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Ever since its release on Steam, Lethal Company started breaking all the records by reaching over 100,000 Overwhelmingly Positive reviews within a month of Early Access. It’s a phenomenal party game, which might have a horror label, but is nothing short of a hilarious time with a bunch of friends.




Lethal Company: How To Sell Scrap

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As you start playing the game, you have to take the ship to various moons and get a bunch of scraps to fulfill your quota within three days. If you fail to reach it, however, then you’ll be ejected into space with your friends and will be forced to start over.

Lethal Company is currently in Early Access, and everything mentioned in this article is subject to change.

How Multiplayer Works In Lethal Company

Lethal Company Clicking On Join A Crew Button

There are quite a few ways to play with other people in Lethal Company, but the best way is to click on the Online button when you start up the game. This will take you to a screen where you can either Host or Join a session. When you click on the latter, you’ll be able to see various public lobbies created by other people.

If your friend has already created a private lobby, you can access your Steam overlay and click on the arrow beside their name on the friend list. This will show you a Join button, which directly takes you to their lobby. However, the friend in question has to be online with their game activity turned on.

If the friend is in invisible mode, you can ask them to send you an invite instead.

You can easily invite friends by accessing the main menu while in the game.

Lethal Company Creating A Private Lobby

On the other hand, if you’re trying to host a lobby, you can select between public and private servers while also picking up one of your save files on the right side. Currently, you can have up to three saves in the game. Once your lobby is created, people will be able to join you through the methods mentioned above.

Keep in mind that all players can access the terminal, buy, and sell items freely in the lobby. They can also select any moon to land on. The only thing exclusive to the host is starting the game initially.

Benefits Of Playing Multiplayer

Lethal Company Monster Dead Below Railing

Lethal Company is the type of game where you can play solo, but you’ll be at a significant disadvantage than when you play with other people. The main reason behind this is the fact that there’s nothing to revive you in the game, so if you die, the day will end and all the items you’ve collected will be gone, even if they’re in your ship.

On the other hand, if you’re playing with other people, you can still save your items after death and even prevent the money deduction by using the Teleporter to get the body back to the Ship. However, those aren’t the only advantages you’ll have in co-op mode:

  • One of your friends can stay on the Ship and use the terminal and the main monitor to give you useful information.
  • You can prevent getting camped by various monsters by asking your friends to lead them away.
  • Coil Head enemies are quite hard to deal with if you’re by yourself, and having another person to stare at it helps a lot.
  • Getting items, especially large ones, back from the main building to the Ship consumes a lot less time, giving you more time to explore.


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