Best Hidden Gems On Xbox Game Pass

At this point, everyone and their pet has heard of Xbox Game Pass. Considering how easy it is to get into, your pet might even be playing something on Game Pass, right now. And while it can be easy to appreciate the value of Game Pass for all the big new AAA releases, some of the smaller games can slip under the radar.




10 Hidden Gems On Steam

There are a lot of great games on Steam, so here are some hidden gems you may have missed.

Here, we have a plethora of genuinely great games that you might have never heard of, or acclaimed indie games you may not have been aware were available Game Pass, hidden within its labyrinthine library. Let’s dive into a few of the hidden gems that you can find in the current slate of releases.

We’ve also added the genre for each game as stated by Xbox as well as how accurate we find it.

10 Cassette Beasts – PC And Xbox

Kayleigh, Meredith stand beside each other at the cafe in Cassette Beasts

  • Genre – RPG & Action-Adventure
  • Pretty accurate genres here

Cassette Beasts is a game that falls somewhere between an old Square Enix RPG, and Pokemon. Which honestly sounds like a perfectly natural fit when you think about it. The twist here is that rather than capturing your enemies, you take their abilities instead. In cassette tape form.

If you’ve ever used a Pokemon fusion generator online, this game is for you. Any two companions can fuse together to create a unique cassette monster with new abilities. Plus, many of the monsters you record can be used to explore the world too. It’s lots of classic ideas in a more modern form.

9 Dordogne – PC

A shot from Dordogne showing three characters sitting in a sunny spot on the grass
Source: Steam

  • Genre – Other
  • That’s vague. In reality, it’s closest to a Walking Simulator

Painting is one of the oldest and most universal artistic practices in the world. From ancient cave paintings to modern digital art, the act of artistic expression and the medium in which it is achieved is eternal. In the case of France, watercolour paintings were at a point one of its most common forms, an art form exemplified in the indie game Dordogne.


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Set within the self-same region, Dordogne follows the adventures of Mimi as she remembers her past. The gameplay is simple, but the artstyle is core to the themes. It is the past, at times smeared and abstract, but always beautiful and abstract.

8 Venba – PC And Xbox

Venba family eating together

  • Genre – Puzzle & Trivia
  • It’s a short and sweet Cooking game

In much of the world, food can be seen as a commodity. A simple fact of life, no matter where you live, you need to eat. It can taste great, you can enjoy it, but many people probably don’t really think about it. For immigrant families, food often becomes a lifeline to home, one of the few things you can recreate to stay connected with your roots.

That’s what Venba is all about. It focuses on Indian cooking, introducing it to you lovingly if you’re not from the region, and offering you some respite if you connect with it. It is a short adventure, but one that explores how food goes past just the sustenance of the body, into the sustenance of the soul too.

7 Toem – PC And Xbox

The Observatory in Toem

  • Genre – Action-Adventure
  • It’s a Photography game

While artistic expression is something we all strive for, it can be something harder to achieve in the AAA space. New art styles require taking a risk that may not pay off, so it’s important to highlight unique ones. And Toem sure does have an astoundingly gorgeous style.

Set on a multitude of island dioramas, you play as a little guy who just wants to take some pictures. The game is viewed from an isometric angle until you whip out your camera for some stylish first-person shots. It’s a wonderful little adventure that lets you make some art of your own.

6 Disc Room – PC

Disc Room Red Discs

  • Genre – Action-Adventure
  • Closer to a Roguelite

Disc Room is a game with a wonderfully simplistic title and a decidedly more complex story. You are a scientist set to explore Jupiter after the appearance of a giant disc. Filled with discs. Disc rooms, if you will. It’s fairly self-explanatory, honestly.


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Disc Room feels like a cross between Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy. Isometric and filled with instant death, Disc Room will test your reflexes, but let you back into the action just as quickly as you fall. It’s an enjoyable little loop that pushes you to do better each time, and it’s a credit to the Game Pass library.

5 Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery – PC And Xbox

Frog Detective holding a lantern

  • Genre – Action-Adventure, RPG, & Other
  • That’s a lot, but it’s a Mystery game

Have you ever thought about becoming a frog? No? Fair enough. Maybe you’ve considered how effective a frog would be as a detective! Oh, not that either? Alright well, it doesn’t matter anyway, because Frog Detective answers those questions for you – and the answer is also a resounding ‘no’.

Frogs do not make great deducers, even if you give them a stylish turtleneck and an office of their own. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying their best. Discover mystifying plots that would be obvious to a real detective, and get largely accusatory towards likely innocent civilians who must be wondering who made a frog into a detective anyway.

4 Citizen Sleeper – PC And Xbox

citizen sleeper character looking at flying aircraft and buildings

  • Genre – Action-Adventure & RPG
  • Everything is an Action-Adventure game in the eyes of Xbox

Labour rights are one of the most important things that exists for workers in the modern world, and something we cannot be willing to give up. Unions and labour rights have given us so many of the freedoms we take for granted, and without them, we will end up approaching an interstellar existence not unlike that depicted in Citizen Sleeper.


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Your body is not yours, and your life is not yours to live. You are a product of a corporation, and you are their property. You can do your job, or you can realise that you deserve freedom. With an immaculate artstyle and gameplay inspired by TTRPGs, Citizen Sleeper is no longer asking a question – it is demanding you free yourself from corporate control.

3 Genesis Noir – PC

No Man faces an archway leading to a tree glowing in the distance

  • Genre – Action-Adventure, Puzzles & Trivia, & Other

Genesis Noir is a game that understands the value of a good title. It gives you everything you need to know about the game right off the bat. Witness the universe from its most abstract, an expanse that stretches past time to all of existence continuous existence, illuminated by shadow and personified by acts of creation.

So we’ve covered the Genesis part. The Noir is even more obvious. Black and white and styled all over, Genesis Noir takes after Noir films, long trenchcoats, deep blacks and jazzy bars, all in cosmic adventure trapped in a love triangle.

2 Opus: Echo Of Starsong – PC And Xbox

Opus Echo of Starsong Screenshot

  • Genre – Action-Adventure, RPG, & Other
  • It’s actually closer to a puzzle game with resource management

Opus: Echo of Starsong is a beautiful game. That goes beyond just its artstyle, but in how fully it expresses itself. Like all forms of art, music lets us express ourselves, our song voice carrying emotions in a way that surpasses the language barrier. When the stars themselves sing back to you, that emotiveness is all the more potent.

Opus is intentionally simple in much of its gameplay, focusing on light puzzles and on upgrading systems so that its characters, and especially music, can speak for it. It is a game that knows the value of sound and how it can resonate even when you don’t have the words for it.

1 Norco – PC And Xbox

Horse and shadowy figure in the Batture swamp location in Norco

  • Genre – Action-Adventure
  • In reality, this is a Point-And-Click Mystery game.

Where many make a mistake in creating fictional worlds is detaching themselves too far from reality. There is nothing to cling to, a fictional world that bears no trademarks of reality. Norco combats this, taking place in a surreal rendition of Louisiana, America that shows how the real world can lead to the future, even if the world it depicts isn’t completely analogous to reality.

A point-and-click adventure that truly understands the genre, Norco starts as a more simple tale of finding your missing brother but spirals to something much larger without ever losing sight of what defines its themes. The world is dying, but that doesn’t mean the smaller stories in it need to die too.


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