Fortnite Festival Season 1 brings exciting events, rewards, and more

Harmonix, renowned for its expertise in rhythm-based gaming, introduces the Fortnite Festival Season 1, an immersive experience that invites players to navigate a musical journey on a vibrant note highway while captivating an enthusiastic audience. Players curate their setlist from an array of songs and unleash their musical prowess, whether strumming the Guitar, grooving on the Bass, showcasing skills on the Keytar, drumming away, or taking charge of vocals on the Mic.

With a stellar lineup of licensed tracks encompassing various genres and spanning decades, the Fortnite Festival promises an exceptional musical adventure. As the Festival evolves, players can seamlessly connect with friends across different Fortnite-supported devices through cross-platform play. Whether aiming for a stellar five-star performance on the Main Stage or experimenting with fresh mixes on the Jam Stage, the Fortnite Festival offers diverse avenues for musical expression and enjoyment.

Decide your setlist and get on the Main Stage in Fortnite Festival Season 1

In solo or group play, individuals can choose the “Festival Main Stage” option for their performance. This stage accommodates groups of up to four players. Upon selection, the group enters the Backstage area to assign roles—deciding on lead instruments (Guitar or Keytar), Drums, Mic for vocals, and Bass. The setlist is also curated here.

To compile the list, head to the central organ within the room. Up to four Jam Tracks can be added to your setlist, these being playable songs within the Fortnite Festival. Access more Jam Tracks by progressing through the Festival Season Pass or purchasing them in Fortnite’s Shop using V-Bucks. If any member of the party owns a particular Jam Track, it can be included in the collective setlist.

Fortnite Festival Season 1 main stage
Image via Epic Games

Moreover, the Main Stage regularly features Jam Tracks available for temporary free performances, even if not stored in your Locker. Additionally, every player currently possesses the “OG (Future Remix)” and “Show Them Who We Are” Lobby Tracks in their Locker, which can be used as Jam Tracks during the Fortnite Festival.

Create new mixes on the Jam Stage in Fortnite Festival

When not engaged in an intense performance on the Main Stage, individuals can explore their musical creativity on the Jam Stage. This area accommodates groups of up to four participants—craft mixes either with your group or collaborates with three other musicians sharing the stage.

Once on the Jam Stage, participants can take charge of the lead loop, Drum loop, Vox (Vocals) loop, or Bass loop from any Jam Track available in their collection. Bands have the capability to synchronize loops from up to four distinct Jam Tracks simultaneously, resulting in fresh combinations that might pleasantly surprise them. Fine-tune the mix by adjusting parameters like tempo, key, and major/minor settings.

Fortnite Festival brings exciting new gears

The Fortnite Festival brings forth fresh additions to Fortnite’s Locker items, showcasing Instruments and Auras, along with Jam Tracks! These Instruments encompass Guitars, Keytars, Drums, Mics, and Basses, each contributing its unique flair. Auras envelop performers with an ambient essence while on the Main Stage. Notably, using Guitars, Keytars, Drums, Mics, Basses, or Auras doesn’t confer any in-game advantages.

Fortnite Festival Season 1 gears
Image via Epic Games

Upon initiation, one of each Instrument and an Aura await in the Locker! Players can acquire more Instruments and Auras by progressing through a Season’s Pass akin to Jam Tracks. Additionally, Instruments can be obtained by purchasing them with V-Bucks from Fortnite’s Shop. Moreover, Fortnite Festival extends support for various other Locker items, including Emotes for post-performance gestures and Outfits serving as melodic avatars.

Debut in Fortnite Festival Season 1: Opening Night

Fortnite Festival Season 1: The Opening Night has commenced, extending an invitation to all participants. Season 1 is active from now until February 22, 2024, at midnight ET. Throughout this duration, engage in the Opening Night Festival Pass to access new Instruments, Jam Tracks, and various other offerings! Celebrated artist The Weeknd takes center stage as the featured Icon for this Season.

Within the Opening Night Festival Pass, there exists both a complimentary reward track and an option to upgrade to the Premium Reward Track. By opting for the Premium Reward Track, one can unlock an additional tier of rewards as they advance, inclusive of The Weeknd Outfit. Progression in the Pass is achieved by accumulating Festival Points through participation in Festival Quests.

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