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Pokemon Go takes little-to-no breaks when it comes to its various in-game events, hosting one after another and providing players with constant variety with the different changes they bring to the game. Quickly following the previous limited-time event, Pokemon Go will be hosting the Winter Holiday Event, a two-part celebration of the holiday season.




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The second part of this event will take place from Monday, December 25, 2023, at 10am local time to Sunday, December 31, 2023, at 8pm local time. We have updated this guide for this portion of the Winter Holiday Event, so read on to make sure you’re up to date with all the new features and bonuses that are coming with this.

Updated on December 24, 2023, by Christian Pellegrino: It’s time for this year’s Pokemon Go Winter Holiday Event, bringing several new changes and additions. Following the same format as last year’s event, it will be broken up into two different parts, one right after the other. Now that we are moving onto the second part of this event, we have updated our guide accordingly.

Pokemon Go Debuts

Psyduck in holiday attire next to two Vanillite, all in a snowy and icy area

Cetoddle And Cetitan

Cetoddle and its evolution Cetitan will be appearing in Pokemon Go for the first time with this year’s Winter Holiday Event. During this event, you will have the opportunity to encounter and catch Cetoddle in the wild and through One-Star Raids.

It will require 50 Cetoddle Candy to evolve Cetoddle into Cetitan.

Make sure to catch or transfer different Cetoddle to acquire this Candy, allowing you to complete this new Pokemon’s evolution.

Shiny Debut: Vanillite

For this year’s Winter Holiday Event, you will have the opportunity to encounter and catch Shiny Vanillite for the first time in Pokemon Go. During this event you’ll have the opportunity to encounter Vanillite in the wild and as a Field Research Task encounter.

New Costumed Pokemon

There will be brand-new costumed Pokemon coming to the game with this year’s Winter Holiday Event!

For the second portion of this event, you will be able to encounter Psyduck wearing holiday attire for the first time, found in the wild, 2 km Eggs, and as a Field Research Task encounter.

You will still be able to encounter and catch Pikachu wearing holiday attire during the second part of this event. You can find this new costumed version of Pikachu in the wild, One-Star Raids, and through Field Research Tasks throughout this event.

When evolving either of these special, costumed Pokemon, their holiday attire will stay. This will be the only way you’ll be able to acquire Raichu and Golduck wearing holiday attire.

Event Bonuses

Image of a Gift from Pokemon Go with the Pokemon Go logo to the left of it

There will be one main bonus for the second part of the Winter Holiday Event, significantly less than what has typically been offered for past Pokemon Go events.

During the days of this event, opening Gifts during this event will reward you with additional XP and Stardust. Make sure you are opening as many gifts as you can each day of this event, taking full advantage of this bonus.


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Event Research

Professor Willow with Pikachu on his shoulder, with Mew and the Pokemon Go logo next to him

Timed Research: Winter Wishes

For this Winter Holiday Event, the “Winter Wishes” Timed Research will be available to all players, free of charge.

This Timed Research will have two options when it comes to the bonus you will obtain from it, allowing you benefit from it for the entire event. You will have the option of either receiving twice the XP for catching Pokemon or twice the Stardust for catching Pokemon.

Additionally, the choice you make will determine the tasks that you will have to complete for this Timed Research.

All players, regardless of which bonus they choose, will be rewarded with various in-game items and encounters with different winter-themed Pokemon for completing the tasks for this Timed Research.

There will also be additional Paid Timed Research that can be purchased for this event. For this, there will be two different tickets that you can purchase, Ticket One, costing $2.00 USD, and Ticket Two, costing $5.00 USD.

You will have the option to buy either one of these two tickets, or both, if you would like to benefit from each of their bonuses. Details for each of these Timed Research Tickets can be found below.

With this being Timed Research, you will only have until Sunday, December 31, at 8pm local time to complete them and claim their rewards.

Ticket One

For Ticket One, there will be different rewards you will receive for each portion of the Winter Holiday Event.

When it comes to completing tasks for part one of this event, you will be rewarded with two Premium Battle Passes and encounters with event-themed Pokemon, including Spheal wearing a holiday scarf, Cryogonal, and Psyduck wearing holiday attire.

With the tasks for part two of this event, you will be rewarded with two additional Premium Battle Passes and more encounters with event-themed Pokemon. This includes Psyduck wearing holiday attire and Cubchoo wearing a holiday ribbon.

Ticket Two

For this ticket, you will have different tasks to complete throughout both portions of this event.

Completing these tasks will reward you with an event-themed Avatar Pose, twice the Candy for catching different Pokemon, and encounters with event-themed Pokemon like Pikachu wearing holiday attire, Delibird wearing a holiday ribbon, and Psyduck wearing holiday attire.

Field Research Task Encounters

There will be event Field Research Tasks available throughout the Pokemon Go Winter Holiday Event, acquired by visiting and spinning PokeStop Photo Discs. These tasks will reward you with different in-game rewards, including Abomasnow and Glalie Mega Energy.

Additionally, some of these event Field Research tasks will reward you with Pokemon encounters, allowing you to catch and obtain different event-themed Pokemon. Each of these Pokemon are provided for you below.

Event Field Research Encounters

Pikachu wearing holiday attire

Psyduck wearing holiday attire

Spheal wearing a holiday scarf

Stantler wearing a holiday outfit

Glaceon in an Undersea holiday outfit

Alolan Vulpix







Event Raids

Several Pokemon Go Raids throughout a crowded city with the Pokemon Go logo in the corner

For the Winter Holiday Event, there will be a change in the Pokemon that can be battled in Raids, all fitting the winter theme of this event. Team up with other Trainers to take on and defeat the following Raid Pokemon, earning you an encounter with them afterward.

Each of these Raid Pokemon can be found below with the specific tier of Raid they will be found in.

Raid Pokemon

Raid Tier

Pikachu wearing holiday attire


Alolan Vulpix


Cubchoo wearing a holiday ribbon








Glaceon in an Undersea Holiday outfit


Delibird wearing a holiday ribbon





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Event Wild Encounters

Four different winter-themed Pokemon and two Pokemon Go Trainers around a campfire

There will be several event-themed Pokemon found in the wild during the Winter Holiday Event, taking the place of Pokemon you typically find and encounter in your specific location.

Below you can find each of these wild encounter Pokemon that you can expect to find during this year’s Winter Holiday Event.

Event Wild Encounters

Pikachu in holiday attire

Eevee in a holiday hat

Delibird in a holiday ribbon

Cubchoo in a holiday ribbon




Galarian Darumaka







Alolan Vulpix


Psyduck in holiday attire

Event Egg Pokemon

Several different Pokemon Go Eggs and Incubators with the Pokemon Go logo above

There will be five different event-themed Pokemon that hatch from 2 km Eggs obtained during this event window. Make sure to obtain and hatch this type of Egg within the days of this event for a chance to acquire one of the following Pokemon.

The most effective way to get 2 km Eggs is by spinning different PokeStops you encounter.

  • Psyduck wearing holiday attire
  • Eevee wearing a holiday hat
  • Galarian Darumaka
  • Smoochum
  • Amaura

Eevee and Psyduck that you hatch from these Eggs will have higher chances of being Shiny.

Event Stickers And Avatar Items

Two Pokemon Go Avatars walking in the snow wearing holiday outfits

There will be several event-themed Stickers available throughout the Winter Holiday Event. You can obtain these by either opening Gifts, spinning PokeStop Photo Discs, or purchasing them at the in-game shop.

There will also be new, holiday-themed avatar items available to purchase at the in-game shop during and after the Winter Holiday Event. Each of these avatar items can be found below.

  • Cetoddle Hat
  • Delibird Onesie
  • Holiday Boots
  • Holiday Gloves
  • Holiday Sweater with Scarf


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