The 10 Best Jobs In Final Fantasy

While there is a lot to love about the Final Fantasy series, one thing that many dedicated fans call out over and over is the job system featured in a few games. Being able to choose how your characters fight and grow adds a shocking amount of depth to basic RPGs.




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Thanks to the love for the job system, it only makes sense that a few classes within that system would stand out for one reason or another. It could be argued that you see the various classes across every game of the series, even if only a few allow you to implement them, meaning Final Fantasy shows off tons of unique job classes.

10 Black Mage

Black magic is one of the most important parts of a Final Fantasy game, something that makes the Black Mage job class vital to your success in most games. Dealing with powerful magics, a competent black mage will go from casting a simple fire spell to obliterating their foes with something like a meteor or ultima.

The original Black Mage from the very first Final Fantasy on the NES may be the most iconic form of the character, but there have been many important renditions of the class. Final Fantasy 9’s Vivi and Final Fantasy 10’s Lulu are two of the most famous dedicated Black Mage characters in the series.

9 Dragoon

The Dragoon job class is often seen as one of the coolest in the Final Fantasy series for some reason. Often seen as agile and dynamic fighters, Dragoons tend to utilize spears or other long weapons to dominate their foes on the battlefield.

With plenty of special abilities to call upon depending on the version of the character, it’s never a bad idea to have a Dragoon on your team. Final Fantasy 4’s Kain Highwind, 7’s Cid Highwind, 9’s Freya Crescent, and 10’s Kimahri Ronso are all recognizable Dragoons from the series.

8 Warrior

Originally known as the Fighter class, Warriors stand as the prime example of the standard all-rounder of the group. They are often some of the most reliable members of the team, with great damage output potential and the ability to absorb a lot of damage.


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Two of Final Fantasy’s edgiest anime boys can be considered to be warriors, with Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife and 8’s Squall Lionheart standing out as great examples of the job class. There’s a reason why, despite the class being simplistic, so many people still want to call themselves a warrior.

7 White Mage

It’s no secret that magic is incredibly important to the Final Fantasy series, and the White Mage job class might be the most important. The healer of the group, the White Mage is the best job to heal the wounded, cure ailments, and battle against the undead.

Notable White Mages from the series are Final Fantasy 7’s Aerith Gainsborough, 9’s Dagger, and 10’s Yuna. Solid support is a key to success across the series, which is what makes the White Mage job class a must-have regardless of which game you’re playing.

6 Monk

While the Monk job class may initially seem like one of the more forgotten about in the series, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With Final Fantasy 4’s Yang, 6’s Sabin, 7’s Tifa Lockhart, and so many other great examples, it’s not often you go too long without a Monk in your party.

These characters are often capable of dishing out some of the highest physical damage attacks out of any member of your group. Often possessing the ability to perform special attacks, buff allies, and even occasionally heal, Monks are one of the most varied and best job classes out there.

5 Blue Mage

The Blue Mage job class is one of the more bizarre in the series because this class actually relies on learning abilities from the enemies you face. Both Strago and Gau from Final Fantasy 6 could be seen as a Blue Mage, with others like 8’s Quistis Trepe, 9’s Quina Quen, and 10’s Kimahri Ronso all serving the same role in part.

The beauty of this job class is that it can be as weak or as strong as you want it to be. Its power depends on your ability to seek out the various abilities the blue mages are capable of inheriting.

4 Ninja

Pretty much anyone who plays video games can agree that Ninjas are cool, and that’s no different in the Final Fantasy series. Being speedy fighters who are often able to throw weapons for critical damage (along with other special abilities), Ninjas are always useful in fights as one of the best jobs.

Final Fantasy 4’s Edge, 6’s Shadow, and 7’s Yuffie Kisaragi all bring something unique to the Ninja class, though the earlier versions of the class have plenty of unique twists. Some Ninjas can use magic, others are capable of simple stealing, but all of them are awesome to use.

3 Red Mage

Despite the Red Mage being a much more forgotten-about job class than many of the others throughout the series, it’s still one of the best jobs to play. Combining the abilities of White Mages and Dark Mages into one being with better attack options was a stroke of genius.


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The magic and attacks that Red Mages have may not be as impressive as individual classes, but it’s the dynamism that makes them a draw. A named example of a dedicated Red Mage from the main series would be Tellah from Final Fantasy 4.

2 Thief

The fact that a considerable number of Final Fantasy’s main protagonists have been thieves makes the job class a great option. Associated with speed, adventure, and the ability to pick-pocket enemies, thieves are capable of snagging ultra-rare items from foes.

Some of the most notable thieves from the series are Final Fantasy 6’s Locke Cole, 9’s Zidane Tribal, 10’s Rikku, and 12’s Vaan. Living for adventure, these characters are some of the most likable and interesting by far, and that’s even taking their quieter and sadder moments into account.

1 Summoner

The devastation that summoners are capable of makes them the perfect addition to each and every team in Final Fantasy. It’s no surprise that almost everyone who’s played the series loves at least one character capable of summoning massive monsters to fight for your team.

Final Fantasy 4’s Rydia, 9’s Dagger and Eiko, and 10’s Yuna are all beloved summoners from across the series. The characters tend to go through interesting character arcs that see their confidence and their power grow as they learn who they truly are as a person.


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