order of Shadows, occurring in 1660, should indicate that he’s stronger than all the Belmonts before him. However, while he is certainly more powerful than Soleil, it seems highly unlikely he’d be able to compete with Christopher’s sheer power.

6 Christopher Belmont

Christopher Belmont is simultaneously the main character of one of the best and worst Castlevania games. Castlevania: The Adventure is forgettable, whereas Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge is one of the most accessible games in the franchise, with a mix of great-level design and boss fights.

Christopher is notable for being one of the two Belmonts to defeat Dracula twice, and the first to actually succeed in doing so (Trevor being the first to actually encounter Dracula two times). Since Soleil’s possession would cast a cloud on the Belmont family, however, the events of Belmont’s Revenge were expunged from their records.

5 Sid Belmont

Sid Belmont

One of the more obscure Belmonts, Sid starred in the 1990 Choose Your Own Adventure Novel, “The Legend of Satanic Castle: The Vampire Hunters.” He exists in the same timeline as other Belmonts, such as Zoe, Delores, and Desmond. Sid has comparable strength and speed to Trevor, and he can also wield the legendary Vampire Killer.

Since each reincarnation of Dracula is more powerful than the last, Sid would have defeated a stronger version of Dracula than Trevor. Sid Belmont has been outdone by modern Belmonts, but he is still incredibly powerful.

4 Simon Belmont

Simon Belmont has headlined more games than any other character in the series. His feats also go far above most Belmonts despite the fact that he’s more or less just a really strong barbarian. He manages not only to defeat Dracula at one of his most powerful points but also revives the Count just to kill him again.

Defeating Dracula not only clears the Belmont name completely but an entire village forms around the clan because of Simon’s actions. Simon has one of the most advanced whipping techniques in the entire franchise, making him one of the strongest Belmonts.

3 Juste Belmont

Either Simon’s son or grandson, Juste is notable for being one of the few Belmonts to not only be a master whip wielder but also adept at magic. Stemming from his Belnades lineage, Juste can tap into some actual magic that few other Belmonts can. That alone makes him considerably stronger than those who came before him.


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However, Juste never actually fights Dracula, so it’s hard to tell how strong he is with the whip. Unlike Simon, who fought Dracula twice, Juste only fights a twisted, Dracula-esque demon. Nevertheless, the combination of whipsmanship and magic makes him one of the strongest Belmonts.

2 Richter Belmont

Given that Richter is known for being the “Strongest Belmont,” it perhaps goes without saying that he’s one of the strongest. Only one other Belmont outdoes him. Richter is one of the most competent Belmonts, taking out Dracula and saving his girlfriend in the process.

By the time Symphony of the Night kicks around, Richter is strong enough to give Alucard an incredibly tough fight should the tragic prince fail to lift Shaft’s curse on Richter. From there, Richter ends up losing the Vampire Killer, but there’s nothing to suggest his raw talent and strength went with it.

1 Julius Belmont

The man who killed Dracula for good in 1999, Julius may very well be the single strongest Belmont in the series. He ends up losing his memory following the Battle of 1999, but he regains his memories during the events of Aria of Sorrow and is even strong enough to fight Soma Cruz to a stalemate.

By Dawn of Sorrow, Julius is strong enough that he can kill Soma in his own exclusive (non-canon) mode that follows up on the game’s bad ending. Julius can even make use of Simon’s omnidirectional whipping in Harmony of Despair, making him the most mechanically complex Belmont there is.


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