How To Get Eviolite In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Trainers playing through Pokemon Sword & Shield, set in the expansive Galar region, will embark on an exciting adventure, finding all kinds of Pokemon and treasures on their journey. Among the myriad of items available, one stands out for its unique capabilities — the Eviolite.




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Evolving Pokemon has always been a central theme in Pokemon, but what about those Pokémon that haven’t reached their final form? This is where the Eviolite comes into play, significantly boosting the defences of these Pokemon. This guide will show you exactly where you can find the Eviolite in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the best Pokemon to give it to.

What Is Eviolite?

What is the eviolite in pokemon sword and shield

Eviolite, a held item in the Pokemon world, is a gem that’s easily identified by its distinct, pink-purple hue.

This item specifically boosts the defensive capabilities of Pokemon that are yet to evolve. When held, Eviolite increases the Defense and Special Defense stats of such Pokemon by a substantial 50 percent.

It’s important to note, though, that the beneficial properties of Eviolite are exclusive to Pokemon who have the potential to evolve. Those that have no further evolutionary stages, such as Legendary Pokemon, do not gain any benefits.

How Eviolite Changes Battle Strategies

Artwork_Gym_Leader_Challenge_from Pokemon Press Media

Eviolite significantly boosts the defensive stats of Pokemon that are yet to evolve. This boost is large enough that it can even make your non-evolved Pokemon potentially superior choices over fully-evolved Pokemon, opening a whole new range of teambuilding options and strategies. Consider this scenario for a clearer understanding:

  • Pokemon A, who is fully evolved, has a Defense stat of 100.
  • Pokemon B, who is the unevolved form of Pokemon A, has a Defense stat of 80.
  • However, when Pokemon B is equipped with an Eviolite, its Defense stat receives a significant 50 percent boost, rising to 120.

Its strategic value is especially significant in competitive battles, where the ability to withstand even one more hit can make a notable difference.

This aspect is also crucial as it allows you to capitalize on specific abilities or movesets that certain Pokemon might lose upon evolving.

How To Obtain Eviolite In Pokemon Sword & Shield

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can obtain Eviolite by defeating a Pokemon Breeder in Ballonlea. This Pokemon Breeder is located in the upper-left part of the town and will battle you with her Level 30 Dottler. Upon winning the battle, she will give you the Eviolite​​​​​​.



Type Effectiveness

Pokemon Breeder Elena

Dottler (Level 23)

Weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Rock

Resistances: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Psychic

Remember, Ballonlea is also the home of the Galar region’s Fairy-type gym, so you’ll need to progress to that point in the game to access this area and challenge the Pokemon Breeder for the Eviolite.

Best Pokemon For Eviolite In Sword & Shield

Recommended Eviolite Pokemon

Knowing which are the best Pokemon to equip the Eviolite with can give you an important advantage, especially in online competitive battles. Here are some insights into the best types of Pokemon to use Eviolite with in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Doublade sword shield pokedex


Rhydon sword shield pokedex


Dusclops sword shield pokedex


Corsolar Galar sword shield pokedex


Ferroseed sword shield pokedex


Type Null sword shield pokedex


Togetic sword shield pokedex


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