The Gathering Fan Builds Custom Bloodborne Deck

The Bloodborne community is a creative bunch. It’s been nearly a decade since the game was released, so they’ve been left to their own devices which means they’ve come up with all sorts of unique ways to expand FromSoft’s creation. Cue OldTomRaider, who got an early Christmas present this year in the form of custom-made MTG cards imagining a world where Wizards of the Coast teamed up with PlayStation to bring Micolash into the world of Magic.



It’s a proxy deck with over 180 cards complete with art, alternates, tokens, and land, printed professionally with Hunter symbols on the back. The deck itself was put together by bankaiyo123 who shared all of the cards on Reddit earlier this year so that fans could print the set and get stuck in.

It took a while but my Bloodborne proxies edh deck is finally complete! All of the cards feature art from the Bloodborne universe, the deck itself is piloted by Eloise, Nephalia Seluith as the Good Hunter with a heavy focus on reanimation and clues. Create a ton of clues and later turn them into beasts of the night to finish off your opponents!

It’s incredibly extensive, with each boss (such as the Blood-Starved Beast, Shadow of Yharnam, and Amgydala), hunter (like Djura, the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst, and Eileen the Crow), and side character (Patches, The Doll, and Iosefka’s Imposter) included. There are even DLC cards like Lady Maria and items like Blood Vials.

The Tiny Music Box, which is used to distract Father Gascoigne, perfectly sums up the impressive ways in which bankaiyo123 has repurposed Bloodborne mechanics to work in Magic. As it gives you a moment to land attacks uninhibited in-game, in Magic, it lets you take an extra turn if you sacrifice five cards, also giving you that extra breathing room. Just in a more tabletop-y way.

Of course, there are a slew of iconic Bloodborne locations too, like Oedon Chapel, the Hunter’s Nightmare, Central Yharnam sewers, and the Forbidden Woods, complimenting the many characters pulled from the game.

As for the art, bankaiyo123 says that it’s “either from online or concepts and artworks”. There’s a text file in the Google Drive folder with all of the individual sources, including links to the unedited work.

Seeing OldTomRaider’s printed set existing physically has many in the comments desperate for an official crossover, which isn’t all too far-fetched an idea. We’ve got Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, and even Fallout sets underway, as Magic continues to dip into the world of gaming for its Universes Beyond sets. Perhaps one day Bloodborne will join the fold.


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