Where To Find Amber In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn how to find Amber in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Amber’s one of the newest resources added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it can be tricky to find. Amber’s made from sap hardened over thousands of years, but there aren’t any biomes in the game with sap-bearing trees, and the other places in Eternity Isle have their own unique material from digging.




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You can’t really go without finding Amber, though. You’ll need to get some if you want to finish several side-quests, and it’s a pretty important material for some of the new potions available on Eternity Isle. If you’re itching to find this handy, ancient material, look no further – we’ll tell you where to find Amber.

How To Get Amber

Player character standing near a freshly dug up piece of Amber with their shovel out in the Wild Tangle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To get Amber, you’ll need to have progressed through the main Eternity Isles quests far enough to obtain the Royal Hourglass and complete ‘Sands In the Hourglass’, as well as gain access to both the Glittering Dunes and the Wild Tangle.

You’ll need 2,000 Mist to be able to repair the bridge and get access to the Wild Tangle, so once you do, make your way to that location.

You can increase your chances of finding Amber by using either the Miracle Shovel Varnish or Even More Miraculous Shovel Varnish potions.

Amber can be found by digging in the ground with your Royal Shovel, and you’ll generally get between one and three pieces when you find it. Keep in mind that it can be found within any of the sub-areas in the Wild Tangle, but more commonly in The Grove, which can be unlocked for 4,000 Mist.


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