How To Unlock Every Class And Job In FFXIV

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With so many classes and jobs in Final Fantasy 14 to try out and level up, it’ll be a long time before you run out of things to do. As the game grows bigger through its consistent updates and expansion packs, as does its roster of classes to use.



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In order to use these classes and jobs, you must complete a short side quest. These are spread throughout the world, and some have specific level requirements. This guide will detail every way to unlock the classes in Final Fantasy 14.

Updated December 24, 2023: We’ve updated this article to make sure the information presented below is clear, easy to understand, and helpful. Later in 2024, we’ll have all the information for the jobs coming with the Dawntrail expac, including the physical DPS Viper!

Starting Classes

Loporrits Scholar with Eos in Final Fantasy 14

During character creation, you will be prompted to choose a discipline. This will set your initial class and your starting location for the main quest of the game.

Don’t worry though, it isn’t long before you can start picking up new classes and experimenting, though you may wish to choose a starting city that has multiple classes of interest to you.



Starting City

Job Upgrade







Limsa Lominsa



Magical DPS

Limsa Lominsa

Summoner, Scholar


Ranged DPS




Physical DPS




Physical DPS




Magical DPS


Black Mage




White Mage

A Realm Reborn Classes/Jobs

A Realm Reborn FF XIV online japanese version

The following classes are unlocked simply by completing a quest at the relevant guild once you’ve hit level ten in your first class.

These quests are very simple introductory missions that will introduce you to the class at hand and give you some insight as to the various characters who will play roles in that class’s quests. They will reward you with basic weapons and unlock that class’s Hunting Log.

Each basic class can also be upgraded into a Job through the use of a Soul Crystal. These are all rewarded by simple quests once you have hit level 30 in the prerequisite class. That is not the only requirement, though — you must also have completed the Main Story Quest Sylph-management, which is an early level 20 quest. If you can’t seem to unlock a job despite being level 30, check that you’ve reached that point in the storyline.


Final Fantasy 14 Gladiator Paladin

A Gladiator or Paladin in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Tank
  • Weapon: Sword & Shield

In order to become a Gladiator, you must complete the Way of the Gladiator, which can be found in Ul’dah. Talk to Lulutsu on the Steps of Thal (X:9, Y:11) to begin the quest and say “Yes” when asked if you want to join the Gladiator’s Guild.

The final step in the quest is to speak to First Sword Mylla, who will give you your first sword and begin the Gladiator quest chain.

Once you have completed the Gladiator questline, which ends with the quest The Rematch, you may take the quest to become a Paladin. It’s called Paladin’s Pledge and is started by Lulutsu at the Gladiator’s Guild again. This quest involves speaking to a Paladin named Jenlyns on the Hustings Strip and completing some tasks for him. These will include some combat, followed by a small fetch quest. Once you have the Soul of the Paladin, equip it to access your new abilities.


Final Fantasy 14 Marauder Warrior

A Marauder or Warrior in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Tank
  • Weapon: Greataxe

You can begin the quest to become a Marauder in Limsa Lominsa. It is called Way of the Marauder and begins in the Marauder’s Guild, which can be found to the north of the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11, Y:6).

It’s a simple quest that involves confirming that you wish to be a Marauder and then introducing yourself to Axemaster Wyrnzoen, who will give you the rest of the Marauder quests.

Upon completion of Bringing Down the Mountain at the end of the Marauder questline, you can take on Pride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain). This quest will reward you with the Soul of the Warrior and unlock its Job. The quest involves traveling to Costa del Sol and eventually leads to you meeting Curious Gorge, who will become your new mentor in the world of Warriors.


Final Fantasy 14 Arcanist Summoner

An Arcanist or Summoner in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Magical DPS
  • Weapon: Arcanist Books (these are separate from those used by Scholars)

The quest Way of the Arcanist begins in Limsa Lominsa and is started by talking to Murie, who can be found at the Arcanist’s Guild on the Lower Decks (X:4, Y:11).

As with all of the basic class acquisition quests, this quest requires you to go talk to the guild’s leader. In this case, it’s Thubyrgeim — a Roegadyn who can be found nearby. She will give you your first Arcanist weapon and be the person who gives you your Arcanist quests.

Once you have reached level 30 and completed the Arcanist questline (ending with Sinking Doesmaga), you can talk to Thubyrgeim to start the Austerities of Flame quest. This will take you to Gridania and introduce you to Y’mhitra, who will be your guide in the world of being a Summoner. This quest unlocks the Summoner job.


Final Fantasy 14 Scholar

  • Role: Healer
  • Weapon: Scholar Books (these are separate from those used by Arcanists and Summoners)

The Scholar job is unique in that you do not need to have completed the prerequisite class’s questline in order to unlock it. It simply requires the completion of Sylph-management and being at least level 30 in the Arcanist class. Once these prerequisites are met, you can start the quest Forgotten but Not Gone at the Marauder’s Guild by speaking to Murie in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:4, Y:11).

This quest is like most other job-unlocking quests and simply introduces you to your new mentor (in this case, a Lalafell called Alka Zolka) and grants you your Soul Crystal.


Final Fantasy 14 Archer Bard

An Archer or Bard in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Ranged DPS
  • Weapon: Bows

Way of the Archer is the quest that you’ll need to complete in order to unlock the Archer Class. To begin it, simply speak to Athelyna at the Archer’s Guild in New Gridania (X:15, Y:12). When prompted, affirm that you wish to be an Archer.

You will then have to speak to the guild master, Luciane. She will give you your first bow and then take on the role of your quest giver for the Archer questline.

Upon completion of the Archer quest line with The One That Got Away, you can start the Bard quest line by talking to Luciane again. This quest will have you meeting Jehantel in the South Shroud and acquiring the Soul of the Bard.


Final Fantasy 14 Lancer Dragoon

A Lancer or Dragoon in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Physical DPS
  • Weapon: Polearms

In the Lancer’s Guild in Old Gridania, you can find Jillian (X:14.1, Y:5.8). She can give you the Way of the Lancer quest that ends with you receiving your first spear and unlocking the job.

The quest introduces Guildmaster Ywain, the character who will give you the rest of the Lancer quests.

Once you have finished all of the Lancer quests, ending with Proof of Might, you can begin Eye of the Dragon by talking to Ywain. This quest unlocks the Dragoon job and introduces your next quest giver, Alberic.


Final Fantasy 14 Pugilist Monk

A Pugilist or Monk in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Physical DPS
  • Weapon: Fists

The Pugilist’s Guild can be found in Ul’dah on the Steps of Nald. It’s here that the Way of the Pugilist quest can be started by talking to Gagaruna at (X:9, Y:10). It’ll involve signing up to the guild by talking to Hamon, who will give you the rest of the Pugilist quests.

Once you have completed the level 30 quest Return of the Holyfist, you can talk to Gagaruna right after to start the quest Brother from Another Mother. This quest unlocks the Monk job and introduces a new host of characters, including Erik — a scientist who will stay with you for many Monk quests.


Final Fantasy 14 Rogue Ninja

A Rogue or Ninja in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Physical DPS
  • Weapon: Daggers

It’s not possible to begin the game as a Rogue but picking up the class works like any other in the base game. Speak to Lonwoerd who can be found on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.1, Y:16.1) to start the quest My First Daggers.

This quest sees you initiated into the Rogues’ Guild and meeting its leader, Jacke.

At level 30 and after completing the Rogue questline, you may unlock the Ninja job. To do this, complete the quest Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night, which can also be started by talking to Jacke.

Thaumaturge/Black Mage

Final Fantasy 14 Thaumaturge Black Mage

  • Role: Magical DPS
  • Weapon: Staves

Ul’dah is the home of the Thaumaturge’s Guild and it’s here that you can start the quest Way of the Thaumaturge. Start this quest by talking to Yayake in Steps of Nald (X:7, Y:12) and confirming that you wish to join the guild, and completing it by meeting Cocobuki.

Once you have completed the final Thaumaturge quest Facing Your Demons, you can take on Taking the Black by speaking to Yayake again. This quest will unlock the Black Mage job and start that job’s questline.

Conjurer/White Mage

Final Fantasy 14 Conjurer White Mage

A Conjurer or White Mage in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Healer
  • Weapon: Canes

Becoming a magical healer involves joining the Conjurer’s Guild in Old Gridania. Speak to Madelle (X:6, Y:11) to start Way of the Conjurer, which will have you meeting E-Sumi-Yan at Stillglade Fane. Once you have your Weathered Cane, you can switch to Conjurer and take on the class’s questline.

Once you have completed the Conjurer quests, you can take on Seer Folly by talking to E-Sumi-Yan again. This quest will unlock the White Mage job and have you liaising with Raya-O-Senna, your old mentor’s sister.

Blue Mage

Final Fantasy 14 Blue Mage

A Blue Mage in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Variable depending on equipped spells
  • Weapon: Canes

Blue Mage is a Limited Job, meaning that it cannot partake in a great deal of the game just yet. It’s a unique job that learns its abilities by being hit by enemy attacks, collecting them upon victory.

To unlock this quest, you must already have a job at level 50.

Once this has been achieved, you can start the quest Out of the Blue on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks by talking to the Zealous Yellowjacket (X:9.9, Y:11.0).

Out of the Blue will have you traipsing all over La Noscea in search of a Blue Mage called Martyn — upon completion, you will acquire the Blue Mage job, a set of armor, a Rainmaker Cane, and your first Blue Magic spell, Water Cannon.

Heavensward Jobs

the vault dungeon in ishgard

Unlocking the Heavensward jobs has some more requirements than the previous Jobs. Firstly, you must have access to the Heavensward areas — this means that you must have completed the A Realm Reborn storyline that ends with the quest Before the Dawn. All three Jobs are acquired from quests that begin in Ishgard and require you to be level 50, though the jobs themselves will start at level 30.

Dark Knight

Final Fantasy 14 Dark Knight

A Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Tank
  • Weapon: Greatsword

To unlock the Dark Knight job you must first take on the very short quest A Dark Spectacle, which can be found in The Pillars of Ishgard. This quest involves speaking to an Ishgardian Citizen (X:13.2, Y:8.8) and nothing more.

Once completed, talk to the citizen again to take on Our End. This quest requires you to search for Temple Knights in the Brume to investigate a demonic warrior. This quest will have you finding and unlocking the Soul of a Dark Knight, and then meeting your Dark Knight quest giver, Fray.


Final Fantasy 14 Machinist

A Machinist in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Ranged DPS
  • Weapon: Firearms

In order to become a Machinist, you must complete the quest Savior of Skysteel. This is begun in Foundation in Ishgard and is given by Stephanivien. She can be found within the Skysteel Manufactory (X:8, Y:10).

This quest involves a quick introduction to the Machinist’s Guild and your first task — to help track down the guild’s master of marksmanship somewhere in La Noscea. The quest will involve some combat, so be wary of that.

Upon completion, you will have unlocked the Machinist job and can start taking on the job’s quests.


Final Fantasy 14 Astrologian

An Astrologian in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Healer
  • Weapon: Star Globes

Speaking to Jannequinard at The Pillars (X:15, Y:10) in Ishgard will let you start the quest Stairway to the Heavens. This is the quest you need to complete to unlock the Astrologian job.

This quest has you investigating the Sharlayan Astrologians who were supposed to arrive at the Athaneum but haven’t turned up. You’ll have to locate them in the Coerthas Central Highlands and save them from bandits — a confrontation that ends with you acquiring an Astrologian Soul Crystal.

Stormblood Jobs

Final Fantasy 14 Ala Ghiri

The Way of the Samurai

In order to unlock the two Jobs that were introduced with the Stormblood expansion, you must have actually purchased the Stormblood expansion. In addition, you must have reached Level 50 in a job already.

These quests not only provide you with a Soul Crystal and a beginner weapon but also give you a Coffer full of appropriate armor for the job in question. These new jobs start at level 50.


Final Fantasy 14 Samurai

A Samurai in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Physical DPS
  • Weapon: Katanas

On the Steps of Nald in Ul’dah, you can find an Ul’dahn Citizen (X:9.2, Y:9.1) who can give you the quest The Way of the Samurai.

This quest involves investigating reports of an elderly blade master and has you running around Ul’dah. It will end once you have been appraised by Musosai, who will grant you the Samurai job.

The next quest from Master Musosai acts as a sort of tutorial for the job, so consider taking that on right away.

Red Mage

Final Fantasy 14 Red Mage

A Red Mage in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Magical DPS
  • Weapon: Rapiers

Also in Ul’dah, but this time on the Steps of Thal, is a Distraught Lass (X:14.1, Y:11.7). Her quest is Taking the Red and will unlock the Red Mage job.

Taking the Red has you meeting a Red Mage called X’rhun Tia and witnessing his grand powers. After getting to know him a little, he will offer you the Red Mage Soul Crystal and become your newest job mentor.

Shadowbringers Jobs

Similar to the Stormblood Jobs, the only requirement for the two Shadowbringers Jobs is that you have reached level 60 in a different Job and purchased the Shadowbringers expansion. These Jobs start at level 60 and come with a Coffer of appropriate equipment.


Final Fantasy 14 Gunbreaker

A Gunbreaker in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Tank
  • Weapon: Gunblades

You can unlock the Gunbreaker job by starting the quest The Makings of a Gunbreaker in New Gridania. Speak to the Gods’ Quiver Bow (X:11.5, Y:11.9) to start the quest.

This quest involves sorting out some highwaymen at the Bramble Patch who have accosted some outlandish travelers. These travelers are your guides on the road to becoming a Gunbreaker — a Viera named Sophie and a Hrothgar named Radovan.


Final Fantasy 14 Dancer

A Dancer in Final Fantasy 14

  • Role: Ranged DPS
  • Weapon: Chakrams

Once you have unlocked the prerequisites, you can become a Dancer by completing the quest Shall We Dance. This can be started by talking to an Eager Lominsan, who can be found on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.8, Y:12.0).

This quest has you learning of a troupe of dancers from Radz-at-Han and prompts you to go meet them. You will be appraised by the leader of the troupe, Mistress Nashmeira, who will offer you the Soul of the Dancer in exchange for your assistance during their tour of Eorzea.

Endwalker Jobs

Endwalker Warrior of Light

Matching up with the previous expansion packs, unlocking the jobs added in the Endwalker expansion will require you to be level 70 in one of your other jobs. Obviously, you will also need to have purchased the Endwalker expansion.

Completing these unlocking quests will reward you with a shiny new Job Crystal and the appropriate equipment Coffers.


FF14 Reaper job

  • Role: Physical DPS
  • Weapon: Scythes

Once you have a Level 70 Job, you can take on the quest The Killer Instinct by speaking to the Flustered Attendant in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:12.8, Y:8.6).

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to complete this quest with our in-depth guide to unlocking the Reaper.


FF14 Sage job

  • Role: Healer
  • Weapon: Nouliths

Again, you can start this quest once you have the Endwalker expansion and reach level 70. Head to the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.4, Y:12.9) and speak to the Sharlayan Maiden there to get the Sage’s Path quest.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to complete this quest with our in-depth guide to unlocking the Sage.

Disciples of Hand/Land

Final Fantasy 14 Weaver

A Weaver in Final Fantasy 14

Just like the combat classes and jobs, the crafting and gathering classes must be unlocked individually as well. These quests all involve heading to their respective guilds and joining up, rewarding you with the most basic tool of the trade for each one.

Below is a table that details where each Class can be acquired.






(X:8, Y:13) – Steps of Thal


Lima Lominsa

(X:10, Y:15) – Upper Decks


Lima Lominsa

(X:10, Y:15) – Upper Decks



(X:6, Y:8) – Old Gridania



(X:10, Y:12) – New Gridania


Lima Lominsa

(X:9, Y:8) – Upper Decks


Limsa Lominsa

(X:7, Y:14) – Lower Decks



(X:10, Y:13) – Steps of Thal



(X:12, Y:7) – Old Gridania



(X:11, Y:14) – Steps of Thal



(X:14, Y:13) – Steps of Thal

Just like with regular Classes and Jobs, switching to a Disciple of the Land or Disciple of the Hand Class requires that you equip their primary tool in your weapon slot.

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