How To Build The Robotics Skill In The Sims 4 Discover University

The possibilities for all your Sims can do and learn seem endless in The Sims 4. Especially when you start to dive into the world of DLC, you will find it very hard to get bored. With every expansion, there is always a new place to go, someone new to meet, or a new learning challenge for your Sims.




The Sims 4: How To Build And Use The Programming Skill

Whether you are looking to hack trust funds or develop mobile games, here is how to learn and use the Programming skill in The Sims 4.

The Discover University expansion pack added some fun elements to the mix. Among them is the opportunity to pursue a degree to improve your Sim’s career prospects. But that’s not all; this expansion also added the Robotics skill, a unique activity your Sims can engage in to either make some handy assistants for their home, make money, or just nerd out with other Sims.

How To Learn The Robotics Skill

An image split in two showcasing two scenes in The Sims 4. On the left, a female Sim is seen smiling kind of smugly while holding a book in her hand. On the right, the same female Sim is welding something with one hand while holding a welding mask to her face with the other hand.

As opposed to other more common skills, the Robotics skill is not something a Sim will just randomly learn through doing everyday tasks.

There are two ways for them to learn, but both of them require player input. You can have your Sim read a Robotics skill book or have them engage directly with Dr. F’s Official Robotics Workstation.

There is virtually no difference between these options in terms of learning and raising your Sim’s skill points. The price difference is quite steep, though, so if you’re learning on a budget, you might want to start by getting your Sim a book.

Dr. F’s workstation has a cost of §1,100, while skill books are in the ballpark of §75 per book. The difference between these two options is truly incomparable.

Sims can begin learning this skill from childhood. A child can learn the Robotics skill after mastering the Mental fundamental. However, they cannot use Dr. F’s workstation, so if you want your child to learn this skill, you will have to use the reading method.

You will need to purchase skill books to use them. You can do this by interacting with any bookshelf and selecting Purchase Books. There is also a handy filter that will allow you to narrow down your search to just skill books.

It is also worth keeping in mind that your Sims will only be able to read the first volume of any skill book for most of their early development of the skill.

Trying to read other volumes that are more advanced will confuse your Sims, and they will not learn anything.

How To Level Up The Robotics Skill

A female Sim is seen tinkering at the Robotics Workstation in The Sims 4, a banner showing she has just advanced to Skill Level 3 is overlapping the image..

Leveling up the Robotics skill is quite simple, all you need to do is make sure your Sim practices the skill frequently.

The progress markers for the Robotic Skill are the same as all other skills, which means you gain a new point each time you fill the progress bar that appears above the Sim’s head as you practice.

Both reading the Robotics skill books and practicing with Dr. F’s Official Robotics Workstation will yield the same results in terms of skill progress for leveling up as well.

Another way to level up this skill is to join the Bot Savants, a Foxbury Organization dedicated to giving your Sim a few boosts when they pursue the Robotics skill.

Like all college organizations, you will have to work on moving up the ranks to obtain benefits, so it can actually be a little more time-consuming to join.

Nevertheless, if you are pursuing a career in Computer Science, Physics, or Villainy, the benefits of extra credit might outweigh the extra work of ranking up in the organization.

Rewards For Leveling Up The Robotics Skill

Azure Cleaner Bot, an utiliti-bot in The Sims 4.

Every time you level up your Sim’s Robotics skill, you will “unlock” certain benefits. Most of these benefits will be related to your Sim’s skill proficiency, and each new level will expand the list of things they can craft or give them the ability to upgrade these craftables.

This is what you will earn with each new level:


Skill Upgrade


Sims can purchase Robot Salvage Parts on the computer or find them on electronic waste.


Sims can craft RC Quadcopter, Computer Chips, and Mechanisms using the Robotics workstation.


Sims can craft the Cleaner-Bot.


Sims can craft Party-Bot.


Sims can craft Gardener-Bot.


Sims can craft Fixer-Bot.


Sims can craft Robo-Arms.


Sims can craft Servos.


Sims can enhance Servos with Sim Defence Matrix Behavior Module.


Sims can enhance Servos with RoboNanny Behavior Module.

Crafting On The Robotics Workstation

A list of materials needed for crafting a robot in The Sims 4.

Simply unlocking craftables is not enough to be able to make robots. You will often need to procure different pieces of equipment if you want to make something advanced.

Sims can craft Computer Chips and Mechanisms by themselves, but other parts like Robot Salvage Parts, Plumbing Upgrade Parts, and Common Upgrade Parts will need to be procured elsewhere.

The easiest way to get your hands on these parts is to buy them by using a computer.

All you have to do is interact with it and choose the Order option, then choose Purchase Upgrade Parts to be taken to the list of parts available for purchase. The other way to get these parts for free is to repair things around your lot.

Dazed Moodlet And Risk Of Death By Electrocution

A shot of a female Sim under the effects of the Dazed moodlet after being electrocuted.

Working with electricity is risky, and that has often been a theme in all Sims games. While the Sims 4 all but eliminated the risk of being instantly fried to death by botching a repair job, your Sims can still very much experience electric shock while experimenting with Robotics.

Being inexperienced sometimes plays a part in whether a Sim is electrocuted, but it is often completely random regardless of skill.

If your Sim happens to be electrocuted, you will acquire the Dazed moodlet and will need to take a break from working on Robotics projects for at least as long as the moodlet lasts. Otherwise, you might risk death by electrocution.

Robotics Careers

The jobs window in The Sims 4 showcasing the details for the Engineer career.

While there is no career in Robotics, a Computer Science degree will require your Sims to learn this skill. The Robotics skill is also partially tied to the Engineer career, with some of the career’s daily tasks being related to tinkering at the Robotics Workstation.

Robotics is essentially a sister skill of Programming, and your Sim will have to learn both to successfully pursue a career that emphasizes this skill, both as a degree and professionally. Another good skill to add to your roster to make your Sims’ life easier is the handiness skill.

Engineer Career Robotics Craftables

The ExoMech Helmet and ExoMech Suit in The Sims 4.

Some of the rewards for the Engineer career also require that you are proficient in Robotics, as you will only be able to craft these things in the Robotics Workstation.

There are several rewards for the regular path, as well as unique rewards for the Mechanical Engineer and Computer Engineer paths, respectively:

Regular Path

Mechanical Engineer

Computer Engineer

Experimental Motivators for Party, Study, Tidy, and Energy.

ExoMech Helmet and ExoMech Suit.

Computer Glasses.

Making Money With The Robotics Skill

A female Sim making it pour in front of the Robotics Workstation where she just crafted a utiliti-bot in The Sims 4.

Whenever your Sim crafts anything, chances are they can sell it for profit. Robotics craftables are no different, and they are actually quite lucrative.

These craftables are often very costly to make, even without taking into account the costs of parts, so all in all, the relationship between expense and profit is more or less the same as with other craftables.

Robots are just a way to spend more but earn more in return much faster.

For example, Utiliti-bots usually cost around §1,500 to make when you already have all the parts, and their selling price is §3,500. If you don’t have all the necessary parts beforehand, your profit will be less than 100 percent.


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