Free brawler Mico, Brawlidays skins and more

Brawl Stars will be 5 years old in a couple of days, and with it, they are promising a lot of content, throughout 3 months. This includes a free brawler for everyone, in the form of Mico, along with two other new brawlers to be released in the next few weeks. The Supercell team has also prepared new Brawlidays skins for us, along with some cartoon skins. The devs are planning to make a few things free in the next few months, which might include some skins and pings. There are changes to the monthly pass, which was discussed earlier. Let us break down more about the December 2023 Brawl Talk in detail, which will bring a lot of fun, events and changes in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars December 2023 Brawl Talk: Brawlidays and Brawliversary

Mico: New Brawler

Mico will be released on the 14th of December, 2023, as a part of the Brawlidays calendar. He is the first Brawler that jumps with his main attack! He can’t be attacked while in midair and he deals damage where he lands. He can jump over walls, holes, and even projectiles! But he doesn’t have a lot of hitpoints, and his reload speed is quite slow.

Brawl Stars brawler Mico
Image via Supercell Games

With his Super, he jumps into the air, and you can control where he lands. The target location is also shown to opponents. Mico will receive three Skins, in this update, which includes the the Macaron Mico and Grouch Mico and one more in February.

Brawlidays Skins

The older Dark Winter Tales skins will be available with a discount this season. The new Brawlidays skin of Santa Stu will be made free for everyone in this Brawlidays calendar. It will arrive on the 24th of December, 2023. The Dark Angel Colt is another skin, which is Supercell’s latest MAKE skin.

New events and Game modes

Hypercharge Unleash event

The Hypercharge Unleash Event is back in December with six new Hypercharged Brawlers, including Mico! Players must complete the quest of the Event, and players will get a free random Hypercharge! Brawlers who will receive Hypercharge in this update are Leon, Fang, Mico, Dynamike and Edgar.

Game modes

5v5 game modes have arrived in Brawl Stars, which will include bigger map sizes, and have events during the weekend of the new update.

  • 5v5 Brawl Ball
  • 5v5 Heist
  • 5v5 Wipeout
  • 5v5 Gem Grab

Brawl Stars Star Toon Season: What’s new in January 2024

New Brawler: Kit

The new Legendary brawler has arrived in Brawl Stars, Kit, who is the cat brawler will arrive in January. Kit uses his claws for his main attack and has a short range, but it’s really quick! With his Super, he can jump on either allies or opponents! If he jumps on an ally, he heals them and himself, and his main attack changes and he then becomes a thrower. If he dashes onto an enemy, he then scratches the enemy for some time!

Brawl Stars brawler Kit
Image via Supercell Games

When Kit is attached to somebody, he becomes invulnerable, and you either have to take down the host or wait for him to jump off. His Super charges automatically! Kit will have a new skin which will cost 29 gems, known as Billy The Kit. Another skin will arrive in February. Kit will be available as a special Early Access offer, before the start of the Star Toon Season. It will then be formally released on the 4th of January, 2024.

Star Toon Skins: Complete list

Each one of the skins will be inspired by a different cartoon style and it will look completely different from all our other skins!

  • Pinku Pawlette (Brawl Pass skin)
  • Final Boss Rico (Power League skin)
  • Toon Spike

New Brawl Pass Plus

In January 2024, a new monthly Brawl Pas starts which will now last for only a month, which will excite things up. A new Brawl Pass Plus has also been introduced, which will provide greater rewards. These changes were pointed out in an earlier update.

Brawl Stars December 2023 Brawl Talk, Brawl Pass Plus changes
Image via Supercell Games

This subscription will be an in-app purchase, which can’t be purchased by gems. This won’t affect the players much, as the reward progression has been buffed by a bit. The paid track has also been buffed by a lot, so players won’t be disappointed in their purchase. The reward at the end of the Brawl Pass was changed to Starr Drops, where the cost is adjusted.

Players will not be able to get a brawler as a reward, but they can unlock a brawler of Epic rarity and receive a lot of rewards such as skins, XP and quests. Gems can now be used to buy something else, which will give players options to buy Mythic skins, progression and some more.

Brawl Stars Dragon Pit Season: What’s new in February 2024

This season is themed around the Lunar New Year, which will give out many skins in the game.

New skins

  • Wukong Mico
  • Kitboxer
  • Virus 8-Bit
  • Antivirus 8-Bit
  • Ferocious Fang
  • W Otis (Zeta Division being crowned for the 2023 Brawl Stars World Champions)
  • Flag Bearer Piper (Carnival skin for the Brazillian community)
  • Doll Jessie (29-gem skin for Brawlentines)
  • El Quarterback (American Football fans)
  • CCTV Poco (First skins featuring the origin of brawlers)
  • Red King Frank and Blue King Frank

Some of these skins do not have a release date yet, so, it is for the makers to figure out.

Win Streaks, Mythic Gadgets and more

  • More rewards are going to come into the game with the upcoming update when players are on a winning streak.
  • There is a new Mythic gadget for Mortis.
  • There is a revamp on the model of Shelly.
  • Trophy Road will now have some Starr Drops.
  • Replays can be shared within your club.

That’s all the Brawl Talk and all the festivities planned throughout this holiday season!

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