Fortnite Festival Music Tracks Can Be Used As Battle Royale Emotes

Fortnite Festival’s music tracks have a surprising second function as they can be taken out of the new mode and used as emotes during Battle Royale matches.



The last few weeks have been absolutely huge for Fortnite thanks to the debut of the Big Bang event, the start of Chapter 5, and the introduction of three brand-new game modes. Lego Fortnite and Rocket Racing have already had their moment in the spotlight and seem like a hit with players (well, minus the 4,000 V-Buck car bundle), and it seems that Fortnite Festival, the last of the new modes is headed that way too.


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All three of these new modes have also brought with them a host of new cosmetics, like Lego’s new character skins and Rocket Racing’s car cosmetics, but Fortnite Festival has the most interesting of all – Jam Tracks. Each song that’s playable in Fortnite Festival can be purchased as a Jam Track for 500 V-Bucks each, which then lets you use them in the mode whenever you want rather than waiting for them to be cycled into use.

At first, 500 V-Bucks for a single song that is otherwise free to use if you’re patient enough might seem like a lot (and it still kind of is), but there’s actually a hidden feature of the Jam Tracks that wasn’t revealed until players started buying them – you can actually use them during Battle Royale matches in the same way you’d use an emote.

Over on Twitter, reliable Fortnite insider HYPEX shared a video of them using the Jam Track during a Battle Royale match. Not only can players choose which instrument from the song they want to be using, but it also seems to create a jamming circle of some kind so that other players can join in on the music. In fact, as shown off by iFireMonkey, you can actually mix and match tracks while inside this circle.

While these Jam Tracks aren’t technically emotes since they don’t have custom animations like the others do, it works as a nice alternative for getting songs in the game and mode that won’t get specific dances like the others. In fact, it might even work out cheaper for players as most musical emotes are usually over 500 V-Bucks and this at least lets you get a Fortnite Festival song as well.


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