How To Improve Empathy In The Sims 4 Parenthood

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Every parent raises their child in hopes that they will become empathetic and compassionate adults. But that’s sadly not always the case. Much like real life, children in The Sims 4 can grow up to be insensitive if they aren’t taught to care for others.




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With the addition of The Sims 4: Parenthood expansion pack, child Sims are assessed for five character values: Responsibility, Empathy, Conflict Resolution, Manners, and Emotional Control. These values are calculated on a spectrum based on their actions throughout childhood, and they may result in certain traits (both favorable and unfavorable) being assigned to your Sim as they age up to an adult.

What Is Empathy In The Sims 4?

Two child Sims hug in The Sims 4

Empathy is a character value for child Sims that measures the degree to which the Sim cooperates with and holds respect for other Sims. Reactive, rude, or violent child Sims will see a decrease in their Empathy score. Children who comfort others, volunteer, and inquire about others’ feelings will have a higher Empathy score.

Traits Resulting From Empathy

The way child Sims behave and receive discipline in childhood has a real impact on their adult selves. Children who are never taught to empathize with others may grow up to lack kindness and care for others. Similarly, children who are encouraged to show empathy will be inclined to do the same in adulthood.

The embodiment of character values such as Empathy are recorded in-game in horseshoe-shaped scales, which can be viewed in your Sim’s personality panel. If your Sim is extremely insufficient or extremely sufficient in the Empathy category, your Sim may be awarded one of these traits:



Sims with the Compassionate trait unlock unique social interactions that can be used to comfort fellow Sims.

Compassionate Sims become upset when commanded to use Mean actions.

Sims with the Insensitive trait can question the authenticity and motives behind fellow Sims’ emotions, then use the Instigate command to force other Sims to become upset.

Insensitive Sims will always have poor social interactions with those having negative emotions.

How To Improve Empathy In Your Child Sim

A child Sim plays with the doctor playset in The Sims 4

Empathy is one of the more difficult character values to improve, as there are only a few opportunities when a Sim can exercise Empathy. Child Sims will need to seize moments where other Sims feel unhappy in order to practice most Empathy-building actions. Using the Doctor’s Kit and volunteering are the only ways for children to build Empathy on their own.

Children with the Good trait will find it easier to build empathy.

The following actions can be used to improve your child Sim’s empathy:

  • Volunteer as a family
  • Play with the Doctor Playset
  • Ask about other Sims about their mood
  • Calm Down, Cheer Up, and Console other Sims


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