Best Games On PC Game Pass

There are plenty of ways to enjoy gaming on PC. For those who also have an Xbox, or at least a Microsoft account, Game Pass has a lot of well-made games for a monthly price. They aren’t just through the Xbox console though.




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PC Game Pass offers a solid library, including some top tier games that will keep you entertained for some time. It’s a collection of both newer and older games, it can be a tough choice to pick which games to try out first. Here is a look at some of the best games currently available on PC Game Pass.

10 Minecraft

The Best Survival Game

An aerial view of a Minecraft village with structures built at various elevations.

A game that has balanced a unique art style with classic survival mechanics. Minecraft is by far one of the best survival games out there, and it’s open-ended enough to be approachable to multiple age groups.

It works just as well on PC as console, and you can see the blocks in all the joyous clarity that your PC allows for too. It’s a game that you can really do what you want with, create, survive, mod; it’s all available to you.

9 Age Of Empires 4: Anniversary Addition

The Best Strategy Game

Age Of Empires IV: A Gigantic Army Spawned In With Cheats

The Age Of Empires series has been a fan favorite for strategy games for some time now, and across multiple consoles, and it’s easy to see why. Age Of Empires 4: Anniversary Addition is a game where it’s easy to sink hours upon hours into.


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There are multiple campaigns and each of them has different units and structures to master. Age Of Empires is unique in the strategy game genre for its accessibility, it often offers a challenge, but not so much so that it alienates people who just want to play it for fun.

8 Halo: Master Chief Collection

The Best Classic Xbox Experience

Master Chief surrounded by plants and grass holding a gun and aiming it at something offscreen
via 343

Halo is one of the main games that brought the hype to the original Xbox. It’s only fair then that The Master Chief Collection gathers up some of the best games in the series in one easy to play package.

It’s a fun mix of nostalgia and revamped graphics. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet played through the series, there’s never been an easier time to get ahold of this science-fiction classic FPS. The multiplayer is especially great if you have any friends you like to play on PC with.

7 Dead Space

The Best Horror Game

Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer

The 2023 remake of one of the best-selling horror games of this generation, Dead Space, was a surprise to some, but it was well-received nonetheless. It’s a fun mix of science-fiction and classic horror genre elements that lures you into a false sense of security before dashing it away.

The story of Isaac is full of emotion and confusion, which helps it stand out from some of the more bland horror games out there. There are moments in Dead Space that will stick with you for some time, even after the final credits roll.

6 Zoo Tycoon

The Best Simulator

Patrons walk through the zoo, near an exhibit and a carousel in Zoo Tycoon.

Whether you loved zoos as a kid, or you just love a good simulation game, Zoo Tycoon is available on PC Game Pass for all your zoo building needs. There’s a wide array of different animals, buildings, and decorations to make your zoo stand out from any you’ve ever seen before.

It may seem like a simple game, and it is in its approach, but it is honestly surprising how involved you can get in building the zoo of your dreams, and that’s even before you have customers involved. It’s a fun peek into classic PC games.

5 Rainbow Six: Siege

The Best Competitive Game

thatcher posing in rainbow six siege

Whether you’re a die-hard competitive gamer, or you just like to test your skills every so often, Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the most commonly played competitive games out there. Classic FPS elements, a roster of fun characters, and the ability to rise the leaderboards globally mix together into a game that feels incredibly unique.

Fans since season one and newcomers alike will feel the pressure as you join up with team after team to prove you’re the best operators out there. There’s a surprising amount of strategy to a game with such short matches, but that’s part of the fun of Siege.

4 Skyrim

The Best Fantasy Game

Protagonist fights dragon in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

You’d be amiss to leave Skyrim out of the roster of games to play on PC Game Pass. It’s been a go-to game to dive into on the Xbox and PC for some years now, and while it’s definitely fun to joke about all the things it’s been ported to, there is a reason for its longevity.

It’s a classic fantasy game that learned plenty from the earlier Elder Scrolls games. The storyline, the characters, and even the combat all mix together into a gaming experience you can’t get anywhere else. While you’re sure to play the stealth archer sooner or later, there is also plenty of replayability to tack onto it.

3 Limbo

The Best Side Scroller

Limbo - The Silhouette Spider About To Attack The Boy

A mix of puzzle, horror, and side scroller games, Limbo and its simplistic art style have drawn the eyes of many over the years. The story of a lone child as he hunts for his sister in the middle of a dark forest.


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Wolves, giant spiders, and darker things than that all stalk him. You’ll need plenty of smarts and a little patience if you want to help this boy along his journey, but the silent storyline is well-worth your time.

2 Insurgency: Sandstorm

The Best Realistic FPS

insurgency heavily modded m110 being aimed by security player in golden hour

Few games do as well to embody the hectic nature of war like Insurgency: Sandstorm does. Screams, bullets whizzing by, and your screen blurring as explosions happen in the distance all work to make a gaming experience that is nearly a horror game at some time.

Realism is the name of the game in Insurgency, and no matter if you want to play a match against bots or against fellow players there are sure to be intense situations that will leave you dumbfounded. A handful of maps, and plenty of weapons allow for a fun amount of customization to keep you fighting for some time.

1 Dishonored

The Best Stealth Game

Corvo from Dishonored stealthing around with his sword in hand

Verging on classic status, Dishonored takes you to the city of Dunwall, but not for anything good. A classic revenge story is painted in a dreary color palette as you play out the game as Corvo Attano.

This game is the first of a series of heavy-hitters in the stealth genre.

Once you start diving into the open-ended maps and different powers that Corvo has you won’t be able to turn your PC off. It’s a surprisingly heartfelt look into the mind of an assassin in a world that doesn’t want him to succeed. But what more would you expect from Bethesda and Arcane studios.


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