How To Become A DJ In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 lets Sims study just about every skill under the sun, from Vampire Lore to Gourmet Cooking. Now, Sims can take on the undeniably cool hobby known as DJ Mixing. Whether spinning tracks in their mom’s basement or at the hottest club in San Myshuno, DJ Mixing is the skill your Sim will need to start laying down sick beats.




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Believe us — a lot more goes into DJ Mixing than just pressing play. Your Sim will need to put in the hard work to learn the ins and outs of being behind the booth. We’ve rounded up all the info you’ll need to take on the hottest Simlish tracks and make a name for your Sim.

What Is The Sims 4 DJ Mixing Skill?

A feminine Sim in the sims 4 with medium-length red shaggy hair smiles excitedly as she enters a nightclub.

With the addition of The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack in 2015, players were offered a brand-new skill: DJ mixing. Complete with turntables, futuristic ensembles, and fog machines, your Sim can now command the dance floor with their top-notch tunes.

While it isn’t the most lucrative skill, DJ Mixing offers Sims the opportunity to gradually build their talent, customize their own DJ booth, license mix tapes, and gain the +1 “I’m a DJ” Moodlet while spinning tracks.

Like other skills, the DJ Mixing skill unlocks new interactions between Sims. The “Get Hyped” action gives Sims listening to a DJ a +1 Happy “Bumpin’ Beats” Moodlet. Alternatively, the “Feel the Crowd” action grants DJs the ability to cause Moodlets on Sims who are listening or dancing, making them Flirty, Dazed, Energized, or Confident.

How To Buy And Customize Your DJ Booth

In four quadrants, four different DJ booths from the Sims 4 are displayed.

The first step toward becoming a world-renowned DJ is to buy a DJ booth! You can find four DJ booths in Buy Mode, varying in price and quality.

The two more affordable booths, the Turn-Table-Top Tote and the Wub Tub Electromagnetic, are portable, so they can be taken to all of your Sim’s gigs, such as house parties.

The two higher-end DJ booths, the Low-Fi Mobil and the Quantum Retro, are stationary booths, but they are much more visually attractive than the others and can be used at nightclubs.

We recommend starting your Sim with the Turn-Table-Top Tote DJ Booth — it’s no frills, but it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Make your Sim’s DJ booth unique to them by taking advantage of booth upgrades! Below, we’ve listed each DJ booth upgrade, what it does, and the DJ Mixing level you’ll need to make it happen.

Upgrade Name

Level Needed


Dynamic Surge Protection


Keeps your DJ booth from breaking down

Advanced Heat Sink


Prevents fires from starting in your booth

Plasma Display


Adds an LED screen to the front of your DJ booth

Particle Generator


Adds fog and lasers to your DJ booth



Causes televisions near your booth to sync up to the music

How To Build The DJ Mixing Skill

A feminine Sim in sims 4 stands flirtatiously wearing an earth-toned casual outfit and long locs. Behind her, clubgoers dance in large groups.

Learning how to DJ is all about practice, practice, practice. Unlike many skills in The Sims 4, your Sim can’t learn about DJ Mixing from a skill book. They’ll have to get in the booth and practice where it counts. To build the skill, just select your Sim’s DJ booth and command them to practice mixing.

Once your Sim reaches level two, they will be able to play music for other Sims and watch as they dance. Don’t be surprised if some of the listeners are put off by their scratchy tunes; your Sim will get better at the DJ Mixing skill over time.

The DJ Mixing skill will build faster if your Sim mixes while feeling Inspired. Using the molding clay, taking a thoughtful shower, and viewing art on the computer are easy ways to get your Sim Inspired quickly.

As your Sim’s skill grows, they unlock new genres, interactions, clothing, and upgrades:




Sims can practice DJing in private spaces using a DJ booth


Sims gain the ability to play Groovin’ and Machine genres for other Sims, who can dance to the beat


Sims can now discuss DJ techniques with other Sims and play the Chip Tune genre


Sims gain the ability to play the Chill Out genre


Sims gain the ability to play the Breakbeats genre


Sims can now play remixes, upgrade their DJ booth with Dynamic Surge Protection and Advanced Heat Sink, and use the Get Hyped interaction


Sims can now play the House genre and use the Plasma Display and Particle Generator upgrades


Sims can make mix-o-lot tapes, play the Hip Hop genre, and upgrade a DJ booth using Telesplosion


Sims gain the ability to play the Drum & Bass genre and make Wiki-Wiki and Scratch ‘n Switch mix tapes


Sims can now Feel the Crowd, play the Noise music genre, make Digital Era, Party Hardy, and Electrical Utsu mix tapes, and wear the Robo-Helmet

If you need to quickly build the DJ Mixing skill, and you don’t have time to do it the traditional way, feel free to use this cheat to make things a bit speedier.

  1. Open the cheat box by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C on PC or Cmd+Shift+C on Mac
  2. Enable cheats by typing “testingcheats true” into the cheat box and pressing enter
  3. Type “stats.set_skill_level major_djmixing (number 1-10)” into the box and press enter

How To Become A DJ In The Sims 4

The DJ Robo Helmet item from sims 4 is shown over a pink starburst and purple background.

Now, your Sim can go forth and use their newfound skills to make a name for themselves as a DJ. Once you’ve increased your Sim’s DJ Mixing skill to a level two or higher, have your Sim head to a nightclub to try out some tracks on the dance floor.

There will likely already be a DJ manning the booth once your Sim gets there, keeping them from making their debut. You can wait until the DJ is done performing (around 4am in Sim time) or distract the DJ by kicking off a conversation, and then swooping in.

If the crowd is feeling your tracks, they’ll offer your Sim tips, offering §20 at a time. Make more money by licensing your Sim’s mix tapes, which will earn you royalties ranging from §800 to §1500 throughout the week. Just create a mixtape using the DJ booth, then use the mailbox to license it.


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