GTA Online Players Have Started Roleplaying As Cops After Latest Update

Earlier this month, GTA Online finally gave players the ability to purchase police vehicles, something that longtime fans of the game have been wanting for quite some time. Not only are they kind of neat to drive around in, but GTA Online players have now taken this opportunity to take their roleplaying game to the next level.



Ever since police vehicles were introduced, several players have taken to the streets of Los Santos in an attempt to police public servers and make sure other players are on their best behavior. There have been several videos on the GTA Online subreddit of people being chased around by the police or pulled over, most of them resulting in ridiculous situations.


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For example, Reddit user Nox_The_Overlord shared their first encounter with a GTA Online roleplayer, who attempted to pull them over for dangerous driving. After driving around a bit longer and eventually coming to a stop, the police officer in question gets out of their vehicle and points to his car to try and get his suspect into his car. Instead, he gets flipped off and Nox_The_Overlord speeds off into the sunset.

Another fun example comes from TonedStingray18, who had been roleplaying as a police officer themselves. They were much more successful than the police officer in the previous example though, as they had actually managed to get their suspect out of their car. Unfortunately, they fell for “the oldest trick in the book” as their suspect pointed in a random direction, tricking TonedStingray18, allowing him to get back in his car and speed off.

There are tonnes of other fun examples spread across the GTA Online subreddit, most of which involve police officers getting absolutely humiliated by other players who have momentarily decided to play along with their scenario. These players are also driving vehicles equipped with military grade ammunition and technology, so you do have to feel for them just a little bit.

In other GTA news, fans are still obsessively pouring over the new material for GTA 6, analyzing pretty much every single itch or the trailer and key artwork. It’s got so bad that fans have now started using bullet holes and braille to figure out the game’s release date.


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