Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy In The Sims 4

What’s better than a Sim? A baby Sim! The Sims 4 invites you to live out the full life cycle of a Sim (and beyond), including raising children and playing as infants. Just as in real life, Sim pregnancies are wild rollercoasters that will forever change your Sim’s legacy.




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While pregnancies don’t last long, they are packed with special interactions and memorable moments, all before welcoming your Sim’s new baby arrives in the world. Here’s your full guide on what to expect when your Sim is expecting!

How To Get A Sim Pregnant

Two Sims engage in WooHoo under the covers. A notification box in the corner congratulates the Sim on her pregnancy.

Making your Sim’s dreams of parenthood to life, complete with morning sickness, irritability, and weird cravings. Bringing the joys of pregnancy to your Sim is easy as long as you know how to get there.

WooHoo With Another Sim

We never imagined we’d be telling you about the birds and the bees, but yes, babies come from WooHoo.

When having regular WooHoo with another Sim, there’s a small chance that it will result in pregnancy. If you want to improve those odds, command your Sim to “Try For Baby” with another Sim.

If you don’t see the option for “Try For Baby” with another Sim, ensure your Sim has a 40 percent romantic relationship with them. Your Sim has an 80 percent chance of getting pregnant from this interaction.

Increase your Sim’s fertility by getting a fertility massage, purchasing the Fertile reward trait, drinking the elixir of fertility, or using the On Ley Line lot trait.

Have your Sim take a pregnancy test by selecting the toilet for the low cost of ยง15. If it doesn’t stick the first time, you can always try again!

You can use Create A Sim to edit who can become pregnant/get others pregnant without changing your Sim’s gender, enabling feminine-presenting Sims to impregnate others and masculine-presenting Sims to become pregnant.

Get Abducted By Aliens

Why not accept a little baby alien into your home? When male Sims are abducted by aliens, they may return with the “Weird Tummy Ache” moodlet, represented by an orange pacifier. Congrats, he’s expecting! You can increase your chances of getting abducted by:

  • Going outside between 10:00 PM and 4:00 PM.
  • Reaching level seven of the Logic skill and searching for truth in the observatory.
  • Being a Scientist and contacting aliens via satellite dish.

If none of these work, you can also use the MC Command Center mod to cheat an alien pregnancy in male or female Sims.

Use A Pregnancy Cheat

When in doubt, cheat! Instead of waiting around for your Sim to get knocked up, take matters into your own hands by using this simple cheat. You can command your Sim to have one to seven babies using this cheat (that’s a lot of diapers!).

  1. Find your Sim’s ID number and use this where the cheat prompts you to.
  2. Open the cheat box (Ctrl + Shift + C for Windows, Command+Shift+C for Mac, and press all bumpers for console).
  3. Enable cheats by typing “testingcheats true” into the cheat box.
  4. Type “pregnancy.force_offspring_count [Sim ID] [number of babies wanted]” into the cheat box

You can also use the MC Command Center to alter many things about fertility and pregnancy within your game.


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What Happens During A Sim’s Pregnancy

A blonde, pregnant, feminine Sim stands in her kitchen.

A Sim’s pregnancy will last for three in-game days, regardless of the lifespan you’ve set your game to. Each trimester lasts one day, so you can expect different behaviors from your Sim daily.

Your Sim’s appearance will begin to change on the second day of pregnancy, and they may show signs of morning sickness. This will include an Uncomfortable moodlet and may cause the pregnant Sim to throw up.

On the third day of pregnancy, your Sim’s abdomen will continue to grow. At some point during the day, they will head off to the hospital to give birth. Birth can be delayed by keeping the Sim from leaving the house to go to the hospital.

While they are pregnant, the motives of your Sim will drop more quickly. They won’t be able to do certain things, like run on treadmills or do yoga.

Influence The Gender Of Your Sim’s Baby

Are you rooting for a certain gender for your Sim’s little bundle of joy? Influence the gender of the baby by doing some of these simple things:



Listen To Alternative Music

Listen To Pop Music

Eat Carrots

Eat Strawberries

Avoid Eating Strawberries

Avoid Eating Carrots

Avoid Listening To Pop Music

Avoid Listening To Alternative Music

If things don’t turn out how you want, you can use the “cas.fulleditmode” cheat to change the gender of the baby after it’s born.

How To Throw A Baby Shower

A screenshot of the event planning page is shown.

Now that your Sim is expecting, it’s time to celebrate! Welcome baby into your Sim’s home fully stocked with all of their needs. Host a baby shower with all of your Sim’s closest friends, family, and neighbors.

You can plan a baby shower using two methods. First, you can use your Sim’s phone to access the Social tab, and then select “Plan A Social Event.” You can also use your Sim’s calendar to do the same.

You can throw a joint baby shower with two Sims, or just have one for your own Sim. The guest list must consist of at least two Sims.

Guests will bring presents for the baby, so rack up that guest list.

Baby Shower Challenge

Baby showers are an easy social event to gain gold in, requiring players to talk about the baby and what they expect for its future.

Some of the tasks will require a stereo and a Celebration Cannon. If you want to take home the gold, make sure you have these on hand before your event starts!



Gold Medal

Cute Critter Rattle Toy

Some Bunny Loves You Rattle Toy

Inspirational Mouse Poster

Baby Bliss Bassinet

Silver Medal

Cute Critter Rattle Toy

Some-Bunny Loves You Rattle Toy

Bronze Medal

Cute Critter Rattle Toy

How To Make Your Sim Give Birth

A newborn lays in a bassinet, while an orange notification box in the lower right corner reads

Although three Sim days may feel all too short for some, you may be in a rush to pop this baby out. Luckily, there’s a simple cheat that you can use to force your Sim to go into labor.

  1. Open the cheat box (Ctrl + Shift + C for Windows, Command+Shift+C for Mac, and press all bumpers for console).
  2. Enable cheats by typing “testingcheats true” into the cheat box.
  3. Enter “Sims.Add_Buff Buff_Pregnancy_Inlabor” into the cheat box.

Once your Sim leaves for the hospital, it takes three in-game hours for your Sim to give birth.

After your Sim gives birth, they and their partner will receive multiple days off from their jobs as part of their “Family Leave.”


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