How To Unlock Rapunzel From Tangled In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Getting to explore new lands with your favorite characters is a major part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and Rapunzel is no exception. Her upbeat nature and optimistic attitude make her a colorful addition to the game. Befriending her grants you unique rewards based on her movie so that you can customize your character and your village.




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Increasing your friendship with characters takes time, and there are multiple ways to do it. You can bring Rapunzel along with you as you explore Dreamlight Valley and Eternity Isle to uncover more secrets and gain more resources as you play. Everything is better with a Princess at your side!

How To Unlock Rapunzel

Meeting Rapunzel Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon reaching Eternity Isle, you’ll have to complete a series of quests to unlock the Wild Tangle. As soon as you enter the Wild Tangle, make your way east on the map until you reach the Ancient Door. Here, you’ll find Rapunzel waiting outside trying to solve the puzzle.

Rapunzel is only available through the Disney Dreamlight Valley Expansion Pass, A Rift In Time.

While Rapunzel already has a home in Eternity Isle, there are quests you’ll have to complete before you can increase your friendship with her.

The Ancient Door Quest Walkthrough

To help Rapunzel open the Ancient Door, clear the floating gray rocks. There are five, and one of them will reveal a piece of a Sun Core. You’ll need to find all three pieces of the Sun Core by using your hourglass on floating gray rocks.

The two remaining pieces can be found in the Plains and by the Docks. The locations in these areas are random, so keep an eye out for the floating gray rocks. Once you have all the pieces, put them together at a Crafting Station.

Use the Sun Core to unlock the Ancient Door and enter with Rapunzel.

Sundial Quest Walkthrough

Upon entering, speak with Rapunzel. Together, you’ll investigate the Sun Core near the Sundial. You’ll have to catch the floating Sun Core as it races across the platform. Interact with the Sun Mechanism and place the Sun Core inside it, then talk to Rapunzel.

She’ll tell you that you need to collect gears around Eternity Isle to fix the mechanism. While some are stationary, others are difficult to catch. You’ll need to grab all ten from the Glittering Dunes, the Wild Tangle, and Ancient’s Landing before returning to Rapunzel.

After giving the gears to Rapunzel, interact with the Sundial again. A new bridge will open and you can go to the Statue of Time with Rapunzel.

The Tower Quest Walkthrough

Outside the Grove With Rapunzel Disney Dreamlight Valley

The final quest you’ll need to complete before you unlock Rapunzel’s friendship is The Tower. Here, you’ll have to help Rapunzel get back into her tower, confront Mother Gothel, and retrieve her paints and the Jewel of Time.

After collecting the vine seeds needed to get into the tower, you’ll plant them, watch them grow, and help Rapunzel clear the tower of Swirling Sands.

How To Unlock More Of Rapunzel’s Quests

Rapunzel painting in her tower Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll unlock more of Rapunzel’s quests as you befriend her. Developing a friendship will help her open up more and share her adventures with you. Additionally, as you continue to level up your relationship, you’ll earn different rewards.

Friendship can be increased by playing Scramblecoin together, giving gifts, hanging out, or serving meals at Chez Remy. Consistent attention will help steadily grow your relationship over time.

Rapunzel’s Friendship Rewards

Rapunzel Friendship Rewards Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you befriend Rapunzel, you’ll earn new rewards that reflect her personality. From furniture to fashion, there are plenty of rewards to help express yourself and show your friendship with Rapunzel.


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