How To Complete Ranked Quests In Fortnite: Chapter 5

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As another Chapter of Fortnite begins, players are logging in en masse to try out the new features and complete new quests for unique rewards. Introduced in the last few seasons, Ranked Quests have made a return in Chapter Five, allowing players to earn special rewards for each quest and altogether.




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There are nine ranked quests in Fortnite Chapter Five, season one, and they all rely on the same metric. Once you’re playing in Ranked mode, you’ll be tasked with surviving up to 99 Storm Circles for all the rewards.

How To Complete Ranked Quests

A screenshot of the lobby screen from Fortnite, showing the Ranked toggle being selected on the right side of the screen

To complete the Ranked Quests, you must ensure that you are queued up for the Ranked mode by pressing the button above the ‘Play’ prompt. Selecting this option will open a sidebar on the right side of the screen, allowing you to turn the ‘Ranked’ toggle on and decide whether you want to fill any empty team spots.

Once you’ve queued up for a Ranked match for the first time, you’ll get a banner image on your screen that shows the current Ranked season in Chapter Five. You can open the quests and see all the Ranked quests for the season once you’re queued up for Ranked.

All Ranked Quests and Rewards In Chapter Five

A screenshot from Fortnite showing the Chapter Five, season one Ranked quests that tell players to Survive Storm Circles

The Ranked quests for Chapter Five, season one, are fairly easy to complete as long as you can survive in matches for long periods. Since they all require you to survive an increasing number of Storm Circles, you’ll have a better chance at completing these quests the longer you survive in each match.

Each quest increases the number of Storm Circles needed by 11, starting at 11 in the first quest and 99 in the last. Completing one quest applies to the rest.

While Storm Circle timing is constantly fluctuating as Epic Games balances it, there are typically around nine circles in each match. This means that players will need to play over a dozen Ranked matches, even if they last through all the circles in each match.

Completing these quests will provide you with 10 items by the time you’ve completed all of them. These items include:

Storm Circles


11 Storm Circles

Society Emblem Ranker Backbling

22 Storm Circles

Duo Pistol Banner Icon

33 Storm Circles

Combat Giller Spray

44 Storm Circles

Biohazard Emoticon

55 Storm Circles

B.R.U.T.E. Competitor Spray

66 Storm Circles

Hit The Bullseye Emoticon

77 Storm Circles

Unstoppable Alias spray

88 Storm Circles

#1 Trophy Emoticon

99 Storm Circles

Undefeated Terra Spray

99 Storm Circles (All quests)

The Iconoclast Pickaxe

Most of these cosmetics, except for the first and last, are simple sprays and emoticons, with the real treasure being the Pickaxe players will recieve after finishing all the prior quests. However, to get there, players will need to grind Ranked matches throughout the rest of the season.


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