Long-Awaited Fallout London Finally Has A Release Date

Fallout London, the long-awaited “DLC-sized mod” for Fallout 4, has finally been given a release date of April 23, which means that it’s just a few months until you can explore a post-apocalyptic version of The Big Smoke.



Every Bethesda game has somehow managed to gather an incredible modding community, and that’s no different with Fallout 4. We’ve seen tons of interesting mods for the game, like one that turns into a Silent Hill-esque horror and another that makes the intro nuke kill the protagonist (as it probably should have), but by far the most impressive is one that hasn’t even released yet – Fallout London.


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Originally announced way back in 2021, Fallout London acts as a “game-sized mod” for Fallout 4 that brings the apocalypse over to London. While it may use the same engine and assets as Fallout 4, it almost acts as a New Vegas-style spin-off with a completely new setting, story, and factions.

After years of tantalising development updates, including a working underground and postbox robots (because what could possibly be more British than that?), we finally know when we’ll be getting our hands on Fallout London thanks to a new update video that was just shared by Team FOLON.

As well as showing off a bunch of new footage of the mod in action, the development update also confirms that we’re just a few months away from its release on April 23. Although that’s not far away at all, Team FOLON notes that release date is actually delayed from what it was originally meant to be, as it wants to do a little more testing on the mod to ensure it’s ready to go. Considering Fallout London is one of “the largest mods for Fallout 4 to date”, it’s absolutely worth the extra time.

Outside of the exciting release date confirmation, the video also acts as a nice summary of everything that is in Fallout London, including robotic pigeons, an apocalyptic take on London’s boroughs, mutated badgers, custom weapons, and a whole lot more. Anyone who’s been itching for more Fallout and doesn’t want to wait until after the next Elder Scrolls releases, it’s time to mark your calendars.


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