How To Obtain The Purifying Elixir In SpiritTEA

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SpiritTEA is another cute 8-bit game that earns its spot within the cozy sim genre by placing you in a rural little town surrounded by friendly neighbors and lush greenery. But instead of giving you some random tools and putting you to work, you are taken to the very border where your world and that of spirits overlap. Serves you right for drinking random mystical brews.




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You are now the manager of a bathhouse where restless spirits go to unwind. Managing an otherworldly establishment is no easy task though. Who would have thought spirits could be so messy? That annoying spirit goop they keep leaving behind in your baths needs to be purified immediately. Grab your Elixir and get to it.

What Is The Purifying Elixir?

The purifying elixir sprite from SpiritTEA.

The Purifying Elixir is a craftable item that can be used to clean up the bath water from messes left by spirits with a Sludger bathing behavior, such as Jookyoo and Onishi spirits. The Purifying Elixir acts immediately, but it is spent after a single use, which means you must always keep some of this magical concoction handy to keep your baths spotless and avoid spoiling other spirits’ moods.

Sludger spirits create pesky messes in the bath’s water that give other spirits bathing nearby mood debuffs until the water is cleared up. That’s why keeping the water as pure as possible is important.

How To Obtain The Purifying Elixir

An image split in two showing two perspectives of the location of the purifying elixir scroll in SpiritTEA.

You can craft the Purifying Elixir via fermentation after obtaining the recipe. This recipe will be available to collect during the Textbox Quest, in which you will be vaguely directed to do some digging in the graveyard.

The graveyard is located by the temple to the south. Don’t forget to grab a shovel from Song’s before heading out.

Head for the top right corner in the graveyard, above the deer statue, and dig by the long tombstone. You should find the Elixir Scroll in this location.

You can use Spirit Vision to find the spot if you’re having trouble locating it!

Obtaining the Elixir Scroll is only the first step. You will also need to get your hands on some Sakura Blossoms, White Rice, and Rice Wine, the ingredients of the Purifying Elixir, if you want to ferment it.

These ingredients are not particularly difficult to get, but finding them can still be an adventure if you don’t know where to look. Here are their locations:



Sakura Blossoms

You can pick these up every other spring day at the Sakura Tree, which is located east of the bathhouse.

White Rice

You can purchase it from Eko’s convenience store. It’s price is 15 Moolags per unit.

Rice Wine

You can purchase it from Eko’s convenience store. It’s price is 40 Moolags per unit.


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