How To Add Your Own Music To GTA 5.

Let’s customize our radio a little and diversify it with our own music.

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While cruising through the adventurous streets of Los Santos in your car in GTA 5, you might want to make your journey even more exciting. This is where the in-game radio comes into play, allowing you to enjoy a variety of music, including the iconic “Gimme More” by Britney Spears.




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After a while, you may get bored with the music you listen to. Thankfully, you can further customize the radio by adding their own music to the game. So, let’s examine how to add custom radio music in GTA 5 or GTA Online.

How To Add Your Own Music To GTA 5

Franklin switches on his car radio.

Ready to start jamming to your own tunes? Adding music to your game is only available for PC players as you’ll need access to your game’s files.

Adding your own music to the radio works in both GTA 5 and GTA Online. However, other online players will not be able to hear your added music in GTA 5 Online.

Add Music Files To Game Folder

Music files are being transferred to the local files of GTA 5.

To add your own music to the game, you’re going to have to follow these steps in your game files:

  1. Open your “My Documents” folder. You can find this by accessing the Documents library from Windows Explorer.
  2. Head to the “Rockstar Gamesfolder and enter it.
  3. Locate and open the “GTAVfolder.
  4. Find the “User Music” folder and enter it. If such a file does not exist, you need to create one.
  5. Add your non-DRM’ed MP3s, WMAs, or M4As music files that you would like to add to the Self Radio station into this folder.

The number of music you add to the game must be at least four, otherwise, these steps will not work, and you will not be able to activate your own radio station.

Activate Your Custom Radio Station In Game

Settings are being made in the GTA 5 menu to recognize music transferred to local files.

After adding the music files, the process is not completely finished. You will need to open the game’s setting and follow these additional steps for the game to recognize your files.

  1. While in Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA Online, open the Pause Menu.
  2. Open the Settings Tab.
  3. Select Audio.
  4. Find Self Radio Mode here and ensure that Radio is selected next to it. This step allows you to play your music from your own radio station.
  5. Enable the Auto-Scan for Music option located just below.
  6. Finally, select Perform Quick Scan and press Enter. The magic happens, and you’re good to go.


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