2023’s Most Valuable Digimon Card Game Cards

The Digimon Card Game has always been a popular game for budget players to jump into. After the release of RB-01 Resurgence Booster, the game is now easier than ever to play with the number of reprints included in the set, making the barrier of entry quite low.




Digimon Card Game: 10 Most Valuable Cards From BT14: Blast Ace

Blast Ace introduced new Ace cards to the Digimon Card Game, but which are the most valuable?

That’s not to say that some Digimon cards can’t earn you a nice profit from the secondary market. Most of these high-value cards are promo cards that only the best players in the region can obtain through Bandai’s limited in-person events, but they also be found in sealed starter decks or booster boxes as special chase cards.

There are far more valuable cards than the ones found in this list, but being extremely rare, there is no concise market data for them, making their price purely speculative.

Courage And Friendship Fusion

Omnimon (Across Time Box Promo) - Battle of Omni (BT05) digimon card game

Blitz Omnimon has been one of the biggest cards in the game since the beginning. In early sets, decks were built around Omnimon and whether you preferred blue or red cards, the boss Digimon was always the Royal Knight.

Now the card is used to close out games for aggressive decks like Greymon or even one-turn-kill decks like MirageGaogamon. This version of the Royal Knight was found in the box topper pack of BT-12 Across TIme with a very low pull rate.

9 Beelzemon (Alternate Art)

The Duelist Of Finality

beelzemon alt art from starter deck digimon card game

The Demon Lord strikes with his ultimate deck! This Beelzemon card is a chase-type card that can only be found in the Beelzemon Advanced Deck Set. The Advanced Deck includes an extremely competitive constructed deck for players already familiar with the game.

It also includes a set of alternate art reprints of Tactical Retreat, X Antibody, Sunarizamon, Pagumon, Veemon, Argomon, and Guilmon, BT2 Beelzemon, and EX2 Impmon.

Within those promo cards, if you are lucky, you will this all-purple foil alternate version of the Beelzemon that comes in the starter deck.

8 Magnamon (Tamer Party -Special-)

Get A Beautiful Retro Card By Learning To Play

magnamon tamer party promo digimon card game

Tamer Parties are events sanctioned by Bandai for local game stores. It is structured as a learn-to-play event, where new players can try out the game for themselves with featured demo decks and are rewarded with exclusive promo cards for completing their first tournament.


Digimon Card Game: The 10 Most Valuable Promo Cards

Promo cards are among the Digimon Card Game’s most valuable ever released.

For the Tamer Party of 2023, the promo cards were distributed in packs that included special foil versions of BT12 cards, including a low-pull rate alternate art Magnamon based on artwork from the original card game from 1999.

7 Mastemon (Alternate Art)

Two Angels Enter The Fray

Mastemon (Alternate Art) - Dimensional Phase (BT11) digimon card game

This card made a huge splash in the game when the Parallel World Tactician starter deck was released. This Digimon was able to quickly Digivolve into two level five Digimon then DNA Digivolve into the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth exclusive, Mastemon.

Although this card was released in a starter deck, BT-11 Dimensional Phase chase cards were gold-foiled versions of UlforceVeedramon, Machinedramon, and of course, Mastemon. The cards were hard to pull since their pull rate was about one in every 24 booster boxes, so getting the one out of the three that you wanted the most was tough.

6 WarGreymon Ace (Alternate Art)

The Dragon Of Courage

WarGreymon Ace (Alternate Art) - Starter Deck 15_ Dragon of Courage (ST-15) digimon card game

The Dragon Of Courage starter deck was the first introduction of Ace cards in the Digimon Card Game. These powerful hand traps can be used amid an opponent’s attack to disrupt their plays and turn the tide of the game.

Within the Dragon Of Courage starter deck, you’re able to find an alternate art of the protagonist, the Mega Digimon WarGreymon. This card is extremely hard to find, especially since not many people buy multiples of a starter deck, making the search a tedious journey.

5 Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode (2023 Regionals Champion)

The Ultimate Jogress Digivolution

Imperialdramon_ Fighter Mode (2023 Regionals Champion) - Across Time (BT12) digimon card game

Digimon’s prize cards from top-tier tournaments can range quite a bit in value. A lot of the cards tend to be stored away in a bulk box, but sometimes, Bandai will print excellent and playable cards.

During the last regional tournament run of the year, the mighty jogress Digimon made an appearance.


Digimon Card Game: The 12 Most Valuable Cards From Xros Encounter

You will need quite a bit of money to get your hands on these cards.

Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode was only awarded to the top two finalists of the tournament and, since there were only 19 events in the entire English market, this card is very prized by collectors and winners alike.

4 Gallantmon (2023 Regionals Champion)

One Out Of The Seven Champion Cards

Gallantmon (2023 Regionals Champion) - Across Time (BT12) digimon card game

Just like the Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode, champions of the October-December regional tournament season also received a copy of Gallantmon. Not only is this card one of the most important pieces in the Royal Knights deck, but it is also incredible in Gallantmon and Takato decks.

While the value of these 2023 regional champion cards might not be all that high, the fact that you receive a pack that includes one of each makes up for their low price point in the secondary market.

The Wolf Of Friendship

MetalGarurumon Ace (Alternate Art) - Starter Deck 16_ Wolf of Friendship (ST-16) digimon card game

If you’re looking for chase cards in starter decks, then look no further than the Wolf Of Friendship constructed deck. As one of the best Ace cards in the game, MetalGarurumon Ace can steal your turn back, then delete Digimon as they attack, and you fill up your trash for more protection effects.

This card is significantly better than WarGreymon Ace, and that is because MetalGarurumon is a far better and more versatile card, especially with the Gabumon support that comes in EX-05.

2 Gallantmon (Ultimate Cup)

A Kenji Watanabe Art For The Shielded Knight

gallantmon ultimate cup digimon card game

As time passes, cards exclusive to events then fluctuate a lot. Sometimes they will see a drastic increase in price due to them not being in rotation anymore, therefore not available to obtain, or they sometimes crash from the meta, advancing to a point where the card is not playable anymore.

Although Gallantmon has fallen in price throughout the year, it can still fetch a decent amount. This card was only awarded to the top eight players from August through September’s Ultimate Cups.

1 Gallantmon Crimson Mode (Ultimate Cup)

Are You Worthy Of Owning This Card?

gallantmon crimson mode ultimate cup digimon card game promo

This Gallantmon Crimson Mode card was the prize for winning the Ultimate Cups held from August to September, the same event that awarded players with the regular Gallantmon card. Unlike other championship cards that are usually awarded to the top two players, this Gallantmon card was only given out to the victor of the tournament.

It is only right for the alternate mode version of the protagonist of Digimon Tamers, one of the best seasons of the anime, by far.


Digimon Card Game: The 10 Best Cards From BT14: Blast Ace

From Cargodramon to Brigadramon, here are the best BT14: Blast Ace cards in the Digimon Card Game.

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