All Spring Of The First Dewdrop Locations In Genshin Impact

Collecting materials is one of the most time-consuming activities in Genshin Impact. That is especially true when it comes to collecting local specialties like Spring of the First Dewdrop, which are region-locked materials that characters like Navia need to reach new ascension phases.




Genshin Impact: Ascension Materials For Navia

Here are all the materials you’ll need to upgrade both Navia and her talents in Genshin Impact.

There are only 72 Spring of the First Dewdrop you can collect, and they are all located in the Morte region of Fontaine. While they are very close to one another, the tricky part is that they are underwater. That makes navigating to find them slightly more tedious than it is to hunt for materials on land.

Some markers on the map show the location of two or more Dewdrops, in all instances where they are too close to mark them separately.

Spring Of The First Dewdrop In Morte Region

A map of the Morte Region (underwater) showcasing the different locations of the Fontaine Local Specialty Spring of the First Dewdrop in Genshin Impact

Begin by fast traveling to the Teleport Waypoint that is just south of the Tower of Gestalt, and turn your camera east to see the first three Dewdrops.

Two of them are over a glowing blue coral, and a third one is just a little further down by another coral of the same color.

Return to the Waypoint and head west to find two more Dewdrops over a wad of blue algae.

There are another two Dewdrops that can be found by swimming upward and then even further west; they are inside a Huge Shell by the ruins.

Next, swim north while heading deeper down, and you will find three more Dewdrops at the bottom of the ruin’s broken bridge. Then, swim east to find another two at the end of a similar broken bridge structure.

Continue swimming east to find the next four Dewdrops, then turn west once more and start swimming along the cliff’s edge as if you were descending it in a wide spiral.

Each of the big flower-like algae will have up to four Dewdrops along its surface, so you can collect most of them by following this pattern.

First, you will find four on one of the flowers where three pink Angelic Sea Hares and a Xenochromatic Blubberbeast are playing. Then, you will find five across three of the large flowers, by two Bubbly Seahorses.

Further down and north, you will find five more spread across three of the large flowers where an Armored Crab and two Hunter’s Rays dwell, while you will find another lone one on one of those same flowers a little further north.

There are two “routes” you can take once you have reached this point. You can either deep dive to the ocean floor to hunt several Dewdrops that surround the Sealed Ruined Tower area or continue on a big arc east to collect another handful.

Regardless of the route you choose, there are a few other Dewdrops to collect a little further away from this area.

Pick them up by fast traveling to the Teleport Waypoint north of the tower and then heading southeast to grab two and another one a little further out.

You will probably end up doing both, as you will need about 168 of these to ascend a character, and you can only collect 72 of them in a day.

Separating them in that way just makes each route flow more seamlessly than trying to go back and forth collecting Dewdrops all over the place.

Outward Route

The route outward requires you to swim east and up. You will find two Dewdrops among some blue algae on the cliff right in front of your last location on the flower with the singular Dewdrop; then, you will find three more atop two of the big flowers.

Next, you will have to swim sharply upward and further east to find two more Dewdrops next to a Xenochromatic Hat Jellyfish.

Downward Route

There is no singular ideal starting point for this route; you can take a sharp turn down from any point where you can see the Sealed Ruined Tower at the bottom.

Assuming you are in the same position where the routes split into two, you will find a dewdrop by some pink corals after swimming directly downward.

Then you can continue by swimming west to find another two Dewdrops just floating there, another two inside a Huge Shell right next to those, and a last lone Dewdrop by another pink Coral.

Then, keep swimming forward, and note that as you follow the way this area curves around the Sealed Ruined Tower, you will be swimming pretty much in a spiral as before, except this one goes upward.

There are another four Dewdrops nearby; two inside another Huge Shell and two right by it.

Continue swimming while sticking to that outer edge, and you will encounter another Huge Shell with two Dewdrops inside.

This time, it will be at the base of a cliffside, and you will want to stick to this upward curve as you keep swimming, as you will find another two Huge Shells up there, with two Dewdrops each.

Lastly, take another dive down the edge of the cliff, right after you see the Xenochromatic Octopi, and collect the final two Dewdrops in this area.


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