The Most Valuable One Piece Cards Of 2023

Not only is the One Piece Card Game a blast to play with your friends, the competitive scene is alive and well. Bigger tournaments, mean bigger prizes, and although Bandai tournament do not offer cash prices like other card games, the exclusive cards you can obtain by proving you are the best can fetch a huge profit if sold on the secondary market.




One Piece Card Game: The 10 Most Valuable Promo Cards

The One Piece Card Game is full of valuable promo cards for you to win and collect.

Most of these cards are only available at the bigger regional tournaments, but chase cards that anyone buying a booster pack can pull make the playing field a bit fairer to those who cannot travel to said tournaments.

10 Portgas.D.Ace (Parallel) (Alternate Art)

The Hot-Headed Older Brother

portgas.d.ace manga rare paramount war op02

It is no secret that the coveted “Manga rares” are part of the most expensive cards in the One Piece Card Game. In OP-02 Paramount War, Bandai gave Monkey D. Luffy’s older brother, Portgas D. Ace, the Manga treatment, as he plays a massive role in the Summit War arc within the series.

These alternate art cards are difficult to find, making them one of the rarest cards in the game. As new sets release, OP-02 becomes harder and harder to find, making pulling this card an even bigger challenge.

9 Shanks (Parallel) (Alternate Art)

The First Manga Rare

manga shanks parallel one piece card game

Oh, the violence that this card caused when the game came out. OP-01 Romance Dawn was the first ever set released for the One Piece Card Game, and when fans found out about the hard-to-pull alternate art Red Haired Shanks card found in the set, the product flew off the shelf.

Between product shortages and the popularity of One Piece as a whole, Romance Dawn was incredibly difficult to purchase at launch. As time passes and the cards in OP-01 become staples, this Shanks card will continue its price increase.

8 Sakazuki (Championship 2023)

True Justice Delivered Through Magma

sakazuki championship prize one piece card game

Just like any other card game like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering, One Piece Card Game hosts highly competitive events at a regional level with excellent prize support. During the July-August 2023 run of regional events, Bandai printed this Sakazuki card for players who placed in Top 16. Since this card was only given out to a handful of great players, the card has seen a surge in value.


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Although Sakazuki is not the most popular out of the three admirals, owning this card alone proves that you are one of the best players in your region, or at least you have a lot of money to blow.

7 Monkey.D.Luffy (Super Pre-Release) [Winner]

The First-Ever Event Card

super pre release monkey d luffy card one piece card game

During the infancy of the game, the One Piece Card Game teamed up with local game stores to promote the game in the form of preview events known as Super Pre-Release events. These events allowed players to purchase Super Pre-Release stamped starter decks and play in a sealed tournament for exclusive prices.

The winner of the event was awarded this Monkey D. Luffy card. Since this was only distributed at select locations before the game was even released, the card is valued at more than some of the harder-to-pull alternate arts.

6 Roronoa Zoro (3-on-3 Cup) [Participant]

A New Format Keeps The Game Healthy

Roronoa Zoro (3-on-3 Cup) [Participant] - One Piece Promotion Cards (OP-PR

Besides their regular regional tournaments and more casual-oriented Treasure Cup events, Bandai hosts different formats for the game, like the two-on-two official format known as “Buddy Battles.” While you can obtain event pricing from Buddy Battles, Bandai tried something different for a period of time and held a full-on team tournament with special pricing printed for the event.

This Zoro card was handed out to teams that landed in the Top six of players in the 12 events held for this format in the English market.

Note: A Winner version of the card exists but TCGPlayer does not have a purchase history on it

5 Roronoa Zoro (Treasure Cup)

Am I Seeing Double?

zoro starter deck alternate art regional one piece card game

This card is similar to the 3-on-3 Cup version, but this was only handed out to Top Eight players during the May-July run of Treasure Cup events. Bandai still holds the events periodically, but the Zoro card was only distributed during that time period and has rotated the prizes since then.


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Even though it is practically the same card, the exclusivity of being able to not only join the Treasure Cup event, which is already a nightmare to sign up for due to tickets selling out in seconds but also end the day with an excellent record, warrants the almost $200 price increase.

4 Monkey.D.Luffy (Alternate Art) (Manga)

The Peak Of His Power!

Monkey.D.Luffy (119) (Alternate Art) (Manga) - Awakening of the New Era (OP05)

Every booster set includes an alternate art card, fondly known as “Manga Rare,” featuring an important character of the arc that the set is based on. With OP-05 Awakening Of The New Era focusing on Skypeia and the final battle in Wano, the Manga Rare in this set features none other than Monkey D. Luffy in his long-anticipated Gear Five form.

The set includes three different Manga Rare cards so the odds of finding a Monkey D. Luffy instead of Trafalgar Law or Eustass Kid are very low.

3 Monkey.D.Luffy (Alternate Art) (Gold-Stamped Signature)

Oda’s Signature On A Beautiful Piece Of Cardboard

Monkey.D.Luffy (012) (Alternate Art) (Gold-Stamped Signature) - Starter Deck 1_ Straw Hat Crew (ST-01)

The Manga Rare cards have always been the chase cards for any set in the One Piece Card Game, except for OP-05 Awakening Of The New Era. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the card game, One Piece’s author Eiichiro Oda drew an exclusive artwork to be featured as an alternate art for the Luffy included in the Straw Hat Crew Starter Deck.

The card is already a chase card as it is, but if you’re extra lucky, you might even find a gold foiled version of it accompanied by Oda’s signature.

2 Roronoa Zoro (Treasure Cup)

Gold And Blue Foil Gallore!

roronoa zoro treasure cup card one piece card game

On top of winning one of the biggest tournaments in the One Piece Card Game, you are treated to one of the coolest arts of the second in command of the Straw Hat Crew. This Zoro, while also being the best Zoro card in the game, is also a significant milestone for any competitive player.

Purchasing this card will add a great piece to your collection, especially if you are able to grade it, but something about winning it yourself just feels different.

1 Monkey.D.Luffy [Serial Number]

A Card To Some, A Down Payment For A Car To Others

monkey d luffy serial number card one piece card game

It doesn’t get any better than this. This card is now impossible to win on your own. Bandai might have some leftovers that they can distribute at big tournaments for winners of side events, but the official distribution for this card is over.

As time passes, Luffy’s value will continue to rise. At over $4,000, the card is already a huge investment if you were to buy it outright, but if you have what it takes and were able to obtain one from your skills at the game, we commend you.


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